Getting the Most out of Your 2013 AFG Application


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The Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program is one of the best administered homeland security grants in the country. It provides funding to fire departments and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies in all types of communities, in every state, for a wide range of projects. Best of all, there’s only one application process for everyone!

Join Grants Office CEO Michael Paddock and special guests from Cisco for a refresher on the AFG program, highlights of changes to the program for 2013, and tips for maximizing your grant. We will also be featuring AFG‐friendly technology that has shown dramatic improvement for fire and EMS communications, response time, and training.

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Getting the Most out of Your 2013 AFG Application

  1. 1. Getting the Most Out of Your 2013 AFG Application Listen Hands-freeYou may listen over your computer speakers or headphones There is no dialing-in required Please note:You may ask questions at any time using the Q&A interfaceThis session will be recorded and available for download at
  2. 2. Getting the Most Out ofYour 2013 AFGApplicationSponsored by Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  3. 3. PresentersMichael Paddock Eric SheetsCEO Regional Grant Manager Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  4. 4. Cisco Grant Strategy Team (GST)• Team of Regional Grant Managers for direct support• Grant education/training and funding research services• Feedback on applicant eligibility and project competitiveness• Consult on post-funding project implementation• Keep in Mind for AFG…  What is your project and challenges you face?  Currently how are you conducting your required training?  How is your interoperability between different agencies, networks, and device types? Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  5. 5. Grants Administered by the AFG Program OfficeStaffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  6. 6. 2013 Estimated Amounts AvailableStaffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) $350 million (est.) Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) $35 million (est.) Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) $350 million (est.) Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  7. 7. Assistance to Firefighters (AFG)• Department of Homeland Security (DHS)• $337.5 million available in FY2012• 12 month performance period• Supplement NOT Supplant• 20,000 applications each year on average w/ roughly 4,000 funded as the “best fits”• 2012 Deadline Date was July 6, 2012• Awards can be monitored at Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  8. 8. FY2013 Changes• National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (P.L. 112-239) reauthorized the US Fire Administration’s Grant Programs• Encourages the AFG Program Office to divide funding for AFG and SAFER equally (“Sense of Congress”)• Increases the number of population categories• Provides for a small amount of funding each year to state fire training academies Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  9. 9. Procurement Integrity• Competition – Should be promoted• Documentation – Document EVERYTHING• Specifications – Clearly describe the requirements of the product to be purchased or contracted• Conflicts of Interest – Eliminate unfair competitive advantages Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  10. 10. AFG EligibilityFire departments - an agency or organization that has aformally recognized arrangement with a State, territory,local, or tribal authority (city, county, parish, fire district,township, town, or other governing body) to provide firesuppression to a population within a fixed geographical areaon a first-due basis.Non-affiliated EMS organizations - a public or private nonprofit emergency medicalservices organization that provides direct emergency medical services, including medicaltransport, to a specific geographic area on a first-due basis but is not affiliated with ahospital and does not serve a geographic area where emergency medical services areadequately provided by a fire department. Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  11. 11. Population-based Maximum Awards Up to 100,000 $1,000,000 100,000 to $2,000,000 500,000 500,000 to 1 $3,000,000 million 1 million to 2.5 $6,000,000 million Over 2.5 $9,000,000 million Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  12. 12. Matching Requirements Under 20,000 population 5% 20,000 – 1 million population 10% Over 1 million population 15%1) Total Project Cost x % AFG will cover = Total AFG amount will award2) Total Project Cost - Total AFG will award = YOUR MATCHING AMOUNTExample – You have a population of 20,001 people and you need $75,000 for the project1) $75,000 x 90% = $67,5002) $75,000 – $67,500 = $7,500 (10% match) Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  13. 13. 3 Application CategoriesEach eligible applicant may submit one application in each of thefollowing program areas: 1. Operations and Safety (61.1%*) 2. Vehicle Acquisition (36%*) 3. Regional Application (2.9%*) *based on information made available previously by USFA Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  14. 14. 1) Operations and Safety 1) Training• AFG has had a strong emphasis on increasing the training 2) Equipment• Highest priority to those applications that are proposing the replacing the oldest equipment 3) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)• Highest priority is given to applicants who need to purchase PPE for the first time for new firefighters 4) Wellness and Fitness• Activities must include offering periodic health screenings, entry physical examinations, and immunizations 5) Modifications to Stations and Facilities• No new construction; Structure must be built prior to 2003 Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  15. 15. 2) Vehicle Acquisition• New Firefighter Vehicles (NFPA 1901 or 1906 standards)• Used fire apparatus originally designed for firefighting (NFPA compliant*)• Refurbishing a department owned vehicle (originally designed for firefighting)• Applicants who serve urban or suburban communities can apply for more than one vehicle (awards limited to one vehicle per station)• Applicants who service rural communities can apply for only one vehicle• Applicants awarded vehicle grants under AFG in previous years are eligible for another vehicle award this program year Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  16. 16. Firefighting Vehicle Program Priorities – Possible Matrix Configuration H=High, M=Medium, L=Low Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  17. 17. EMS Vehicle Program Priorities – Possible Matrix Configuration H=High, M=Medium, L=Low Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  18. 18. 3) Regional (“Joint”) Applications• Fire department or nonaffiliated EMS organization may act as “host applicant” for a regional project• Multiple organizations serving more than one local jurisdiction• Directly benefit from the activities implemented with the grant funds• Physical distribution of equipment• Must have a region-wide impact on communication interoperability or standardization of training• Match will be based on the total population of the applicant’s region Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  19. 19. Application Review50 percent of the final score will be from the electronic prescore, and 50 percent will be from an average of the Peer Review Panelists’ scores•Funding priorities and criteria for evaluating AFG applications are establishedbased on recommendations from the Criteria Development Panel. FEMA will rankall submitted applications based on how well they match the funding priorities forthe type of community served.•A panel of at least three peer reviewers will evaluate each project in thecompetitive range using the project narrative, along with answers to the generalquestions and the activity-specific questions. Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  20. 20. Keep in mind…• Submit with Care• 5 Page Narrative limit• Will not fund firefighter positions• Grant writing fees can be paid for through the program• Do not use brand names, model numbers or part numbers in your application• Online tutorials are available at Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  21. 21. Cisco “Solutions”• Interoperable Communication - Cisco IPICs• Information Sharing – VX Tactical• Training – Cisco TelePresence Follow us on Twitter
  22. 22. Remote Firefighter Training – City of Aurora and Naperville, ILChallenges Solution• Firefighters are • Cities of Aurora and Naperville, IL work together in a number of areas required to together. They had the foundation of a solid relationship in the participate and beginning. The City of Aurora took the lead in developing the project. complete multiple Both cities have a central training location where firefighters were hours of training coming in to come to do both cognitive and didactic training. These throughout the two cities shared resources and would travel back and forth to conduct year. training.• Firefighters have to travel to a • Much of the Fire and Paramedic training conducted does not require central training hands on instruction. In these cases the Cisco Telepresence solution site to participate has proven to be instrumental in allowing units to provide coverage in in the training. their district while they receive training. In addition, both agencies conduct meetings and after action reviews with their personnel. TheBenefits Cisco Telepresence solution has allowed for better and more accurate• Firefighters have information dissemination and after action reviews with all personnel easier access to following a High Angle Technical Rescue and Structure Fires. required trainings• Decreased time Special Guests: taken out of the Ted Beck – City of Aurora, IL: Chief Technology Officer field and in transportation to Robert Bush – City of Naperville, IL: Bureau Chief of attend trainings Technical Services Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  23. 23. Other Funding Avenues to Consider• State Homeland Security Grant Program (DHS) -• Community Facilities (USDA) -• Rural Fire Assistance (DOI) -• State-specific offerings (varies)• Foundations: – Firefighters Charitable Foundation - – Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation - Overview.aspx – FM Global Fire Prevention Grant Program - Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  24. 24. Contact Information and Resources • AFG Regional Representative: • AFG Program helpdesk - Phone: 1-866-274-0960 - E-mail: • To sign up for AFG Program Newsletter: • FEMA Web Site – • Public Safety .Info- Replay this and other Webcasts!2013 Homeland Security Funding: Bringing IT Home Getting a Handle on 2013 Funding for Public Safety Initiatives Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  25. 25. For more information, contact your Cisco representative. If you do not know who your Cisco representative is, email call (219) 766-0821.Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice