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Application Acceleration in the Data Center - CLLE


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Application Acceleration in the Data Center: Fusion-io
Cisco Live SLED East

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Application Acceleration in the Data Center - CLLE

  1. 1. Fusion-io Confidential—Copyright © 2013 Fusion-io, Inc. All rights reserved.Fusion-io Confidential—Copyright © 2013 Fusion-io, Inc. All rights reserved.Fusion-io AcceleratesMay 2013
  2. 2. ⌃2006⌃
2012Mission toconsolidatememory andstorageioMemorytechnologyunveiledFirst productslaunched1 million IOPSwith a server1st two majorserver OEMcontracts.Large end uservalidationSamsungstrategicinvestment3rd major serverOEMVSL introducedMore end uservalidationIPO on NYSEioTurbineacquiredioDrive2announced50+ PetabytesshippedI billion IOPS2,500 customers>120 channeland alliancepartnersCiscoAnnounced asan OEMFusion-io First Mover Milestones
  3. 3. Data Centers Need a SolutionMay 3, 2013 3The Performance of a SAN…Optimized for Disks…in the Palm of Your HandOptimized for FlashControllerNodeSwitching192HardDiskDrivesControllerEmbeddedSwitching200FlashMemoryDie
  4. 4. Flash Succeeds Near the CPUMay 3, 2013 4Nanoseconds - Microseconds ACCESS DELAY MillisecondsStorageAreaNetworkioMemoryL1, L2 & L3CPU CacheDRAM
  5. 5. Fusion-io iomemory platformMay 3, 2013 5CISCO-SPECIFIC PRODUCTSMLC: 5, 10 TBMLC: 2,410 GBSLC: 1,200 GBMLC: 365, 785, 1205, 3000 GBSLC: 400, 600 GBMLC: 365, 785 GB
  6. 6. Cut-through Architecture and VSLMay 3, 2013 6▸  Sophisticated architecture•  maximum performance▸  Intelligent software•  advanced featuresKernelFile SystemVirtual Storage Layer (VSL)ioMemoryApplications/Databases PCIeDRAM /Memory /Operating System andApplication MemoryioMemoryVirtualizationTablesChannels WideBanksioDrive ioMemoryData-PathControllerCommandsHostVirtual Storage Layer(VSL)DATATRANSFERSCPU and cores
  7. 7. Cut through Architecture7AOSHost CPUPCIeSASCTRLSSDSASCPUDRAMNANDAVHost CPUPCIeDRAMData path ControllerLegacy Approach Fusion Direct ApproachSteps to retrieve data:1.  Application sendsrequest to OS2.  OS legacy storagestack sends request toSAS Controller3.  SAS Controller sendsrequest to internalCPU on SSD4.  SSD CPU determineslocation of data onflash memory5.  Retrieves data6.  Sends data back tointernal CPU to berepackaged into SAScommand7.  Sends data up to SASController8.  Sends data to DRAMSteps to retrieve data:1.  Application sendsrequest to VSL2.  Virtual StorageLayer locates dataon flash memoryand requests DMAtransaction3.  Data sent to DRAM1234512 3
  8. 8. Acceleration SolutionsMay 3, 2013 8Max Acceleration Max Interoperability Max Scalability•  Lowest latency•  Smallest footprint•  For I/O intensive applications•  Drop-in SAN/NAS acceleration•  Storage workload reduction•  Greater VM density•  Multi-protocol•  Platform independent•  For clustered architecturesDIRECT CACHING SHAREDFLASH OPTIMIZATIONx2 x2 x2 x2x2
  9. 9. Direct: VDI SolutionsMay 3, 2013 9Exis%ng  Storage  •  User  Shares  •  Profiles  Server  Hypervisor    and  VDI  Pla<orm  Thin  Client  Laptop  Desktop  Fusion  ioDrives  •  Golden  Images  •  Clones  Clients  Connec%on  Brokers  
  10. 10. Direct: Database Solutions10▸  Ideal where entire database cannotfit within one or more ioDrives▸  Ideal where entire database easily fitswithin one or more ioDrivesSingle InstanceDatabase ImprovementSingle InstanceDatabase on Fusion-ioExternaldatabaseSelect fileson ioDriveEntire databaseon ioDriveReplication for availabilityINFORMIXx2 x2 x2IMPROVEMENTIN DATA LOAD6x REDUCTION IN AVERAGEDISK QUEUE LENGTH12xFASTER UPDATEQUERIES20xPipkins Drecom Lockerz
  11. 11. Caching: ioTurbine SoftwareExternal storage forvirtual machines too costlyFusion-io delivers IOPSto hosts and virtual machinesSAN/NFSStorageIOPSSAN/NFSStorageIOPSioTurbine softwarecaches frequentlyused data onioDrivesReduceSAN/NFScosts11May 3, 2013REDUCTION ONSAN WORKLOAD40%IOPS PERFORMANCEIMPROVEMENT10xFASTER CRMQUERIES90xEsbjerg Kommune Polaris San Jose Sharks
  12. 12. 5/3/13 12VM 1Windows Server2008 R2VM 2Windows Server2008 R2 ioSphereVM EditionVMsioTurbineHostDriverDiskControllerVSLPrimary Storage ioMemory Web ClientioTurbineGuestDriverioTurbineGuestDriverGuest VMsHyperVisorVMware ESX ServerIOTURBINE deployment diagram
  13. 13. 13May 3, 2013ioTurbine Value proposition100K randomread IOPS perESXi Host20K random read IOPSshared among all ESXiHosts
  14. 14. ALL ION DEPLOYMENTShared: ION14Oracle RACION AND SAN DEPLOYMENTION Data Accelerator▸  Increased applicationperformance▸  Higher IOPS▸  Lower Cost▸  Lower Power▸  Server Choice▸  End Lock-inBENEFITSDatabase or ApplicationHot DataION Data AcceleratorEntireDatabaseSAN
  15. 15. Fusion-io AcceleratesMay 3, 2013 15AnalyticsSearchORACLE TextMessagingMQDatabasesINFORMIXVirtualizationKVMHPCGPFSBig DataSecurity/LoggingCollaborationLotusDevelopment WebLAMPCaching
  17. 17. The Simple Math: VDI17SLOT1SLOT5SLOT3SLOT7SLOT2SLOT6SLOT4SLOT8!UC S  5108OK FAIL OK FAIL OK FAIL OK FAIL! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3More Desktops per ServerLower Cost per DesktopBetter SAN Utilization
  18. 18. The Simple Math: ServerVirtualization18SLOT1SLOT5SLOT3SLOT7SLOT2SLOT6SLOT4SLOT8!UC S  5108OK FAIL OK FAIL OK FAIL OK FAIL! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3Greater VM DensityRead Performance ImprovementWrite Performance ImprovementBetter SAN Utilization
  19. 19. The Simple Math: Databases19SLOT1SLOT5SLOT3SLOT7SLOT2SLOT6SLOT4SLOT8!UC S  5108OK FAIL OK FAIL OK FAIL OK FAIL! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3! ResetConsoleUCS B200 M3Faster Data Load TimesFaster QueriesBetter SAN UtilizationFaster ReportingReduction in Disk Queues
  20. 20. The Simple Math: Shared Storage20UCS C460 M1/M23849510611712PWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GBPWRSYSA03-0300GA210kSAS300GB1 2PSU MEM CPUID!ID //!All Cisco Storage SolutionCluster CompatibleFaster Failover TimesLower OPEX and CAPEXFaster Database Performance
  21. 21. Cisco UCS B-series mezzanine card•  365 GB & 785 GB PCI Express Flash•  1.5 GB/s bandwidth•  535,000 IOPS•  15 microsecond latency•  B-series M3 blades•  1 card per half-width blade•  2 cards per full-width blade•  UCS Manager 2.1 (Del Mar) integration•  Servers qualified•  B22-M3 (single card)•  B200-M3 (single card)•  B420-M3 (two cards)
  22. 22. UCS RACKMOUNT QUALIFICATION;IODRIVE2C220 M3 C240 M3 C260 M2 C460 M2ioDrive2365 GB / 785 GBioDrive21205 GBioDrive2 Duo2410 GB
  23. 23. Key Solution ContentMay 3, 2013 Fusion-io Confidential 23▸ Oracle▸ VDI▸▸ MS SQL▸  ioTurbine Product Demo Guides Video Content
  24. 24. f u s i o n i o . c o m | R E D E F I N E W H A T ’ S P O S S I B L ETHANK YOU