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Integrating Enterprise Clouds | GSF 2012 | Session 2-4


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GSF 2012 Session 2-4 of Cloud Service Providers: Past, Present and Future.
Presented by Annie Williams.

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Integrating Enterprise Clouds | GSF 2012 | Session 2-4

  1. 1. Annie WilliamsVP, Federal Cloud Services
  2. 2. Cloud Service Providers: Past, Present and Future• Agenda: • Cloud Service Providers have been on the fore front of the cloud evolution. I will be sharing the SP perspective of the last four years, where we have been and where we are headed specific to the federal market. • I will focus on some early trends and some of the specific industry milestones that have played a significant roll in service delivery models; cloud first, C&As, BPAs, fedramp • I will review the educational explanation of the various types of cloud services and how they have evolved; public, private and hybrid. • I will conclude with the technology advancements that we see taking hold that will ultimately dictate the next generation of cloud computing.
  3. 3. Enterprise-Class Platform • Compliant • High-performance • Global presenceHighly Secure • Architecture • Assessment • ResponseRelevant & Accessible • Integration • Interoperability • Enablement
  4. 4. Completely sharedSingle network contextPublic transport onlyShared computing resourcesFirst come first servedOne-size-fits-all
  5. 5. Dedicated environment Fully secure and customizable Loses shared economies of scaleExpensive to deploy, manage & maintain
  6. 6. Physical multi-tenancyLogical segmentation of resources Private compute pools Private network integration Private address space Dedicated firewall contextGuaranteed availability
  7. 7. ApplicationsManagement SystemsNetworksDevicesInternal VirtualizationManaged Services
  8. 8. Compliance & AuditAuthenticationDirectory ServicesE-discoveryOperational Management Systems
  9. 9. Architectural DesignManaged ServicesSOCIdentityAccess Management
  10. 10. Private Network WirelessIP Address Space POSCarrier Neutrality Global Reach
  11. 11. HypervisorAPIDevelopment FrameworksCloud BrokerageOrchestration Tools
  12. 12. Private Dedicated Community Cloud Cloud CloudEnterprise Data CenterEnterprise Data Center Colo, MSP & Custom Colo, MSP & Custom Public Cloud A Public Cloud B “Utility” Cloud Services “Utility” Cloud Services
  13. 13. Customer Data Center/ Cloud 1 Private Cloud CLOUD ISOLATION TECHNOLOGYTM VIRTUAL MANAGEMENT/CONTROLS App 3 App 2 CloudSwitchApp 1 App 2 App 2 Instance CloudSwitch (CSI) Appliance (CSA) ENCRYPTED TUNNEL VIRTUALIZED STORAGE FIREWALLApp 3App 3App 3 App 4 App 5 Cloud 2 CLOUD ISOLATION TECHNOLOGYTM App 5 VIRTUALIZED CloudSwitch Instance STORAGE (CSI) DATA CENTER SERVICES:DNS, LDAP, Identity, Infrastructure… VIRTUALIZED STORAGE
  14. 14. Large Financial Services Firm:Continuous Integration in a Secure Cloud EnvironmentLarge bank with distributed developer teamsUsing Hudson for continuous integrationTerremark’s Enterprise Cloud enables rapid, secure self-serviceCloudSwitch provides complete isolation and control