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The Mobile

  1. 1. THE MOBILE – DISCOVER IT AS AN END USER AND AS A PUSHERPosted by MsMobileConverg Jun 30, 2012THE MOBILE – DISCOVER IT AS AN END USER AND AS A PUSHERBy: Nora Goodman / @MsMobileConvergThe mobile, a not-so-new device, is now firmly in the hands of a new, more approachable audience.Although many have had mobile devices, they who have owned the “**** shell” are now being forcedto purchase a multi-media phone or smartphone; which in turn has opened up their personalexperience. Their old clamshells simply reflect a comfort zone, and many now, tired of the three lettersto a key, are being won over by the qwerty-way. And they who have had every device known are nowon their 2nd and 3rd tablet. Soon, the qwerty’s will give way to their first smartphone, and then it’s onlya matter of time, before the clamshells own their their first tablet.This translates to Companies and Major Brands and CMOs as the beginning of a significant uptake,thereby opening the door for connecting with an audience and customer in ways not even yetconsidered.The customers who are new to some of the enjoyments of the mobile are open to new discoveries ofthe world through mobile devices. Discoveries that have always been around us, but now, onlyimmediately available, completely accessible and vast. The information and opportunities that stemfrom innovation is now at our fingertips. People who have never experienced the world, now have anopportunity to bring the world to them wherever they go; anytime, anyplace, anywhere.The accessability to the world, people and new discoveries is phenomenal.The mere fact that the mobile device is exceptionally personal adds to the experience of discovery,tenfold.To be able to have this mobile device anywhere and everywhere, begets an independent dependenceand thirst for more. Whether we like to admit or it or not, having the mobile device for business andpleasure has become an everyday, every hour aspect of our lives.The mobile audience is always connected; notifications are always on; vibrate or ring tones are alwayson; rare is the moment that a mobile device is powered-down. This translates to, the mobile user beingalways available and accepting of communications.Companies, Brands and CMO’s have yet to realize when and how truly accessible their mobile audienceand customer really is. The pushers have yet to realize the personality, timing, and the interpretation oftheir messages of engagement. It’s not simply about sending out an unsolicited sms, its aboutconnecting with the users, as a person, as a human, with mind and heart and thoughts and feelings.We live in a world more personal and civil than ever which needs to be respected and adhered to.
  2. 2. The data on each customer is available, demographics, gender, history, cookies, etc. google does adisgustingly fine job infiltrating ones email. The data is out there it just needs to be in mined andprotected and respected and used for the greater good of discovery.Whilst the mobile audience is discovering their new world around them, that would be the perfect andmost opportune time for companies, brands and CMO’s to aid in the relevance without prying or as ifthey are spying. Relevance is one thing, intrusion and privacy is another.Each mobile end-user and each advert push as a considerate communication, needs to be discovered bythey who give and they to whom it is intended, kindly and humanly. The audience and customer isapproachanble, let them discover everything, with integrity and dignity and each will benefit and findbalance.Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @MsMobileConverg and of course .... Google + For more discussion on everything mobile, visit the Service Provider Mobility Community at