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Next-Generation Knowledge Workers TweetChat – Transcript


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Next-Generation Knowledge Workers: Accelerating the Disruption in Business Mobility White Paper:

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Next-Generation Knowledge Workers TweetChat – Transcript

  1. 1. Next-Generation Knowledge Workers TweetChat – Transcript Did you miss our business mobility TweetChat last week? No problem, we have the transcript right here for you to follow along. Hear thoughts from Cisco executives and mobile experts on the future of business mobility. Participants:  Mark Lowenstein, moderator, @MarkLowenstein  Chris Osika, @CiscoIBSG  Kit Beall, @KitBeall  Chris Spain, @Spain_Chris Hashtag: - #CiscoYourWay @Cisco: Okay the business mobility TweetChat has started! Introducing @MarkLowenstein, your moderator for the next 30 mins! #CiscoYourWay  @Cisco: We will be referencing this biz mobility whitepaper throughout the TweetChat for your reference: @marklowenstein: Great to have everybody aboard. We are spread across multiple locations. Goal is to discuss mobile trends in the enterprise  Let me introduce our participants. Chris Osika, Senior Director/Global Lead, Cisco Consulting Services; Kit Beall, VP, Mobile Internet Architecture and Chris Spain, VP, Product Management, Enterprise Networking Group. @marklowenstein: Cisco just completed a survey of 4800 knowledge workers across 8 countries. Let's talk about some of the highlights. @marklowenstein: @CiscoIBSG Chris O: what were some of the highlights of the survey from a SP perspective?  @CiscoIBSG: Tremendous opp’ty to consolidate mkt & provide more integrated, end-to-end value prop  @marklowenstein: And how about some of the highlights from the standpoint of enterprise mobile workers?  @CiscoIBSG: Biz mobility has a lot of room to grow; almost 1/2 of unconnected believe mobile devices would save 1+hour/week @ work
  2. 2. @marklowenstein: @KitBeall Kit, how can service providers embrace business mobility?  @KitBeall: SPs need to build a compelling suite of apps that take the enterprise outside AND expand connectivity in/out. @ElizabethKerr: @CiscoIBSG What is driving knowledge workers to adopt business mobility?  @jckgld: Business imperative. No Co can run with disconnected workers anymore.  @marklowenstein: Yes, incredible need to be "constantly connected"  @psinha: Performing job responsibilities outside of work hours has become an expectation because of #mobile enablement.  @SampleFive: That's why I was surprised so many said that it improved work/life balance.  @NicoleHyslop: Agreed - the ability to constantly check email has turned most people into 24/7 workers. Can't tune out.  @psinha: on the flip side, work can be done while waiting at kids piano class  @marklowenstein: Yes, effective "management" of this is key.  @SampleFive: it's definitely helpful, but workers need to work to maintain the balance  @catalinakowal: It's up to the indiv. to manage their work/life balance. Having the option is what's valuable  @psinha: Agreed. Depends on individual and their predilection for #digitaldetox. @marklowenstein: Chris S, What is the top business mobility service that knowledge workers are asking for the most? @Spain_Chris  @marklowenstein: One issue I am seeing in the enterprise is expectation of support of ALL devices, esp with move toward more cloud services  @jckgld: User want that, but its not really all that practical. Have to pick and choose. @kelly4nia Hi @CiscoIBSG What do you think is driving knowledge workers to adopt business mobility?  @CiscoIBSG: Productivity: 40% of workers say jobs impacted if go w/o device 1+ hours; work/life balance: 50+% say improved b/c of mobile
  3. 3. @marklowenstein: Kit, How can SPs use SaaS to increase revenues @KitBeall  @KitBeall: Collaboration tools are the killer app for enterprise mobility - work, share, engage anywhere. Desktop in the cloud is SaaS in action. 59% of those surveyed are either using it already or want to... @marklowenstein: Chris S, what are you seeing enterprises asking of their SPs? @Spain_Chris  @Spain_Chris: SP’s want to manage ntwkg sol that enable them to use their mobile devices & achieve wired like performance @marklowenstein: Chris, what are a couple of key inhibitors to enterprise adoption? @CiscoIBSG  @CiscoIBSG: Security & privacy: 35% won’t use cloud desktop app means improved biz mobile security solutions critical for future growth  @bobegan: Wont or will?  @CiscoIBSG: 35% wont @NicoleHyslop: @Spain_Chris what about mobile VoIP? Do we see any possibilities there?  @Spain_Chris: Absolutely mobile applications such as Jabber allow your work extension to be an app on a mobile device  @marklowenstein: Nicole, I think we'll see VoLTE in 2014 once LTE networks are built out to critical mass @Spain_Chris: BYOD is happening whether the enterprise has a plan or not. Companies need to embrace this and plan for it. #  @marklowenstein: Yes. Some of the early BYOD adopters are ready for what's next!  @jckgld: Happening yes. But there needs to be limits. Hence why plan and strategy are so important.  @tcrawford: BYOD is inevitable. It's already happening. To try and stop it is futile. #ciscoyourway  @jckgld: Not about stopping. Control and manage  @bbelding: Completely agree. We're 4 years into #BYOD and inside Cisco and have seen lots of great results.  @tcrawford: IT orgs should ban the word "control" from their vocabulary.  @bobegan: Its also true, that some of the early BYOD adopters want out..  @bbelding: Change it to "enablement".
  4. 4.  @jckgld: Control does not necessarily have to be negative. It can mean be rational. @kelly4nia: Do you think it will improve communications or just create more data consumption?  @marklowenstein: Both...  @Spain_Chris: It can do both - drive consumption and communication. The communication benefits will out-way the extra traffic @jckgld: How many users or Cos actually even know what the level of security in the cloud is for an app? Bet its a small number  @Spain_Chris: I think it will definitely vary based on the source of APP. Stick with trusted sources for APP's  @CiscoIBSG: Those business users simply associate cloud with less security -- without detailed knowledge of security levels @kelly4nia: Agreed, how does it limit both the user's use of their phone at work and outside of work?  @bbelding: It's all about usability and transparent security. That will drive adoption.  @bbelding: Sometimes there isn't a need to control; empowerment is much more powerful.  @bobegan: If they are not using a desktop cloud, then what are they using. Don't understand.  @CiscoIBSG: they are using traditional means with laptop and tablet. Using traditional means - laptop & tablet @marklowenstein: Kit, this is a year we are seeing serious deployment of HetNets. What does that mean for the enterprise? @KitBeall  @KitBeall: HetNets - 3G/4G/WiFi in different form factors and power levels - are fundamentally changing SP networks. @catalinakowal: how would you control and manage? Time/location access restrictions?  @jckgld: All of above and more.  @Spain_Chris: This will require the enterprise to construct a policy and build a network capable of enforcing - embrace BYOD
  5. 5.  @Spain_Chris: Segment your personal data from your work data #MDM partners provide container strategies for mobile security @marklowenstein: Chris O, what do we expect for the "next generation" business mobility offering? @CiscoIBSG  @CiscoIBSG: 43% of biz users are interested in “desktop in the cloud” svcs; wi-fi voice, biorecognition& dual-persona also appealing  @psinha: Desktop in the cloud' has been there for some time anyway. And #mobility further enabled it.  @bobegan: SIngle digit opt outs, mostly in FIS, HC & Energy Distr. May indicate byod yr/yr cagr softening @NicoleHyslop: Spain_Chris What about unconnected workers - how can we convince them about the benefits of business mobility?  @Spain_Chris: Show them the time-savings and how much time they can get back from their day.  @marklowenstein: Yes, this area has gotten very rich in terms of offerings @marklowenstein: Chris O, how do we get cellular adoption of tablets to be higher? It's been really WiFi centric @CiscoIBSG  @CiscoIBSG: seamless connectivity and more transparency of data packages  @KitBeall: When you put a 3G or 4G radio into a WiFi access point, big things can happen in the enterprise!  @bbelding: User-based plans. The tablet data plan structures are actively preventing widespread adoption.  @Spain_Chris: Many tablets are WiFi only, this enables the device to be leveraged at home and play with WiFi when available. @SampleFive: really? Is there data on that? I don't have a data plan on my remote work tablet at all.  @marklowenstein: Is that because of pricing John?  @bbelding: Why not? Is it a cost or is it because wi-fi is pervasive enough where you work/live?  @SampleFive: I still think lack of adoption is because of differing experience compared to desktop  @Spain_Chris: This is why a WiFi network needs to be designed for wired like performance - 802.11ac will enable this.
  6. 6.  @SampleFive: definitely agree on this. But when I was mentioning experience I was talking about UI compared to desktop.  @Spain_Chris: Excellent point and this is why some tasks will migrate to mission specific applications - approvals, reports etc  @SampleFive: yep, but until we get to the point where those apps are built (and we are getting there) adoption is still slow.  @Spain_Chris: I think folks will muddle through when they are away from the desk - but there is room for innovation here @marklowenstein: What innovation might you like to see?  @Spain_Chris: Mission-specific apps for tasks. For example: approving expense reports.  @SampleFive: Chris said it well that people are muddling right now, trying to fit a task to a mobile app  @SampleFive: when using a tablet, I had a lot of things I did I had to try and figure out how to "make it work". Having either purpose built apps or more flexible apps will improve experience and adoption  @KitBeall: Check out @jckgld: Mobile Mgmt and Security need to be multi-layerd from device to app to network. no one size fits all.  @psinha: Very thoughtful comment. Are you aware of any reference implementation that customers can consider and customize?  @NicoleHyslop: Agreed - customization is key to security in BYOD era.  @Spain_Chris: We agree, and that's why we partner with multiple MDM vendors. This landscape will continue to evolve.  @jckgld: Absolutely. And ultimately owned by the big players like Cisco. @marklowenstein: Kit, to what extent is high cellular pricing per GB an inhibitor to enterprise adoption? @KitBeall  @KitBeall: GB pricing is not an inhibitor today. Like the airlines, SPs will segment pricing to drive even more adoption.  @jckgld: Expense is still a hindrance fro many Cos with 3G/4G. we've done studies on this. 2nd excuse is security.  @RafSaldana: Will enterprise adoption possibly push carriers away from metered billing?  @KitBeall: Metered and application-rated billing are combining to open up new markets. Time of day is also compelling.
  7. 7.  @marklowenstein: I also think a more effective way to handle video, which is a big worry point for SPs @marklowenstein: Chris S.: Any observations on major differences in terms of SMBs compared to larger companies? @Spain_Chris  @Spain_Chris: SMBs need wireless infra & clear BYOD policy driven by IT. ent likely already have these things in place.  @NicoleHyslop: SMBs can't afford the layered security options to enable smart BYOD - time & $ = less available.  @Spain_Chris: Implementations maybe limited to mail and guest access for BYOD devices - still a huge productivity gain @marklowenstein: Chris O, what can enterprise CIOs do to increase adoption of business mobility? @CiscoIBSG  @CiscoIBSG: make it easier for employees to get devices, apps, svcs in one place to drive a consistent experience @marklowenstein: Another one for Chris O: what "gadget" might be interesting for enterprises? @CiscoIBSG  @CiscoIBSG: Enhancements like touching devices to share info (51%); wirelessly sharing presos (48%); relevant, location-based info (49%). For more information, download our whitepaper: @marklowenstein: Last Q: name one thing that will increase enterprise adoption of mobile in the next year @CiscoIBSG @Spain_Chris @KitBeall  @Spain_Chris: Back to School Season and Christmas.  @marklowenstein: I'll weigh in on that one: continued improvement in apps that adjust to the context of device and network  @KitBeall: Deployment of LTE networks and increased penetration of LTE devices - true mobile broadband everywhere! @marklowenstein: Really great discussion. Thx! Feel free to tweet add’l thoughts & Qs @marklowenstein, @CiscoIBSG @Spain_Chris @KitBeall  @CiscoIBSG: Thanks everyone! Great input and questions  @RafSaldana: Thank you for the VERY interesting discussion!  @Spain_Chris: Great discussion--thanks everyone. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to reach out.
  8. 8.  @KitBeall: Thanks, Mark! Insightful questions! Look forward the ongoing dialogue. #ciscoyourway For more discussions and topics around SP Mobility, please visit our Mobility Community: