Cisco Enables Mobile Operators to Succeed in the New Normal


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Cisco Enables Mobile Operators to Succeed in the New Normal

  1. 1. Cisco Enables Mobile Operators to Succeed in the New NormalPosted by kelliwon Jun 5, 2012By: Dan KurschnerOn December 25th, 2011, 6.8 million new smart mobile devices were activated in a 24 hour period. Inthat very same 24 hours, 242 million applications were downloaded. This is an increase of 140% fromthat same day one year earlier. Welcome to the New Normal.Our mobile devices have become instrumental to our busy daily lives. We work, entertain, share eventsin a very visually intensive manner. This drives mobile broadband consumption to ever increasinglevels. Our smart mobile devices are also very chatty little things (both their operating systems and ourapplications). As a result, it is not unusual for a single device to generate over 100 signals everyminute. Now multiply that in Mobile Operator terms of 1 million, or 10 million, or even 100 millionsubscribers (both human and machine). And this is the New Normal.The New Normal is what once were occasional, unpredictable events that tax the network and nowoccur so regularly that they are indeed the norm. This poses as both an opportunity and a challenge forthe Mobile Operators around the world. Architectural tenets that supported static, siloed, networkdesign no longer support the realities of today and certainly not the future. Leaders of mobile operatorshave stated openly that they need an architecture that is flexible and can operate as a single intelligententity.Cisco has responded to this need with the Elastic Architecture. Thisarchitecture is a true fusion of Mobile Cloud orchestration with IntelligentNetwork, Elastic Core and Heterogeneous Access. A key piece of thisarchitecture is the Elastic Packet Core. The ASR 5000, the industry leadingElastic Packet Core, has been expanded with the addition of the ASR 5500becoming the ASR 5000 series. The ASR 5500 uses the same software asthe ASR 5000 and delivers up to 10-times the scale and performance.Designed for Terabit performance and lower power consumption(Watts/Gigabit), Elastic has just gotten more powerful. What is trulyunique about the Cisco Elastic Packet Core is its Intra-ChassisVirtualization. All functionality (Control Plane, Data Plane and Services)can share resources of all processing power as if the chassis was its owncloud network. This is very different from other packet core solutions that require separate chassis and
  2. 2. separate cards for different generations and functions (3G, LTE, Control, Data, PDP, Policy, WiFi, etc). Asresult the Cisco ASR 5000 series is better utilized and provides true elasticity to react automatically inreal time to the challenges of the New Normal. Recent third party research and modeling has shownthat in a very real-world scenario the Cisco ASR 5000 series requires up to 65% less equipment anddelivers up to 47% lower TCO over a 5-year period than our competition.Best of all, the ASR 5500 is shipping today and already in mobile operator networks. Cisco’s ElasticArchitecture is designed to help Mobile Operators succeed for the next decade and beyond. For more discussion on everything mobile, visit the Service Provider Mobility Community at