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Cisco India recently organized a healthcare seminar in Delhi on 04th March 2011. The event looked at the current issues facing the healthcare industry in India and how ICT can help alleviate some of the challenges. Keynote speakers and panelists from across the public and private sector, shared their views as practitioners in Healthcare, Policy Makers, and Technologists, on the New Innovations in Healthcare and the Ecosystems needed to drive these innovations in India

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Indian healthcare jigsaw k ganapathy

  1. 1. The Indian Healthcare Jigsaw Urban- Rural Divide How Can We Achieve… Lack of Last Mile “An Equitable, Silos Efficiency Access Lack of Sustainable, QualityOrganized Awareness Patient Delivery Safety Healthcare for One Lack of Skilled Billion People” Standards Workforce Quality of Care Technology-driven Healthcare Transformation High Cost/ Affordability K. GANAPATHY, APOLLO TELEMEDIICNE NETWORKING FOUNDATION
  2. 2. Traditional Healthcare Delivery Model Teaching Hospitals 3° Regional Hospitals HealthCare District General 2° Hospitals HealthCare General 1° Practitioners HealthCare The Patient Community - Bottom of the pile!! Unchanged for 6000 years - circa 3000 BC!
  3. 3. Future Health System Transformation The Informed Wired up Citizen Community The wellness paradigmC-Health WWW IDTV Direct Access to specialists IDTV WWW Freestanding Community Community Acute Diagnostic Home Health DayCare Hospitals Hospitals Trauma Maternity Centres Care Kiosks Surgery (Non-acute) (Acute) Allied HealthCare Professionals Primary HealthCare The ‘Super’ Primary Care Physician PRIMARY TELERADIOLOGY AND TELEPATHOLOGY ? ? eHealth & Telemedicine Clusters of Specialists global spread & universal access
  4. 4. eHealth: another Buzzword?
  5. 5. Healthcare TrendsMove health out of hospital& doctor’s office to home,car, office, grocery Access to Affordable Quality Care Society will want patients to take responsibility for their care • ↑ Costs • ↑ Burden Leverage the patient • ↑ Quality Patient demands more involvement in decision making process
  6. 6. HealthCare Industry by tradition extremely CONSERVATIVE
  7. 7. Technology Trends• Toward Patients • Increased patient responsibility and power• Toward Prediction • From post-symptomatic diagnosis to pre- symptomatic screening • Genomic revolution and molecular imaging• Clinical Convergence • Diagnostic tests (in-vivo and in-vitro) • Diagnosis linked to therapy • Convergence of pharma and diagnostic industries• Productivity Driven • Payors demand rigorous cost/benefit analysis and health technology assessments• Information Driven • Integrated, accessible, personalized and actionable patient information
  8. 8. Winning in the Flat WorldWellness Management ↓ Health care CostsMedication, Diet, Nutrition Compliance & Life Style ImprovementPatient Safety, Education, Enablement, Counseling, Healthcare ForumsStreamlining & Standardizing ProcessesDeveloping a Road Map in Change Management in HealthcareIsolation of Information – a major issue
  9. 9. 2010 IT in Medicine:Cloud Computing Insurance Integrated, Multi- Drug Hospital directional, web- Manufacture accessible portal Doctor Pharmacy Patient1. Patient takes her own Blood pressure using BP equipment with USB drive. 1. Doctor prescribes a medicine,2. BP Device – USB- Cell phone. 2. Insurance approves it.3. Doctor looks at the 15 day data on her Cell-phone. 3. Pharmacy keeps it ready for.. Changes Dose. 4. Delivery or pick-up.4. Patient gets Drug Change Alert at next schedule. 5. Patient gets Drug Schedule Alert on Phone.
  10. 10. Virtual Reality as a Training Tool
  11. 11. Digital Healthcare Eco System mDashboard Government mPHR, Wellness, Triage, Patient mASHA TeleConsulting, mPandemic TeleMedicine Healthcare Education Emergency Response Command and Triage, Wellness Control Center Pharma Next Gen Doctor TelemedicinemPharma Old Age Next Gen Pregnancy Drug mPrescription Database Doc on Call MMU HealthNet Database Insurance and Analytics Nurse National ERCmInsurance Mobile Healthcare Platform Remote Monitoring Infancy Drug Enclclopedia Drug Interaction Adulthood mHIS Emergency Response mDiagnostic Childhood Hospital Diagnostic mVLT Lab
  12. 12. Value Propositions • Solution – Real time Alerts – Management Dashboards – Trends & Predictive Analysis – Analytics • Benefits – Connect all Hospitals to one centralized system – Monitor Key business parameters online – Anytime anywhere access for decision makers – Improves Operational efficiency by up to 30%…Information at your fingertips…
  13. 13. From Intervention to Early Detection P4 medicinePredictiveScience is making it possible for doctors to make accurate predictions about anindividuals future health through an in-depth analysis of his current health data.PersonalizedThese predictions, which pertain uniquely to the individual, can allow him to get acurrent update on the his/her health.PreventiveThe possible risks can then be addressed medically, in advance, as the role ofmedicine changes from treating disease to maintaining wellness.ParticipatoryAll this allows an individual to participate in his own health, modify his behaviourand lifestyle, and acquire control over his future health.
  14. 14. And finally………. Information Technology • Biology, disease, clinical models • Biostatistics – genomic, proteomic • Decision support tools Imaging and Intervention • Imaging agent discovery • Agent efficacy • Biodistribution •Stem Cells Molecular Analysis • Assay development • DNA Enzymology • Molecular biology Pharmaceutical Solutions • Antibodies, proteins, nucleotides • Synthetic organic chemistry • Diagnostics biomarkers •Pharmacogenetics Alternate systems of medicine
  15. 15. TSC and TCC Consultation Workflow: ISDN / Broadband Guwahati Port Blair BurdwanApollo Hospital - Chennai Network Internet/ VPN Router SiliguriApplicationServer EMR Telemedicine DB server CUCM cluster Durgapur Archive CUP cluster Servers TSC : Telemedicine Specialist Center TCC : Telemedicine Consulting Center Communication modalities Hyderabad DataCenter
  16. 16. Remote peripheral Remote ICU 35 peripheral ICU 1 Apollo Bangalore Apollo Hyderabad Apollo Kolkatta Data Centre Apollo Chennai Apollo, Delhi Remote peripheral ICU 15Remoteperipheral ICU 25
  17. 17. mHealth Key Drivers Pressure to innovate new approaches to tackle acute & emerging epidemiological & other healthcare challenges Near ubiquitous presence of mobile connected device technology The Consumer Appeal of mHealth – Personal, 24x7, Always HandymHealth Drivers Increased IT Adoption by Healthcare Providers Broader Health Care Industry Reforms The Rural-Urban Healthcare Divide Government push for technology-enabled supplementary care delivery for reaching grassroots and masses
  18. 18. The Mobile Phone in Health Care Services for Health Health Prevention and Professional management wellness Data collection Mobile devices for care givers Education & Awareness Tele assessment Personal emergency system Remote Wellness & monitoring prevention Mobile access to HIS & clinical Tracking systems
  19. 19. The Future of Health Care A Big Thank You From the UnbornToday we should not be talking of achieving World classThe world should talk of reaching India classWe have the doyens of medical care & the czars of ICTbut still there is no real Technology in Health CareUsing e Technology we can bridge the Urban Rural HealthDivide & make ( e ) Health a reality in India