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IoX - tech-intro-for-paris-hackathon


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Slides used at the pre-Hackathon workshop for the Cisco Paris Innovation Center Hackathon -

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IoX - tech-intro-for-paris-hackathon

  1. 1. Jérémie Garnier Senior Software Engineer 4th Nov. 2015 IOx Introduction Workshop Cisco DevNet Hackathon
  2. 2. Overview • Cisco IOx • IOx allows fog computing applications to run at the network edge Run a Guest Operating System on a hypervisor alonogside IOS Can run DMo as a middleware • The Fog is the Cloud close to the ground IOx enables faster, distributed handling of datato and from IoT devices Required for device management that demand real-time speed / no- latency • This is a tool for enabling IoT in the Fog
  3. 3. IoT applications with IOx and Fog
  4. 4. IOx Architecture
  5. 5. How it works?
  6. 6. IOx App Enablement Platform
  7. 7. What about developers? • Can write applications for Cisco devices in well known, familiar and portable languages • “Cloud style” application development experience • Target device software, hardware and networking intricacies are abstracted • SDK and tools • Quickly and iteratively develop applications • Test and troubleshoot in the development environment • Test and troubleshoot on the target device • Publish the application for wider consumption • Uniform execution context for the applications irrespective of the target device
  8. 8. Examples and Use Cases
  9. 9. • Using EIoT Use Python and do sensing / computation at the edge (data aggregation, access and system control) • Custom Guest OS Custom, compiled Linux Operating systems and code can be run Examples
  10. 10. Use cases using DMo
  11. 11. More information on IOx •
  12. 12. Thank you.