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Case study SMART Design Decrypt'info


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Learn how another Cisco partner has benefit from SMART Designs to efficiently develop Small Business Network Designs.

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Case study SMART Design Decrypt'info

  1. 1. Architecture Validation Tools Save Time and MoneyCisco SMART Designs make smaller integrators more competitiveCustomer Name: Decrypt’Info Business ImpactIndustry: ICT • Significant time and cost savings at design stageLocation: Rheims, France • Validated documents increase customer confidence • Easier to keep up-to-date on new productsNumber of Employees: 2 Case StudyBusiness Challenge “Today the product range is enormous,” says Desselier. “We’ve Designs can also accelerate implementation, but believes theirDecrypt’Info is a small, agile information and communications been working with small business since 2005, and I simply greatest value is in the early stages – perhaps 80 percenttechnology (ICT) integration specialist. Established in 2004, don’t have time to learn about all Cisco’s products individually.” before, and 20 percent after.the company works for small and medium-sized businesses Solution and Results He gives the example of a travel agency, where Decrypt’Info(SMBs) and enterprise customers. It provides network With customers in both the small-business and enterprise had been commissioned to centralize the agency’s telephonyrouting and switching, along with security, surveillance, sectors, Stéphane Desselier appreciates the accuracy of network onto a common IP foundation and enable newwireless, storage, and videoconferencing solutions, for a validated Cisco network architectures. For larger networks, network services. “I really saw the competitive difference onclient list drawn from both the public and private sectors. he draws on Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) that project,” Desselier says. “Instead of researching oneBased in Rheims, some 80 miles (129 km) east-north-east resources from the Cisco Design Zone, and on SMART product after another to create the right architecture, I usedof Paris, Decrypt’Info is a Cisco Select partner with a strong Designs for Decrypt’Info’s SMB customer base. Sometimes a SMART Design solution. When you’re preparing a networkregional focus and annual revenues of about €200,000. It he uses both on a project. design, the more quickly you can inform yourself, the betteroffers consultation, deployment, optimization, and it will be for your business, because time is money.” “I rely on this type of Cisco partner support partly to stay upmaintenance services, and has customers across a diverse to date with Cisco products, and partly because they are arange of business sectors, for example, from an aerospace big help in the conceptualisation of the customer’s networkmanufacturer to a U.S. communications company and a “When you’re preparing a network design, architecture,” says Stéphane Desselier. “SRND works in thetravel agency. same way as SMART Designs, but it’s geared to larger the more quickly you can inform yourself, the network architectures. They mean that about half the design better it will be for your business, becauseBecause the company consists of just two people, workingacross several sectors with varied business requirements, work is already done for me, and they’re very helpful in time is money.”effective time management is vital to the firm’s prosperity. presenting the architecture to the customer and, because Stéphane DesselierOwner and manager Stéphane Desselier, therefore, seeks to they come from Cisco, gaining their confidence.” Managing Partner, Decrypt’Infohelp ensure that Decrypt’Info makes the fullest use of Cisco For example, Desselier employs the Cisco Smart Businesspartnership resources, including syndicated content from Communication System (SBCS) in small business telephony For More InformationCisco® WebCollage to keep its website up to date. solutions. SMART Designs help him to research and integrate To find out more about Cisco SMART Designs,One of the challenges for Decrypt’Info is to create network the functionalities requested by small business clients, and to please go to: that precisely meet customer requirements, and ensure full compatibility. Desselier acknowledges that SMART More information on Decrypt’Info can be foundto remain fully informed on the “huge” Cisco catalogue. here:© 2011 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco, the Cisco logo, and Cisco Systems are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. All other trademarks mentioned in this documentor website are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. (1011R) ES/11573/0511