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World in Transformation


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The world is changing. We are thinking differently, socializing differently and working differently. This is demonstrated through three key trends: mobility, cloud and video.

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World in Transformation

  1. 1. World inTransformation Nitin Kawale President Cisco Canada
  2. 2. A Time of Opportunity…or Peril?
  3. 3. Canada’s Challenge• We are in trouble• Lagging• Canada a mid-level economic player #CiscoPlusCA
  4. 4. Why is Productivity Important #CiscoPlusCA
  5. 5. Why am I Telling You This?“ICT has proven to be a key enabler ofsocioeconomic progress anddevelopment…enhancing productivityand, therefore, economic growth…reducing poverty and improving livingstandards.” -The World Economic Forum, Global IT Report
  6. 6. You Can Be theEvangelists! #CiscoPlusCA
  7. 7. People are NOTthe Problem• We’ve seen this in Canada• Among the best employees anywhere #CiscoPlusCA
  8. 8. People are ready!Organizations are NOT! #CiscoPlusCA
  9. 9. The Next Generation• Thinks differently• Socializes differently• Works differently #CiscoPlusCA
  10. 10. Empowering the Future #CiscoPlusCA
  11. 11. Technology’s ImpactThree key trends:• Mobility• Cloud• Video #CiscoPlusCA
  12. 12. Example: TP With Government #CiscoPlusCA
  13. 13. Example: Bank of Montreal #CiscoPlusCA
  14. 14. Workspaces or Workplaces? Location / Device Location Independent Dependent Device DependentProductivity Productivity Flexibility Flexibility #CiscoPlusCA
  15. 15. It’s All About Freedom Location / Device / Application Independent Productivity Flexibility #CiscoPlusCA
  16. 16. This Is Work Your Way The Future Workspace Does Both Virtual | Visual | Social | Mobile And Always Secure BYOD Virtual Desktop plus Native or Web–BasedEnterprise Collaborative Corporate Applications, Securely Applications VXI BYOD Intelligent Network #CiscoPlusCA
  17. 17. Where Innovation Comes From External sources of Internal sources of ideas and innovation ideas and innovation Business partners Employees (general population) Customers Sales or service units Consultants Internal R&D Competitors 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% Associations, trade shows, etc. Academia0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%Source: IBM, “Global CEO Study 2006: Expanding the Innovation Horizon” #CiscoPlusCA
  18. 18. Impacting Innovation in Canada #CiscoPlusCA
  19. 19. Innovation and R&D #CiscoPlusCA
  20. 20. Casting a Wider Net• Government must attract investment• Multinationals have whole world to choose #CiscoPlusCA
  21. 21. Cisco Looks to be Innovative• Agreement with Ontario• Research chairs & innovation centres• It matters to all – Cisco, universities, Canadians #CiscoPlusCA
  22. 22. Linked Prosperity• It’s the bigger picture• A shared vision• A national solution #CiscoPlusCA
  23. 23. Going Forward• What can YOU do today?• Start NOW to build culture of innovation #CiscoPlusCA
  24. 24. Parting Thoughts #CiscoPlusCA
  25. 25. “Pessimists are Usually Rightand Optimists are Usually Wrong.” #CiscoPlusCA
  26. 26. “But Great Changes are Accomplished by Optimists” #CiscoPlusCA
  27. 27. #CiscoPlusCA