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Cisco Prime Unified Management for Next-Generation Internet


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This presentation discusses what Cisco prime is, Cisco prime portfolio, managing Next Generation IP Network, and managing Transport Network.

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Cisco Prime Unified Management for Next-Generation Internet

  1. 1. Cisco PrimeUnified Management forNext-Generation Internet:Core Routing and Optical NMTG, Product Marketing Team C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  2. 2. Agenda• What is Cisco Prime• Cisco Prime Portfolio• Managing Next Generation IP Network• Managing Transport Network• Q and A C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  3. 3. What You Will Learn The Cisco Prime Suite of Applications Is Designed to Address Today’s Service Provider Challenges in Managing Core and Optical Networks• Cisco has the most comprehensive management portfolio and spans Cisco® architectures.• Cisco Prime products allow service providers to connect directly from the network services to their subscriber services.• Cisco Prime differentiators include service presentation and end-to-end network visibility, multivendor support, flexibility to extend capabilities, and the ability to massively reduce the effect of system failures through rapid fault isolation and repair. C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  4. 4. Common Service Provider NeedsFriendly User Interface to Ability to Provide FastImprove Operator Efficiency Time to Value for Newand Accomplish Common Hardware InvestmentsTasksReduction and Network Troubleshooting ToolsCorrelation of Network Eventsin a Consolidated View Management to Easily Locate and Fix Network Outages Tools to ProactivelyRun-Time System to Identify and CorrectMonitor Network Health Points of Failure in the Network C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  5. 5. Introducing Cisco Prime For ServiceProviders C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  6. 6. Cisco Prime for Service ProvidersExperience Lifecycle Management• A modular suite of applications• A-to-Z management for next-generation packet and transport networks• Delivering the Cisco® Advantage #CiscoPlusCA C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  7. 7. Experience Lifecycle ManagementBenefits for Service Provider Design • Rapid time to revenue Fulfill • Differentiated services • Low-cost operator • Zero touch • Lowest cost Assure Analyze • Improve QoS • Reduce turnover • Grow ARPU • Offer lowest cost • Increase loyalty Domain Managers • Provision of core information for devices and technologies • Automated discovery and configuration management • Network visibility C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  8. 8. Cisco Prime The Modular Service Provider PortfolioCisco Prime Analytics Cisco Prime Analytics • Business and Operational Analytics Cisco® workplace and cloud portal • Unified self-service portalService Prime™ Fulfillment • Business process and order management automationmanagement Prime Service Inventory • Customer impact database Prime Provisioning • Policy-directed activation of network services Prime Central • Central point of access for network information and control Prime Network • IP element and network management Prime Optical • Optical transport network managementNetwork and Prime Performance Manager • Network performance management and reportingelementmanagement Prime Network Analysis Module • Visibility into application performance on the network Prime Assurance Manager • Aggregation of network analysis module information Prime Collaboration Manager • Assurance for Cisco TelePresence® sessions IBM Tivoli Netcool for Cisco Prime • Multivendor, multiservice management platform Cisco Prime Network Registrar • DNS and DHCP servers and IP address management Cisco Prime Access Registrar • Authentication, authorization, and accountingInfrastructure Cisco Prime Premises • Residential and SOHO equipment activation SP Wi-Fi Service Manager for Prime • Subscriber policy and data management for service provider Wi-Fi BNG Service Manager for Prime • Subscriber charging, policy, and data management for BNG C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  9. 9. Prime for Service Providers Customer Transitions• Mini-Suites focused on customer transitions Mobility• Common look and feel to help SP Service Convergence customers move across transitions and architectural plays Packet/Optical Convergence• Common components Cloud• Automating management to increase value and efficiency IPv4 to IPv6 Transition• Delivering on the Cisco Advantage Making customer transitions quick and efficient C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  10. 10. Managing IP Networks C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  11. 11. Centralized User PortalCisco Prime™ Portal Provides:• Single point of entry into the network for operator access to all needed information• Reduced operational costs using an integrated framework for operators Access, Aggregation, Edge, and Core and administrators• Increased efficiency with transparent transition between functional areas Unified Inventory Common Event and Alarm Management C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  12. 12. Service Design and Activation• Accelerate service deployment for MPLS services and tunnels with easy-to-use point-and-click Resource Pools service-creation wizards• Eliminate manual errors Policy with automation Service Provisioning Lifecycle C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  13. 13. Physical and Logical MapsNetwork Discovery• Faster and more cost-effective core router management with automatic discovery of all network components Logical and Physical• Complete end-to-end visibility of all Inventory network elements, covering a wide variety of Cisco products from edge to access, aggregation, and core• Physical and logical topologies• Multivendor support Maps That Include Integrated Third-Party Devices C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  14. 14. Monitor, Inspect, and Diagnose Network Faults• At-a-glance view of network health for fast fault isolation• Alarm correlation to rapidly diagnose and remediate faults that span multiple domains• Affected parties who report on specific fault scenarios (e.g., MPLS black-hole detection, MPLS TE Tunnel Flapping or Repotimized) 50:1 Average Event Reduction C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  15. 15. Performance Statistics Aggregated Statistics• Network health monitoring identifies degraded services or prevents congestion through threshold crossing alerts (TCAs) or performance statistics trend analysis (IP-SLA interface statistics, MPLS TE Tunnel statistics, etc.).• This monitoring allows service providers to deliver outstanding quality, exceed service-level agreements (SLAs), and better differentiate their offerings. Pseudowire Availability C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  16. 16. Manage Your Configurations• Increased operational productivity with automatic archive, view of change history, and comparison of device configurations with colour coding C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  17. 17. Third-Party Device Support • Multivendor-readyOut-of-the-Box Support for: • Easy integration of other third-party• Alcatel-Lucent devices• Huawei• Juniper • Basic logical and physical discovery for third-party devices supporting the standard MIB2 C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  18. 18. Managing Transport Networks C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  19. 19. Managing Transport Networks• Cisco Prime™ for IP-NGN manages the entire Cisco® Optical product line, supporting: – Dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) – Traditional transport technologies (SONET and SDH) – The latest transport technology, Multiprotocol Label Switching Transport Profile (MPLS-TP)• A single domain manger providing assurance, fulfillment, and performance monitoring functions Increases Productivity, Accelerating the Deployment of New Services C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  20. 20. Increased Operational Productivity• Powerful GUI-based management system with point-and-click circuit provisioning• Customizable map and explorer views• Alarm severity display with detailed views for rapid fault localization Customizable Maps• Cisco Prime™ Optical Dashboard for View of Status of Each Element or Group in the Domain Explorer entire domain• Extensive performance monitoring and statistics collection for all interfaces• End-to-end integrated circuit management and Layer 2 provisioning Select an Alarm and Open Folders to Locate the Alarm in the Network Element Explorer C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  21. 21. Accelerate Service Delivery• Offers simplicity of point-and-click provisioning DWDM, SONET, and SDH network services Define Circuit Properties Select Source and Destination Review the Routing• Provides graphical circuit trace to Circuit Wizard Steps help ensure and troubleshoot services Graphical Circuit Trace Medium-Sized North American Service Provider Used Cisco Prime™ Optical to Reduce Circuit Build Time by 50%. C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  22. 22. Optical Fault Management Alarm Browser and Alarm Log Display Current and Historical AlarmsReal-Time Visual and Audible Alarm Customizable Mapsand Event Management• See status of all network elements in one place• Current and historical alarms – Alarm-aware displays, alarm browser and log, network maps, network element explorers, domain explorer, subnetwork Network Element explorer, and summary dashboard Explorer• Manage alarm acknowledgement Cisco Prime™ Optical Reduces Time Needed to Isolate Problems by More Than 50% on Large Networks. C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  23. 23. Optical Performance Management Performance Monitoring Data• Configurable automatic collection Report of near- and far-end 5-minute, Query Wizard for 10-minute, 15-minute, to 1-day Performance Monitoring Reports performance monitoring data• Robust performance monitoring collection option to recover performance monitoring data missed during communication downtime• Real-time display with 10-second Graph of Performance Monitoring Data polling Cisco Prime™ Optical Reduces Time Needed to Isolate Problems by More Than 50% on Large Networks. C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  24. 24. Cisco Wavelength Switched Optical Networks• Impairment-aware DWDM wavelength provisioning• Multiple optical validation levels• Manual wavelength reroute• Upgrade of traditional non-GMPLS optical network connections C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  25. 25. IP Transport over DWDM• Integrated maintenance• Easier and faster service deployment• Easier maintenance• Faster troubleshooting Cisco Prime™ Optical Cisco Prime Cisco Prime Performance Network Manager C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  26. 26. Cisco Prime ArchitectureA Closer Look Operator Customers OSS/BSS Third Party Cisco Prime™ Central – Cross-Domain Correlation and Dashboard MTOSI – Northbound Mediation Layer Experience Lifecycle Management CISCOPRIME PORTFOLIO Design Fulfill Assure Analyze Cisco Prime SDKs Cisco Prime Service Bus Cisco Cisco Prime Adapter Layer Prime Data Model Domain Manager Domain Managers Domain Manager Domain Manager Cisco Prime Southbound Mediation Layer Device Instrumentation Optical Switches Routers Mobile C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  27. 27. Cisco Prime IP NGN ModulesCore and Optical Network Support Cisco Prime™ • Centralized user portal, correlation engine, and common data model Central Cisco Prime • Assurance, change, and configuration management of packet networks Network • Visualization of physical and virtual service topologies Cisco Prime • Flexible, automated network service provisioning Provisioning • Zero-touch deployment Cisco Prime • Fast, easy, actionable information across devices and services Performance • Metrics gathering and performance reporting for MPLS connections, per Manager service, per geography Cisco Prime • Fulfilment, configuration, and assurance for Cisco® transport networks Optical C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  28. 28. Summary Accelerated Service Deployment Cisco Increased Operational Productivity Prime™ Portfolio for Managing Improved Subscriber Experience with Rapid Fault Isolation Core and Optical Ensuring Service Levels with Networks Performance Management Multidomain Management with Cisco Prime for IP NGN C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  29. 29. Find Out MorePublic• Cisco Prime™ portfolio:• Cisco Prime for IP NGN: C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  30. 30. Q and A C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA
  31. 31. C97-703952-00 CiscoPlusCA