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Cisco hyperflex software defined storage and ucs unite


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HyperFlex defined storage

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Cisco hyperflex software defined storage and ucs unite

  1. 1. Cisco Storage Overview Dec 1, 2016
  2. 2. 2 The data growth impact is significant… … along with the business value. •Multi-billion dollar business •High margin business •Central to the core of many other business units and decisions
  3. 3. We witnessing a major shift Consolidation Virtualization IT as a Service Hybrid Cloud TRADITIONAL DATA CENTER 2000 2008 2015 ADOPTION CURVE The Next 5+ years We are here Simplicity Agility Standardization DISTRIBUTED CLOUD DATA CENTER Automation
  4. 4. Efficiency Speed IT Transformation: The Tale of Two ITs
  5. 5. Emerging datacenter architecture use-cases Traditional Shared Storage - SAN or NAS shared to many servers - High capacity flexibility - Can be single point of failure - Storage management built-in / HW-based Clustered, Server-side Storage - Cisco HCI pioneering in segment - High performance use-cases: NVMe storage in standard servers in cluster - Delivers maximum CPU-to-storage efficiency - High availability / data replication done via Application or OS - Can achieve highest in performance and application uptime
  6. 6. Storage Trend: Capacity Tier Moving into the Server All Enterprise Workloads All Enterprise Workloads VDI/BURA/BC- DR/IAAS Scale-Out File/Block/Object TAM = $5B CAGR = 31% TAM = $40B+ CAGR = 0% TAM = $0.5B CAGR = 150% TAM = $6.2B CAGR = 35%
  7. 7.  Pretested and preconfigured bundled solutions, acting as whole, consisting of compute, network, storage and management software.  Provide platform to meet customer challenges and growing infrastructure demands  Consistent, financially efficient, operationally simplified, independently scalable solution  Rapidly deployable, allows granular upgrades Customer Challenges & Infrastructure Demands Converged Infrastructure FLEXPOD UCP- SelectVSPEX SmartStackVersaStackVBLOCK  Proliferation of applications; Need for any application on any device  Roll out new and/or business critical database applications quickly & consistently  Single system operation – Reduced Infrastructural and management complexity  Add capacity and storage when needed  Accelerated implementation  Streamlined support Cisco UCS Cisco Nexus
  8. 8. Market Trends 2) Hyper-Convergence is evolving, growing & disruptive to traditional storage 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Billions Integrated Systems Hyper-converged Fast Deployment (Hours not Days) Management and Operation Simplicity (Intuitive UI) Simple Elasticity (automatic scale) Cost efficiency (predictable step growth) Minimize Risk (Pre-Validated Designs) Any workload (Mission Critical Apps) Flexibility (Virtualized and Bare Metal) Independent Scale out (building blocks) 1) Increasing overlap
  9. 9.  The programming that controls the storage is decoupled from the physical hardware  Consists of the Storage Only  Emphasizes storage services such as deduplication or replication, instead of storage hardware  A shared pool that runs on commodity hardware  Utilizes Policy Based Management  Often referred to as Storage Virtualization and is part of a bigger industry trend of Software Defined Datacenter Definition: What is Software Defined Storage (SdS) Software Defined Storage Local Physical Storage Hosts Storage Software can run on bare metal or as a VM on a hypervisor host
  10. 10.  New Converged Infrastructure offering utilizing Software Defined Storage  Tight integration of x86 servers for compute and storage, networking and virtualization in all-in-one appliance.  Integration of hypervisors and physical infrastructure  Simple Scale one unit/appliance at a time  Simple Deployment measured in hours  Centralized Management, intuitive UI Definition: What is Hyper-convergence? Controller VM VM VM VM Local Physical Storage Hypervisor Controller VM VM VM VM Local Physical Storage Hypervisor Controller VM VM VM VM Local Physical Storage Hypervisor
  11. 11. • Fast Deployment (Hours not Days) Management Simplicity (Centralized and intuitive UI) Operational Simplicity (Target VM administrator) • Simple Elasticity (automatic scale) Cost efficiency (predictable small step-based growth) What does Hyper-converge promise?
  12. 12. Converged Infrastructure vs. Hyper-Converged  Converged or Integrated Infrastructure – i.e. vBlock, FlexPod, SmartStack, VersaStack, etc • Preconfigured bundles of hardware & software delivered as a single-solution • Basically disparate components acting as a whole with some type of software management layer • Typically includes a compute tier & storage tier connected together with one or more networks • Works with both virtualized and non-virtualized (Bare metal) workloads • Can easily scale one component separate from another since they are separate building blocks – allows for granular upgrades and tweaks  Hyper-Converged Infrastructure • Compresses the Compute & storage tiers of hardware into a single tier • Deployed as a cluster of nodes with each node having compute/storage resources • Storage is virtualized & shared across entire cluster • Foundational components often include integrated backups, snapshot capability, data deduplication, inline compression and even WAN optimization • Hypervisor Centric, so often only works with virtualized workloads • Typically a node includes both compute and storage resources, so cannot add one without the other • This federated storage model has several advantages – improved storage utilization, balanced workloads and ease of storage migration
  13. 13. Customer Criteria Converged HyperConverged Compute, Storage, Network, Server Virtualization in one Flexible, allows choosing from Multiple Vendors Rigid, single vendor offers or limited choices Scalability Flexible, can scale up and out as needed Has Limitations Common Management Software Increasingly offered as an option Built in by default Packaged as a Single Unit Possible through SI Offered by default Pre-Sized and Pre-configured Possible through SI Offered by default Time to Deployment Days and weeks Hours Pricing Perceived as high Perceived as low Performance, Quality, and Uptime High – Designed and validated for high quality and availability at various scales and speeds Low – Tests fail at higher scales and speeds Converged vs. HyperConverged
  14. 14. Cisco UCS HyperConvergence Strategy CustomerNeeds Scale Speed Simplicity TechnologyOptions Integrated Infrastructure Solutions Automated Provisioning SmartStack FlexPod UNIFIED ARCHITECTURE SCALE OUT UCS M-Series Modular Servers UCS C3160 INTEGRATED INFRASTRUCTUREUCS B-SERIES UCS MINI HYPERCONVERGED C-Series Rack Servers Software Defined Storage Solutions CiscoStrategy Flexibility of Deployment Options Best Technology Choice Comprehensive Validated Designs Timed with Market Demand Simplicity, Speed, Scale + Choice of Storage
  15. 15. Introducing Cisco HyperFlex Systems Complete Hyperconvergence Software Defined Compute, Storage & Network Next Generation Data Management Always-on Optimization and Flexible Scaling Future Ready Architecture Built for Todays Workloads and Emerging Applications
  16. 16. Cisco HyperFlex Configurations HX240c Cluster Capacity-heavy 3–8 Node Cluster (VSI: IT/Biz Apps, Test/Dev) Per-Node 1x1.6TB Cache SSD up to 23x1.2TB HDDs SD Card/120GB Back SSD (Boot/Housekeeping) HX220c Cluster Smallest Footprint 3–8 Node Cluster (VDI, ROBO) Per-Node 1x480 GB Cache SSD 6x1.2TB HDDs SD Card/120GB SSD (Boot/Housekeeping) Hybrid Clusters Compute-heavy Hybrid (Compute Bound Apps/VDI) Up to 8 Compute Nodes Blade or Rack B200 M4, C220 M4 or C240 M4 (Supported) Local Disk, SD Card or SAN Boot 3-8 Node HX220 or HX240 Cluster 4 1 5 2 6 3 7 8 UCS C220 M4 Intel Inside XEON Console! C220 M4 ! Intel Inside XEON UCS C240 M4 Console UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! 1 6 12 18 24 UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! UCS-HDD300GI2F105 15KSAS 300GB ! C240 M4 B200 M4
  17. 17. UCS Integrated HyperFlex Networking Shipped From Factory With Integrated Networking High Performance, Flat and Predictably Latent Fabric Simplified Network Deployments • No specialized protocol requirements such as IPv6, Multicast Plug and Play Networking with UCS Unified Fabric Reduced Complexity, Simplified Decision Making and Deployment CVM Data Port GroupData vSwitch CVM Mgmt Port GroupManagement vSwitch Predefined DC Network Policies CONTROLLER VM CONTROLLER VM CONTROLLER VM CONTROLLER VM
  18. 18. Integrated Management and Data Services Dynamic Data Distribution Continuous Data Optimization Independent Scaling of Compute and Capacity HyperFlex Design Principles
  19. 19. Building on the Right Foundation Cisco HX Data Platform Built From the Ground Up for Hyperconvergence Distributed Log- Structured File System Designed for Scale-out, Distributed Storage Advanced Data Services (Snapshots, Clones) and Data Optimization (Inline Dedupe, Compression) Without Trade-offs Better Flash Endurance and Disk Performance Computing, Storage, Networking, and Hypervisor Integration No Reliance on Legacy Filesystems or Technology Distributed File system Local Disks Unique Architecture Local Disks Local Disks Local Disks
  20. 20. Capacity Options 3 Node HX220c HX240c 4 Node 5 Node 6 Node 7 Node 8 Node Assumes: Full HDD population. RF3. Note: The above calculations are before deduplication & compression. Effective capacity will be higher. Consult with your Cisco CSE for the latest sizing & design guidance. 6.02 TiB 8.03 TiB 10.04 TiB 12.04 TiB 14.05 TiB 16.06 TiB 23.09 TiB 30.79 TiB 38.48 TiB 46.18 TiB 53.88 TiB 61.58 TiB Usable Cluster Capacity
  21. 21. Cisco HyperFlex and UCS Running Non-HyperFlex Workloads In The Same UCS Domain Cisco UCS Domain HyperFlex Cluster + Non-HX UCS Systems Fully Supported Configuration with HX 1.8 UCS Firmware Must Remain at Minimum Supported Version for HX, or Higher Useful for Running UCS General Purpose Workloads Alongside a Separate HyperFlex Cluster Within the Same UCS Domain Example: HX Cluster + C3260 Servers as a Backup Solution
  22. 22. Cisco HyperFlex and External Storage Connecting HyperFlex Domains To External Storage Arrays Fully Supported Configuration with HX 1.8 and Storage Arrays on the Cisco HCL UCS Firmware Must Remain at Minimum Supported Version for HX, or Higher Useful for VM Migrations, RDMs, Backups and Other Applications Examples: VM Migrations from External Arrays RDM from FC Array for Microsoft Clustering HyperFlex Domain NFS, iSCSI, FC or FCoE Direct Connect or use External Switches
  23. 23. Integrated Management and Data Services • UCS Manager vCenter Plug-in • Manage UCS Service Profiles • Update Server Firmware • KVM launch of console • Instant provisioning, cloning and snapshotting of virtual machines from within vCenter • No separate console, no learning curve • UCS Manager familiar to 50,000 customers WW • Server and network deployment settings in pre-configured Service Profiles
  24. 24. • Pointer-based snapshots • Space-efficient with no performance penalty vs. Vmware Redo Log Snaps • Fast creations and deletions • Fine-grained or coarse-grained • VM-level or VM folder-level • VAAI-integrated • Quiesced and crash-consistent • Use vCenter Snapshot Manager • Policy-based schedules and retention Fast and Flexible Native Snapshots All This Functionality Enabled with the HX Data Platform Filesystem
  25. 25. • Pointer-Based Writeable Snapshots (Instantaneous Clones) • VAAI integrated • VM-level granularity Native VM Clones for Rapid Provisioning • Batch creation GUI • Apply unique names • Use customization spec to apply IP • Powerful tool to rapidly setup a large set of VMs using just VC (without scripting or View composer); Up to 256 clones in parallel per job • Golden/Base VM can be a template, powered on or powered off
  26. 26. Cloud-Scale Changes need for Storage Core Enterprise Workloads Cloud Scale Traditional Storage Server Single Server Unstructured Date Store Single Application SCM ERP/ Financial Legacy CRM Email Social Media Email Video Backup Archive Cloud Storage SAN/NAS
  27. 27. Use Cases for the UCS C3000 Server Family Service Providers Public Sector Service Providers, Enterprise Service Providers, Enterprise Software Defined Storage Object Store Media Streaming and Content Distribution Video Surveillance Exchange Backup and Archive (as Service) Big Data and Analytics Service Providers, Enterprise, Cloud Cisco UCS C3160/3260
  28. 28. UCS Compute Portfolio Performance Optimized for Bare Metal, Virtualized, and Cloud Applications Cloud Scale UCS C460 M4 Mission-Critical, 4-Socket Server for Large, CPU- Intensive Applications UCS B420 M4 Enterprise Class, 4- Socket Blade for Large, Memory-Intensive Bare Metal and Virtualized Applications RackBlade UCS B260 M4 Mission-Critical, 2-Socket Blade for Large, CPU- Intensive Bare Metal and Virtualized Applications UCS B460 M4 Mission-Critical, 4- Socket Blade for Large, CPU-Intensive Bare Metal and Virtualized Applications UCS C240 M4 Ideal Platform for Big Data, ERP, and Database Applications UCS B200 M4 Optimal Choice for VDI, Private Cloud, or Dense Virtualization/ Consolidation Workloads UCS C220 M4 Versatile, General Purpose Enterprise Infrastructure, and Application Server UCS C3000 Series Ideal Capacity-Optimized Platform for Large Object Storage at Scale Intensive/Mission Critical Enterprise Performance
  29. 29. UCS C3260M4 Chassis Architecture Drives 4 Rows of Hot-Swappable HDD 4TB/6TB/8TB/10TB with up to 2 Rows of 400GB/800GB/1.6TB/3.2TB SSD Total Top Load: 56 drives FAN 8 Hot-Pluggable Fans Server Node Up to (2) Based on Intel V4 CPUs, LSI 12G RAID, Up to 512GB DDR4 RAM (1024GB Post-FCS), and NVMe Optional Second Node Server Node or Drive Expansion or PCIe Expansion Up to (4) 120GB/480GB/1.6TB SSDs HW RAID, Hot-Plug, OS/Boot System I/O Controller (SIOC) Up to (2) Cisco VIC 1300 on Chip Power Supply 4 Hot-Pluggable PSUs *Shown with Single Server Node and IO Expander
  30. 30. C3260M4 Chassis Configurations Dual-Node 3260M4 Single-Node 3260M4 Single-Node 3260M4 with IO Expander Single-Node 3260M4 with Disk Expander Server Node 2 Server Node 1 Server Node 2 Empty Server Node 2 IO Expander HDD Expander Server Node 1
  31. 31. HDDSSDPCIe Flash NVMeNVDIMMsDIMMs Storage Is Moving Ever Closer to the CPU Cache
  32. 32. • Cisco a leader in enabling storage inside the server – Key Differentiation: 1. UCS Manager provides unique and powerfully-streamlined management experience 2. Advanced BIOS and Fan control algorithms provide highest density with highest and consistent performance • Performance combined with competitive price-points causes PCIe interface to increase quickly (NVMe is standard driver set) UCS and Server-side Storage /NVMe
  33. 33. 2016-2018 server-side storage technologies Shipping now HDD10,000 µs 1,000 µs SAS/SATA SDD (NAND) 100 µs PCIe/NVMe SSD (NAND; Add in Card or 2.5” Small Form Factor)10 µs PCIe/NVMe Xpoint (New Media, not NAND; various Form Factors) $1/GB $2/GB $3/GB $6/GB • Streaming/Sequential • Backup • Big Data/Analytics • DRAM Extension • In-Memory DB • Caching 1 µs • OLTP DB (most) • Some Analytics (Hadoop, SAS) • Virtual Servers Flash $/GB decreasing quickly - IOPS + Latency Planned for CY2017
  34. 34. Why is NVMe run over PCIe? Or Direct to CPUSERVER - Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) the single chosen interconnect for NVMe Storage - NVMe is the first standard for addressing storage designed for Solid State Media – SCSi was designed for spinning storage media (HDD) - Fusion io pioneered the PCIe Storage market but… - Now, with NVMe - Dramatically lower pricing - In-box drivers / very easy to deploy
  35. 35. UCS – In-Server Storage Options SATA SSDHDD SAS SSDHDD NVMe SSD RAID Controller RAID Controller PCIe - Direct to CPU (just like Fusion io) - Performance + Small Form Factor (SFF) – 2.5” SFF – 2.5” HHHL SFF – 2.5”
  36. 36. Mainstream Computing Scale Out Cisco UCS: Platform for All Architectures Hyperconverged Infrastructure Converged Infrastructure Unified Management Single Control Plane Single API Edge Cloud ROBO UCS C3000 Series Fourth Generation UCS HyperFlex Systems UCS Mini E-Series C-Series Rack Servers UCS Integrated Infrastructure Solutions Single Operational Model UCS Manager UCS Director Enterprise Cloud Suite
  37. 37. Closing Thoughts
  38. 38. Orchestration Granularity Programmability Scalability Physical, Fixed Ratio, Monolithic Abstracted, Variable Ratio, Composable Nexus UCS ACI System Link (M-Series) CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU Memory Local Storage Network I/O SAN I/O Local Storage Network I/O SAN I/O Network I/O SAN I/OSAN I/O Memory Local Storage Network I/O Memory Local Storage Memory SAN I/O Network I/O Memory Local Storage Mode 1 Mode 2 Multi-Core Server Virtualization Storage VirtualizationSANPC Server Network Virtualization
  39. 39. IT, Apps and Infrastructure are Evolving Mainstream Applications Converged Infrastructure Pre-Assembled VM VM VM VM VM SDS Composable Infrastructure APP Cloud Native & Scale Out Apps Rack & Multi-node Servers Dynamically Assembled Microservices & Containers Object & Distributed Storage DevOps Style IT Traditional IT Models Analytics Hyper Converged Virtualized Apps Manually Assembled
  40. 40. Cisco Storage Innovation Industry-leading Integrated Infrastructure Solutions Storage-optimized UCS Servers UCS HCI & SDS Solutions Storage Protocol Optimized I/O Simplified, Policy-driven Storage Consumption with UCS Storage Profiles and UCS Director Big Data and Analytics OrchestrationServer-Based StorageIntegrated Infrastructure UCS Hyperconverged UCS Software-Defined Storage UCS C3000 Cisco Virtual Interface Card 1 2 3
  41. 41. Cisco Infrastructure for Future Proofed IT Traditional IT DevOps Style ITAutomation Scale up & Scale Out Virtualized & Bare Metal Converged Infrastructure Hyper Converged Composable Infrastructure + + + Cisco Unified Computing System Virtual SAN Cisco System Link Technology UCS M-Series Extensible Control Plane & Comprehensive API Consistent Infrastructure Management & Broad Interoperability Architectural Flexibility & Future Proofed IT DevOps Style IT Traditional IT Models