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Cisco 5 tips for choosing a ngfw


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Cisco 5 tips for choosing a NGFW

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Cisco 5 tips for choosing a ngfw

  1. 1. 5Invest in a threat-focused Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). Ask if it delivers… Tips for Choosing a Next-Generation Firewall Resources Next-Generation Firewall: An Investment Checklist White Paper - Get the full checklist to protect your business from attacks. Read Now. TechWise TV: Cisco Firepower NGFW See the fully integrated security solution that puts threat defense first. Watch the video. Cisco NGFW Website Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and see what’s new in security from Cisco. Learn More. Integrated Threat Defense Get actionable, multi-layered protection. Today’s multi-vector and persistent threats slip through gaps in protection and evade detection. A threat-focused NGFW provides best-in-class security technologies that work together across the network and endpoints and are managed through a central console. Built on a comprehensive stateful firewall foundation, threat-focused NGFW technologies should include: Next-Generation IPS Advanced Malware Protection Application Visibility and Control Reputation-based URL filtering Application-level VPN With integrated threat and advanced malware protection that continuously correlates threat intelligence across security layers, you can identify and protect against sophisticated attacks. Actionable Indicators of Compromise Accelerate malware detection to mitigate risk. Correlate network and endpoint security intelligence Provide highly accurate visibility into suspect and malicious file and host behavior Prioritize infected hosts for rapid remediation The current industry standard time to detect a threat is between 100 to 200 days; that’s far too long. An NGFW should provide actionable indicators of compromise (IoCs) that: Actionable IoCs let you see malware activity on hosts and endpoints, understand the impact, and quickly contain and remediate. This level of insight helps you identify and address security gaps and fine-tune policies so as to reduce the number of significant events requiring additional action. You can’t protect what you can’t see. You need to monitor what’s happening on your network at all times. An NGFW should provide full contextual awareness of: Comprehensive Network Visibility Increase security effectiveness with a holistic view. Users, operating systems, and devices Communications between virtual machines Threats and vulnerabilities Applications and website access File transfers, and more By reducing complexity and costs your team is freed up to focus on events that matter most. A combination of advanced threats and a shortage of skilled IT security professionals is stretching IT departments to the max. Look for an NGFW that: Reduced Complexity and Costs Unify security layers and automate for efficiencies. Consolidates multiple layers of defenses on a single platform Delivers consistent and robust security at scale Automates routine security tasks like impact assessment, policy tuning, and user identification Third-party solution integration reduces your IT burden and total cost of ownership (TCO) and strengthens multi-layered protection. You need to be able to share intelligence and better leverage existing security technologies to consolidate and streamline response. Look for an NGFW that is open and integrates smoothly with an ecosystem of third-party security solutions like: Integration with Third-Party Solutions Maximize existing security investments. Vulnerability management systems Network visualization and SIEM systems Workflow remediation and ticketing systems Network access control (NAC), and more It’s not what we make; it’s what we make possible. Making security everywhere a reality. Visit Follow us on Twitter @CiscoSecurity © 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Public Attacks will continue to evolve as will the IT environment you need to protect. Make sure the NGFW you select provides tightly integrated, multi-layered threat protection. By sharing context and intelligence among security functions you accelerate threat detection and response across your organization, and get the most from your investments.