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The Last Product Recall is Around the Corner

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The Last Product Recall is Around the Corner

  1. 1. The Last Product Recall is Around the Corner #InternetOfEverything
  2. 2. #InternetOfEverything The significance of a product recall could cost you billions.
  3. 3. Source: #InternetOfEverything Since the beginning of 2015 alone, there have been at least 154 food-related recalls, market withdrawals, and safety alerts.
  4. 4. Source: CNN Money A major automotive manufacturer says the massive recalls of vehicles due to gas pedal problems could end up costing it $2 billion. #InternetOfEverything
  5. 5. #InternetOfEverything There is a solution…
  6. 6. Source: Tech Master #InternetOfEverything By the year 2020, almost 28 billion “things” will be connected, from the consumer level all the way up to production and management.
  7. 7. Source: IET As the shift to IoT starts to take hold, the development that will really move things forward is that eventually there will be no need for a server between the machines these sensors are installed on. #InternetOfEverything
  8. 8. Source: The Big Data #InternetOfEverything Volvo drives product design, quality, cost reduction, and customer satisfaction through data- driven decision- making.
  9. 9. Source: Cisco Manufacturing: The Next Industrial Revolution Of organizations that have implemented smart manufacturing, 82 percent say they have experienced increased efficiency. #InternetOfEverything
  10. 10. Source: Food Safety News #InternetOfEverything “Zografos saw an opportunity to apply the technology to the food safety industry to more quickly trace back outbreaks and recalls.”
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  12. 12. #DigitalTransformation Digital transformation requires companies to think of the Internet as the Internet of Everything. We're ready. Are you? Call us 1-866-428-9594
  13. 13. Read about the Internet of Everything #InternetOfEverything Explore more: