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More Channels = More Money


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Unify shopper experiences across channels to accelerate your in-store strategy.

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More Channels = More Money

  1. 1. Omnichannel customers have a 30% higher lifetime value than customers who shop using only one channel. Unify Shopper Experiences Across Channels Smart Devices Digital Boards Digital Kiosks Source: Think with Google
  2. 2. 87%of shoppers think retailers should provide more seamless experiences across channels. Source: Zendesk
  3. 3. 89% of customers want to be able to shop using the most convenient channel at the time. Source: Certona
  4. 4. 50% 71% 47%51% Shoppers expect to view in-store inventory online. Customers want to buy online and pick up in the store. Shoppers want the same product offering across channels. People want to purchase through one channel and return through another. Sources: Hybris 2Community Punch Tab Insights Accenture
  5. 5. 40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience across channels. Source: Monetate
  6. 6. 61% want to easily switch channels when interacting with customer service. Source: Aspect
  7. 7. More Channels = More Money 89%. Companies with an omnichannel engagement strategy have a customer retention rate of Source: Aberdeen Group
  8. 8. of retailers are behind the curve technologically and can’t meet the needs of their omnichannel shoppers. Source: Certona
  9. 9. Accelerate your digital in-store strategy with Cisco. Outline onboarding process and capabilities. Enable guest Wi-Fi. Gain insights into the shopping behaviors of customers. Establish pilot and define drivers of success. Organizational adoption of value- added services. Identify the greatest opportunities and threats. How Do You Get There?
  10. 10. There’s never been a better time to…