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On-Demand Private Cloud

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On-Demand Private Cloud

  1. 1. On-Demand Private Cloud #CiscoCloud
  2. 2. Thoughts from Ken Owens, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Cloud Services #CiscoCloud
  3. 3. “Businesses use technology every day. Whether technology is their main product offering or not— every enterprise is a technology company.” #CiscoCloud
  4. 4. “As an enterprise, your application is your crown jewel. You don’t just throw it to the public and hope it’s successful.” #CiscoCloud
  5. 5. “Private cloud is delivering business agility and helping enterprise businesses get to market much faster.” #CiscoCloud
  6. 6. Not every company needs to build their own private cloud. On-Demand private cloud can reduce costs and free up IT staff to be strategic. #CiscoCloud
  7. 7. “When choosing a on-demand private cloud provider, look for a company with years of experience working with enterprises and service providers with a proven track record on delivering performance and security.” #CiscoCloud
  8. 8. “On-Demand private cloud enables enterprises to focus on their core competencies.” #CiscoCloud
  9. 9. More about Private Cloud: Read Ken Owens’ blog #CiscoCloud