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Leveraging Cloud Based Services


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Leveraging Cloud Based Services

  1. 1. Leveraging Cloud Based Services #CiscoCloud
  2. 2. Thoughts from Tal Saraf, Vice President, Cisco Cloud Services #CiscoCloud
  3. 3. “Cloud IT services promote business agility, reduce expenses and accelerate time-to-market.” #CiscoCloud
  4. 4. “Cloud solutions are readily available and can be deployed quickly.” #CiscoCloud
  5. 5. “If speed to market is paramount and specialized skills are lacking in-house, a cloud IT as-a-service bears examination.” #CiscoCloud
  6. 6. “Weigh the options to determine whether “one size fits most” or a highly specialized cloud solution matches your business needs.” #CiscoCloud
  7. 7. “In a world where data loss can swiftly turn into millions of dollars in lost revenue and erode public trust, cloud providers must demonstrate that their systems are built to guarantee the safety of mission- critical data.” #CiscoCloud
  8. 8. “Cisco has developed an ecosystem of cloud partners in 50 countries to deliver managed threat defense and best-of-breed deep packet inspection capabilities.” #CiscoCloud
  9. 9. “Intercloud partners are audited to ensure they meet Cisco’s high standards for customer satisfaction, reliability and security.” #CiscoCloud
  10. 10. “Because we vet partners so thoroughly, we trust them—and you can too.” #CiscoCloud
  11. 11. To learn more about using as-a- service cloud providers and about Cisco’s Intercloud ecosystem of trusted cloud partners, view the full video on the next slide. #CiscoCloud
  12. 12. More about as-a-Service Cloud: Read Tal Saraf’s Blog Click the icon below to share this SlideShare #CiscoCloud