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Hacker vs. Hacker


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To stop cybercriminals, you have to think just like them. Find out how some organizations are getting a new perspective on security.

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Hacker vs. Hacker

  1. 1. Hacker vs. Hacker A conversation with Jay Kaplan, CEO of the ethical hacking firm Synack Podcast
  2. 2. To foil cybercriminals, ‘white hat’ hackers think just like them Jay Kaplan is the CEO of Synack, a firm that combines its automated security technology with a global talent pool of hackers to probe for weaknesses in a company’s defenses. EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS
  3. 3. What are the core qualities of a secure organization? EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS Kaplan recommends every organization adopt a strategy that is: •Persistent •Diverse •Creative
  4. 4. Persistent “You can’t be looking at your security footprint in a singular point in time because infrastructure and apps are so dynamic and being updated regularly.” Jay Kaplan, CEO, Synack EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS Cybercriminals never let up, so probing for weaknesses must be a continuous process.
  5. 5. Diverse “Security is a multilayered thing. You need a lot of different solutions.” Jay Kaplan, CEO, Synack EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS Bad guys come in all shapes, sizes, and skill sets. Ethical hacking efforts should reflect that diversity with a combination of backgrounds, specialties, and nationalities.
  6. 6. Creative “To stay ahead of criminal hackers, you must be innovative and agile, ready to try new ideas to meet a constantly evolving threat landscape.” Jay Kaplan, CEO, Synack EXECUTIVE INSIGHTS The black hat guys think out of the box, and so should your organization.
  7. 7. Listen to the entire conversation now: