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Developing a Cloud Strategy


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Developing a Cloud Strategy

  1. 1. Developing a Cloud Strategy #HybridCloud
  2. 2. Thoughts from Jim Grubb Vice President, Emerging Technologies Marketing and Chief Demonstration Officer, Cisco #HybridCloud
  3. 3. “Employees often go around IT to use the tools they feel are most productive.” #HybridCloud
  4. 4. “When Employees use personal technology not installed by IT departments, confidential information becomes compromised.” #HybridCloud
  5. 5. “This ad-hoc deployment of cloud services and IT technologies is known as ‘shadow IT.’” #HybridCloud
  6. 6. “Shadow IT often creates security risks, compliance issues, diminishes overall productivity, and creates data silos.” #HybridCloud
  7. 7. “It’s important to find out what’s going on in your organization, and from that information develop a cloud strategy.” #HybridCloud
  8. 8. “Companies are shocked to learn that 10 to 15 times more cloud services are in place than they estimated.” #HybridCloud
  9. 9. Cisco Cloud Consumption Assessment will give businesses an understanding of: #HybridCloud • Current levels of financial risk • Levels of security risk the company is facing • Overall amount of cloud services being consumed
  10. 10. Use this information to create a cloud sourcing strategy that will deliver Business Agility: Read Jim Grubb’s Blog Click below icon to share this SlideShare #HybridCloud