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A Digital Transformation Checklist


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A checklist for digital transformation based on insights from Andrew Wilson, CIO at Accenture. See more insights:

Published in: Internet, Technology
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A Digital Transformation Checklist

  1. 1. #DigitalTransformation
  2. 2. Andrew Wilson, CIO, Accenture “ ” The CIO can’t be slow to adopt new technology. What used to take quarters and years now takes hours and minutes. #DigitalTransformation
  3. 3. Why now?1 The blending of work and life means that technology scale, scope and complexity are emerging at once. #DigitalTransformation
  4. 4. 5. What is the right strategy?2 Your company needs a business strategy, a commercial strategy, a marketing strategy, and a digital strategy. #DigitalTransformation
  5. 5. 5. What skills matter most?3 CIOs need to learn new skills and business strategies, which is not the same as a technology strategy. There has never been a better time to be a technologist with relevant new skills. #DigitalTransformation
  6. 6. Who gets to be the digital disruptor?4 Digital disruption is the CIO’s role. The CIO needs to be opinionated and disruptive. The digital CIO has to understand the business. #DigitalTransformation
  7. 7. How do you find the right talent?5 A company needs a talent strategy because technology is so pervasive. CIOs need to have the ability to attract and retain the right form of talent. This challenge has become more pronounced than ever before. #DigitalTransformation
  8. 8. What’s the right organizational structure?6 Some structures may need to be re-evaluated, while others may need to adjust their approach, realizing that technology like the cloud is here to stay and fundamentally changing how we do business. #DigitalTransformation
  9. 9. How do you measure success?7 Fail fast. Gather feedback. Re-tool and report on wins. #DigitalTransformation
  10. 10. Andrew Wilson, CIO, Accenture “ ” We are re-writing the rule book right now. The opportunities are limitless, the future is bright and the possibilities are endless. #DigitalTransformation
  11. 11. The Internet of Everything Connected Futures Magazine Learn more: #DigitalTransformation