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9 Ways Retail Banks Can Chart a Roadmap to Digital Value


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Retail banks face no shortage of challenges — everything from agile “fintech” disruptors and changing customer expectations to complex compliance demands and outmoded IT investments. By adopting some key digital use cases, however, retail banks can capture their share of an enormous opportunity: $405 billion in industry-wide digital Value at Stake from 2015-2017. Here are nine ways retail banks can chart a roadmap to digital value.

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9 Ways Retail Banks Can Chart a Roadmap to Digital Value

  1. 1. 9 Ways Retail Banks Can Chart a Roadmap to Digital Value @CiscoFSI
  2. 2. “If banks aren’t digital, they’re going to be dead in the water.” Chris Skinner, author, Digital Bank @CiscoFSI @CFuturesMag
  3. 3. The time is now to differentiate and drive your own disruption. #NeverBetter @CiscoFSI
  4. 4. Where should you start? Here are 9 priority areas for your roadmap. @CiscoFSI
  5. 5. Make the Branch as relevant as ever with Sales and Services Transformation. $152B 1 Value at Stake, 2015-2017 @CiscoFSI
  6. 6. Offer connectivity across multiple devices among Next-Generation Workers. Value at Stake, 2015-2017 2 $50B @CiscoFSI
  7. 7. Enable Mobile Payments to improve customer convenience. $43B 3 Value at Stake, 2015-2017 @CiscoFSI
  8. 8. Connect customers with Video-Based Advisors. $38B 4 Value at Stake, 2015-2017 @CiscoFSI
  9. 9. Leverage analytics to deliver Connected & Targeted Advertising. 5 $33B Value at Stake, 2015-2017 @CiscoFSI
  10. 10. Reach new customers with rebranded White-Label Services. $25B 6 Value at Stake, 2015-2017 @CiscoFSI
  11. 11. Leverage efficiencies and insights to drive quicker Product Innovations. 7 $19B @CiscoFSI Value at Stake, 2015-2017
  12. 12. Leverage customer data to create personalized Information- Based Consulting. 8 $9B Value at Stake, 2015-2017 @CiscoFSI
  13. 13. Improve customer satisfaction through enhanced interactive experiences and Virtual Tellers. $5B 9 Value at Stake, 2015-2017 @CiscoFSI
  14. 14. Cybersecurity enables these priority areas to drive 90% of the total opportunity. $405B Total Potential Value at Stake, 2015-2017 @CiscoFSI
  15. 15. @CFuturesMag Access the full report.
  16. 16. Digital disruption is real. So is the opportunity. @CiscoSecurity @CiscoRetail Follow Us: @CiscoFSI