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Video is Everywhere. Are You Ready?


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Video is everywhere are you ready? presented at Washington DC Tech Day 2017

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Video is Everywhere. Are You Ready?

  1. 1. Video is Everywhere…Are you Ready? Lee Livingston - Manzell Hines – Collaboration Specialist Navy Regions November 8th, 2016
  2. 2. Mission: Put “No-Compromise” Collaboration into: Every PocketEvery Room Every Desk
  3. 3. SX80 MX200 G2MX300 G2MX700MX800IX5000 SX20SX10 Every Room
  4. 4. DX70DX80 Every Desk 78008800
  5. 5. Every Pocket Cisco Spark Cisco JabberCisco WebEx
  6. 6. Cisco Collaboration Strategy § Delightful experience § Simplicity § Common experience § Mobile first - any device § Hardware and software § Cloud connectivity § Hidden complexity § Provides agility and flexibility § Unifies workspaces; physical and virtual § Customer journey § Investment protection § Evolution, not revolution § Standards based, open and interoperable § Cisco partner ecosystem Experience Centric Cloud Connected Value Extended
  7. 7. Collaboration Endpoints
  8. 8. Collaboration Rooms Cisco Collaboration Endpoints Portfolio A flexible portfolio to choose the devices for your needs 7800 Series MX Series IX Series InteractionValue Audio & Video Fidelity Business Communication Collaboration Desktop DX Series SX Series Professional Collaboration 8800 Series
  9. 9. Jabber DX80 Get familiar with one product, know them all! Consistent User Interface Experience MX700 Touch 10 MX300 G2 SX10DX708865 (with KEM)Spark IX5000
  10. 10. Quiet Room Small Room Medium Room Large Room Training-/Board Room/ Auditoriums MX200 G2 – 42’’ MX300 G2 – 55’’ MX700 – 55’’ MX800S – 70’’ Immersive Room IX5000 – 70’’ Fully integrated solutions – Easy, consistent and scalable SX20 SX80SX10 Component solutions – Customized to fit business specific needs or cost targets Collaboration Room Portfolio Optimized to cover all major use cases SpeakerTrack60 Winner of six design awards in 2014! MX800D – 70’’
  11. 11. • Pervasive rollout of intelligent video collaboration • with plug-and-play for any small and medium sized meeting space • Quick install/reinstall • Connect HDMI into any display + Ethernet (PoE+) • Innovation • Compact purpose-built unit with codec, camera, built-in microphone at comparable price to a computer SX10 Quick Set Video enable small rooms
  12. 12. SX10 Compact purpose-built unit with built-in camera & mic Internal mic + optional external table mic New remote included 83° field of view for small spaces and up to 5x zoom (2.5x Optical x 2 Digital) WXGAp5 content sharing via HDMI/VGA input, and Intelligent Proximity 1080p30 Full HD video Optional mounting bracket PoE+ and low power consumption (<12W)
  13. 13. SX80 Flexibility for any demanding scenarios § Audio and video connectivity to fit in to large rooms and advanced scenarios: Audio: 8 microphones w/mute, 4 line-in and 6 line-out Video: 3 display outputs and 5 video inputs • Flexible Codec platform that can be adapted to any use case: • Tailor the behavior through TC Console • Integrate the codec with external 3rd party equipment with a rich and robust API
  14. 14. SX80 Flexibility for any demanding scenarios 4 x balanced line inputs8 x mute-able balanced mic inputs 1080p60 main 1080p30 content H.265 3 x display outputs 2 x HDMI (inc. stereo audio) 1 x DVI-I 3 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports 6 x balanced line outputs GPIO 5 x video inputs 3 x HDMI (inc. stereo audio) 1 x DVI-I 1 x Composite/S-Video Power button & status LEDs
  15. 15. • Intelligent imaging software delivers business quality video support for large rooms (27ft by 15ft/ 9m by 5m) • Array of 6 microphones are used to identify active speakers • Two Precision 60 cameras with face detection, pinpoint the active speaker • Easy and flexible wall mounting options come as standard • High quality HD – 1080p60, 10x optical / 2x digital • Compatible with C40, C60, C90 and SX80 SpeakerTrack 60
  16. 16. • Affordable Video • Excellent performance with simplicity of installation – make calls within 10 minutes! • Covers more user scenarios • Fits standard meeting rooms with best practice guidelines with Project Workplace. MX200 G2
  17. 17. Dual 55” Multipurpose Collaboration System with Single or Dual camera configurations MX700 MX800 S Single 70” Multipurpose Collaboration System with Single or Dual camera configurations MX700 & MX800 MX800D Dual 70” Multipurpose Collaboration System with Dual camera configuration
  18. 18. Cisco Intelligent Proximity Embracing Mobile Devices for Richer Collaboration Experiences Auto-sync contacts and call log from your mobile phone to your desk phone Experience quality audio for mobile devices at the desktop View and share content wirelessly in the meeting room
  19. 19. • Phone Book Access & Voice Path Re-direction Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice Enhanced Desktop Experience Phone Book Sync “Handsfree” Audio Call History Sync
  20. 20. Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing Enhanced Meeting Room Experience “Cisco Proximity” iOS App available on Apple Store and Android App on Google Play Supported with SX10, SX20, SX80, MX200G2, MX300G2, MX700, MX800, IX5000 & IX5200 Sharing from laptop (Mac only) Call control and content view/capture/re wind on phones/tablets (Android & iOS)
  21. 21. Support registration with CUCM and VCS On-screen controls. No additional interface needed Professional grade and interoperable video DX Series Professional-grade Collaboration for all users • From traditional space- saving form factors, to larger engaging displays • Features that integrate desktop collaboration • Easy-to-install and easy- to-use with a consistent experience • Supports standard USB and Bluetooth headsets and handsets, like Jabra 450
  22. 22. • DX70-NR and DX80-NR are the same as DX70 and DX80, but without WiFi and Bluetooth radios DX70-NR & DX80-NR Designed for Security New! Available Now
  23. 23. IP Phone 8800 Series New phone for accelerated pervasive collaboration • Full-Featured IP Telephony To Increase Personal Productivity • HD Video (8865 & 45) • Intelligent Proximity (8865, 61, 51 & 45) • Tablet and Smartphone charging • Up to three Key Expansion Modules (KEM) • Telephony Feature Parity with 7900 and 9900- series NEW ! 8865 & 8845 Available Now
  24. 24. • 8851-NR is the same as 8851 but without Bluetooth radio • 8851-NR does support Key Expansion Modules (KEM) IP Phone 8851-NR Designed for Security New! Available Now
  25. 25. IP Phone 7800 Series New phone for accelerate pervasive collaboration • Priced For Midmarket • Full-Featured IP Telephony To Increase Personal Productivity • Superior Audio Quality – Wideband Audio Support • Lower Power Consumption – PoE Class 1
  26. 26. Web Conferencing Video Conferencing Audio Conferencing Conferencing Conferencing has Converged
  27. 27. Cisco Meeting Server Deliver One Meeting Experience Every Pocket Every Desk Every Room Video Infrastructure Audio Infrastructure 3rd Party/Skype for Business Infrastructure Unify Disparate Infrastructure Cisco Meeting Server Preserve the User Experience
  28. 28. Cisco Meeting Server Capabilities Customization Interoperability Video Conferencing Recording Audio Conferencing Web Conferencing
  29. 29. Cisco Meeting Server Everyone Is Invited – Audio, Video, Web Enjoy One Consistent Meeting Experience from: § Standards-based video endpoint § Smartphone or laptop with Cisco Jabber § Browser with WebRTC § Cisco Meeting App for PC, Mac or mobile § Skype for Business
  30. 30. Cisco Meeting Server It’s Just a Meeting § Feel as though you are really there with high quality video experiences § Make meetings more enjoyable with consistent experience on room, desktop, and mobile devices § Make the experience work for you with flexible layouts and controls § Attend meetings on the move; join from your browser as user or guest § Fully participate with audio, video, content sharing, and controls § No plug-in with WebRTC compatible browsers § Maintain security with guest access PIN or user login § Reduce complexity with a solution that integrates with your existing dial plan § Give your users more flexibility with: ‒ Multiple ways to join ‒ Customizable DTMF controls ‒ Interactive voice response (IVR) Video Conferencing Audio Conferencing Web Conferencing
  31. 31. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Meetings § Virtual rooms for audio, video, and web § Unlimited spaces: as many as you want, for each project, and team § Always available § Follows your workflow § Connect with any device New! Available Now
  32. 32. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Personal, Scheduled or Ad-Hoc Meetings § Personal meetings: - Invite others to your personal meeting using your own join details - With Spaces – users are in control § Scheduled meetings: - Leverage Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (including Microsoft Outlook integration) - One-Button-to-Push support § Ad-hoc with UCM: - Easily escalate your 1:1 calls to include more people New! Available Now
  33. 33. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Meeting Scheduling § Cisco TelePresence Management (TMS) Suite 15.3 § Scheduling using Outlook, HTML Smart Scheduler, by helpdesk, or booking API § One Button to Push (OBTP) with Cisco video endpoints to easily join meetings § OBTP with Skype for Business Outlook plug-in with Meeting Server Dual Home solution § Co-exist with TelePresence Server and MCU New! Available Now
  34. 34. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Meeting Recording § Record your meetings for later viewing § Integrated Record button, or automatic recording on meeting start, or triggered via DTMF; administrator defined § Store on Network File System (NFS) § MP4 file format Recording Indicator New! Available Now
  35. 35. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Meet the Way You Want Customize § Backdrop image § On-screen text § Audio Prompts Active Speaker onePlusNOverlay onePlus5 onePlus8onePlus7 Equal 2x2 Equal 4x4Equal 3x3 Equal 5x5 onePlusN and Equal layouts dynamically scale as more participants join Equal NxN Layout Families Flexible in Meeting Layouts Customizable Branding New! Available Now
  36. 36. Cisco Meeting App 1.9 Enable anyone to join your meeting with the Cisco® Meeting App: § Fully participate with the benefit of exceptional video quality § Control your experience with - Layout controls - Ability to invite others - Easily create new meeting rooms - Device mobility and flexibility - Roster list and mute controls § WebRTC enabled browser support - Easily invite guests to join New! Available Now
  37. 37. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Skype for Business Integration § Gateway: Allows calling between room endpoints and Lync/Skype for Business § Spaces: Room endpoints and Lync/Skype for Business users all connect on Cisco Meeting Server for best experience & content sharing § Dual Home Conferencing: Room endpoints connect on Meeting Server with connection to Lync/Skype for Business meetings as full-featured participants (video, audio, & content) § Direct federation with Office 365 Key Features: § Seamlessly connects Skype for Business with other video systems § Skype video, audio, and content sharing § NEW - Schedule conferences from S4B, with OBTP on the Cisco endpoints* § Bidirectional content sharing (RDP) § Direct Federation (including O365) * Requires TMS and Dual Home Configuration New! Available Now
  38. 38. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Meeting Server Hosts Skype for Business Dial Conference Address Dial Conference Address Cisco Meeting Server Lync/Skype Front End Lync Skype for Business Lync Standards Based Video Systems Lync/Skype Clients New! Available Now
  39. 39. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Dual Home Conferencing OBTP to Conference ID Click to JoinDual Home Connection Video Systems Cisco Meeting Server Lync Server AVMCU Lync Skype for Business Lync New! Available Now
  40. 40. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Dual Home Experience Highlights § For Customers using Skype for Business as primary IM, video and voice PC client § Initiate every meeting using the Skype for Business Outlook plug-in without change in process § Join using OBTP or via IVR from video or audio only endpoints § Users are seen both on video endpoint or Skype for B § Shared roster § Meeting Server can send both RTV and H.264 SVC streams to the AVMCU Cisco Endpoints Skype for Business Dual Home Connection New! Available Now
  41. 41. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Scale Meetings to Include Everyone § Key Features: - Preserve the user experience as meetings scale seamlessly across servers in different locations - Each user is connected to their local server; bandwidth is optimized between servers - Servers can be deployed in redundant configurations § Key Benefits: - Provide all users with their own virtual meeting space - Optimal user experience and simplified management of meetings - Video bandwidth savings - Enhanced resilience New! Available Now
  42. 42. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Resilience, Scale, Geographical Distribution, Pooled Licensing Features § Up to 8 call bridge servers per cluster § Ability to add servers with increased meeting usage § Multiparty Licensing allows for deploying as many servers as needed § Resource management § Efficient bandwidth utilization in meetings across sites § Server resource geographical distribution § Preservation of meeting experience while saving WAN bandwidth § Flexible license management across all servers 1.5 Mbps x 1 Max 4 PIP 1.5 Mbps x 1 Max 4 PIP APAC CMS CMS APAC1 APAC2 1.5 Mbps x 2 NA1 APAC1 NA2 AMEA1 AMEA2 North America CMS CMS NA1 NA2 NA3 NA4 1.5 Mbps x 4 EMEA3 APAC1 NA2 AMEA1 AMEA2 EMEA CMS CMS EMEA1 EMEA2 EMEA3 1.5 Mbps x 3 NA2 APAC1 NA2 APAC2 NA4 New! Available Now
  43. 43. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 API for Powerful Customization § Cisco Meeting Server provides a powerful (RESTful) API to enable customers to integrate and customize the meeting experience § Use the API to customize: - Server branding - WebRTC experience - Dialing rules - DTMF for meeting controls - Creation of outbound SIP calls to users - Advanced Meeting Scenarios New! Available Now
  44. 44. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 All-in-One Commercial Model Floating licenses across all servers Personal Multiparty Plus § Included with CUWL Meetings § Available a la carte Ideal for Most Personal Shared Multiparty Plus § Purchase with endpoint § Available a la carte Great for Shared Room Systems Shared Multiparty Enterprise License Agreement § For all knowledge workers Pervasive Video for All Enterprise-wide New! Available Now
  45. 45. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Flexible Deployment on Standard Hardware § 96 simultaneous HD video calls per unit § Standard UCS, requires 1 Rack Unit § SKU: CTI-CMS-1K-BUN (Cisco Meeting Server hardware and software pre-loaded) § Requires VMware license, purchased from Cisco or direct § Add units to increment capacity § Meetings can seamlessly span multiple servers § Single support contract Cisco Meeting Server 1000 New! Available Now
  46. 46. Cisco Meeting Server 2.0 Simple Ordering Meetings for everyone as Easy as 1, 2, 3 Shared Endpoints Knowledge Workers Select Endpoints Cisco® Meeting Server 1000 Add Servers Shared Multiparty Plus CUWL Meetings per user Add the meeting license + + New! Available Now
  47. 47. Licensing on-premises video meetings What licenses are required How many of each type What is a port anyway What resolution (720 or 1080 or…) Can 3rd party endpoints connect Can Lync clients connect Do I need special license for people outside my company It’s just a meeting Yesterday Today
  48. 48. Cisco Meeting Server Licensing Enable Everyone to Have a Meeting Included with CUWL Meeting $600 per Host $8,000 with a TP Room System Named Host license includes: § Unlimited Meeting Sever § Cisco Meeting App § TMS and TMS-XE for scheduling § Skype/Lync interoperability § Expressway RMS licenses § Cisco TelePresence® Server/Conductor included for legacy customers Shared Host license includes: § Unlimited Meeting Sever and App § Expressway RMS licenses § UCM TP Room license $12,000 a la carte § No UCM TP room license included TMS starter pack @ $12,000 § TMS with 35 devices (10 + 25 conference rooms) with MS Exchange Knowledge Worker TP ELA 2.0 § Conferencing portfolio company- wide (knowledge worker) § Cisco Meeting Server or Cisco TelePresence Server/Conductor § Multiparty ELA 2.0 per employee (Includes yearly true-up) § Paid add-on option for existing TP ELA Ideal for Most Great for Shared Systems Pervasive Video for All + OR Perpetual Licensing Personal, scheduled, and ad hoc meetings for all users; Unrestricted meeting size; floating licenses Personal Multiparty Plus Shared Multiparty Plus Enterprise License Agreement New! Available Now
  49. 49. Cisco Multiparty Licensing Components License Type PMP+ with New CUWL Offer Initial Order PMP+ with New CUWL Offer Follow-On Order SMP+ SMP+ Starter Pack (optional) Personal Multiparty (PMP) Shared Multiiparty (SMP) Minimum 25 1 per Minimum 1* – Meeting App + WebRTC Included Included Included – Expressway Rich Media Sessions (RMS) 4 with initial order plus 1 per 20 New CUWL Meeting host 1 per 20 New CUWL Meeting host 1 per SMP – TMS and TMS-XE device licenses, plus unlimited TMS-PE for Personal CMR 10 with initial order plus 25 additional per 250 New CUWL Meeting users 25 additional per order – 35 devices, 25 XE rooms for Outlook booking Microsoft Skype Interop Unlimited Meeting Server and Expressway 1 per 250 Includes Meeting Server +1 Expressway for each 250 user – Expressway x1 Meeting Server Edge Expressway C and E Meeting Server: Unlimited Expressway: 6 each with existing CUWL/UCL Meeting Server: Unlimited Meeting Server: Unlimited Expressway: N/A – * SMP purchased with endpoint includes 1 Cisco Unified Communications Manager TP Room Registration license New! Available Now
  50. 50. Cisco Meeting Server Investment Protection Migration Paths to Multiparty Licensing CUWL Pro (with Personal Multiparty) Shared Multiparty TelePresence Server Screen Licenses MCU Port Licenses Acano Capacity Units/Perpetual User TP Multiparty EA Migrate from CUWL Meetings (with Personal Multiparty Plus) Shared Multiparty Plus Shared Multiparty Plus Personal/Shared Multiparty Plus Multiparty Add-on Cisco Meeting Server § Migrations require current support contract and purchase of new contract § See migration guide for specific for details on SKUs, pricing etc Shared Multiparty PlusEndpoint Embedded Multisite
  51. 51. Cisco Meeting Server 2.1 Optimized scale for servers in the same region CMS 1 CMS 2 CMS 3 CMS 4 CMS 5 US UK 1+3 Ports 1+3 Ports 1+3 Ports 1+3 Ports Conference with CMS 2.0 consumes 4 ports (participants) + 12 ports (cascade) CMS 1 CMS 2 CMS 3 CMS 4 CMS 5 US UK Conference with CMS 2.1 consumes 4 ports (participants) + 2 ports (cascade) • For UCM deployments, optimize capacity usage and provide near linear scale as you add additional servers by moving media for the same conference onto the same call bridge within a region. • Provides basic load balancing by establishing two capacity limits. One at which call bridges will not accept participants for new conferences and one at which it won’t accept any participants. Conf 1+1 Ports 3+1 Ports New! Planned Q4CY16
  52. 52. • Continue the Microsoft interop story by improving the video experience on Skype for Business clients. • Two video streams for each participant sent to the AVMCU • A S4B clients selecting a lower quality stream (because they are on a mobile device, they have reduced the size of the S4B application, they are on a poor network etc.) can subscribe to the lower-quality stream instead of taking down the experience for all S4B participants Cisco Meeting Server 2.1 Improved Skype for Business video CMS AVMCU A D C B A D C B A DCB A DCB Skype for Business client with high bandwidth Skype for Business client with low bandwidth A B C D New! Planned Q4CY16
  53. 53. • ActiveControl to initially support participant lists, layout controls and drop participant for CE8.3 endpoints Cisco Meeting Server 2.1 ActiveControl New! Planned Q4CY16 UI subject to change
  54. 54. CMS • Initially just allow the destination to be defined via API which can create an authenticated link to vBrick / Wowza • Initially just send a single 720p30 stream • Further streaming enhancements planned for future releases. Cisco Meeting Server 2.1 Support streaming of conferences Call Bridge Streamer vBrick / Wowza CMS New! Planned Q4CY16
  55. 55. • Expressway as the combined edge for UCM and CMS Cisco Meeting Server 2.1 Enhanced Microsoft Interop with Expressway as the Edge Exp-C Unified CM or VCS Internet IM & Presence MS SIP A/V MS CONTENT Standard SIP A/V SIP BFCP Content WebRTC MS SIP -SIMPLE IMP Exp-E q TURN Jabber New! Planned Q4CY16 CMS • UC Federation with Microsoft: Voice, Video, Content, IM&P, Meetings
  56. 56. • New User interface • Audio and Video centric Interface • Fresh screen Layout • Improved ease of use Cisco Meeting App 2.0 UX Redesign New! Planned Q4CY16
  57. 57. • Available in the Play Store • Audio and Video • Display content Cisco Meeting App 2.0 Android Support New! Planned Q4CY16
  58. 58. • Entry/Exit tones • 1+N layouts • Support for CMS1000 • Audio Avatar improvements TelePresence Server 4.4 New Features New! Available Now
  59. 59. • MCU Licenses • ISDN Gateway Licenses • Serial Gateway Licenses • TCS Licenses • CTX Licenses Over 5 different licenses • MCU • Gateway • TCS • Conference Director • MSE Supervisor • CTX • TMS-AE, TMS-XN Over 5 different Software Applications X1/2/3 MM820 MSE 8510/8710 MM410v (server & blade) Appliances (5310/20 & 310/20) MSE 8000 Chassis ISDN Gateways Serial Gateways TCS CTX Over 15 Hardware Products Portfolio Simplification CMS1000 Lead License Type Lead Software Application Meetings (PMP+ / SMP+) Branding/Recording Note: ACU and vTS screen licenses available Cisco Meeting Server Cisco Meeting App TMS Note: TS/Conductor still available Lead Platforms HW EOL Announcement on November 1st. TMS,TS, Conductor SW not EOL
  60. 60. Thank you.