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The Real Cost of Networking


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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) provides a true picture of the networking cost.

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The Real Cost of Networking

  1. 1. The real costof networkingBeware CapEx comparisons. Only BETTERTotal Cost of Ownership (TCO) provides VALUEa true picture of networking costs.68% of the costof operating networks is incurred after purchase.49% 14% 8% 1% 28%Labor Cost Bandwidth Service and Energy Maintenance Costs CapExHP says it delivers Cisco-like capabilities for less.HP can’t compete with Cisco on innovation, and inTCO terms, HP does not cost less.13% better TCOwith a network built on Cisco’s architecture. 13% CapExCapEx refresh year 5 Service and Labor is the biggest driver Maintenance of TCO. Only Cisco offers: Unified wired/ wireless Labor Integrated security CleanAir Cisco Prime Management Bandwidth ~10% bandwidth savingsEnergy / Other EnergyWiseA closer look shows Ciscodelivers better businessvalue Labor savings from simpler network management Longer hardware refresh cycles Improved network uptime Lower threat of security breach Energy savings on endpoints and building systemsCisco scalesWith the basic Cisco network, customers can alwaysupgrade. With an HP network, they’re stuck withbarely good enough.