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Shopper and Associate Wayfinding


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Change how consumers experience your brand with navigation to, from and within your physical locations with powerful facility-wide navigation. Drive traffic to specific departments,provide easy navigation, and integrate with inventory management to optimize associate time. Understanding the location of a shopper or associate within the store environment can provide
a number of benefits.

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Shopper and Associate Wayfinding

  1. 1. Shopper and Associate Wayfinding
  2. 2. Power of Shopper and Associate Wayfinding Capabilities Validated Store wireless architecture Support for store-wide nomadic roaming, guest and corporate devices, IoT sensors, etc. Pervasive wireless access and control Location Based Services Real Time Asset, tools and people tracking Use Case Wayfinding In-Store Behavior/Traffic Monitoring Shopper Identification Personalized Mobile Experience/engagement Digital signage/interactive signage Comprehensive Conversion Capture Labor Optimization
  3. 3. Business Drivers • Shoppers demand mobile tools, experiences and interactive technology • Staff Efficiencies for new models (e.g. BOPUS) or cost savings • Reputational damage/NPS score • Continued pressure on physical locations impacted by on-line retailers Cisco Products Cisco Partners Majority of Cisco reseller / integration partners: Business Needs Business Outcomes • Predict & personalize customer experiences • Empower employees with the right information and tools • Optimize real estate assets • Attract and retain customers • Drive operational excellence and productivity • Attract, train, and retain top talent ISVs: Meraki APs Aironet APs Internal Only Shopper and Associate Wayfinding CMX
  4. 4. Proposed Shopper and Associate Wayfinding Solution Internet Cloud Store Switch Stack AP AP Associate / Customer Device Store Router DC ControllerPrime Infrastructure CMX Location Solution Components SDK for Mobile Apps, or Branded Phunware Mobile App Phunware MaaS (Multi-Screen as a Service) Cloud Meraki AP w/ Bluetooth OR Aironet AP • HyperLocation Module • HyperLocation Antenna • BeaconPoint • 8450 WLCs SD- WAN