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Proximity Based Engagement


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Take control of the mobile experience by engaging consumers as they enter, dwell in and exit your physical places of business. One on one engagement at the right place and time, Hyper-personalized targeting and proximity marketing, Insights about app user behavior and venue operations.

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Proximity Based Engagement

  1. 1. Proximity Based Engagement
  2. 2. Power of Proximity Based Engagement Capabilities Location-based business decisions on shopper engagement Location-based Alerts & Notifications Dwell-Time Alerts Indoor & Outdoor Geofencing Behavior qualifiers Mobile offer redemption insights Advanced scheduling Campaign performance dashboard Use Case Personalized Welcome Messages Contextual Engagement Location-/Brand-specific coupons, promotions & announcements Competitive Targeting Associate Productivity notify associates when important event is taking place to engage with customers. Notify of dwell time KPI’s and push video of an item of interest to mobile device. Customer Surveys
  3. 3. Business Drivers Business Needs Business Outcomes • Shoppers demand mobile tools, experiences and interactive technology • Increase Personalization to drive Brand Loyalty • Mobile identified as key competitive element and/or gap • Cost Justifying Wireless and Infrastructure projects • Increase Customer Engagement, Loyalty & Foot Traffic • Personalized, Contextual Shopper Experiences • Enhance the customer experience • Identify and know more about your customers • Increased Revenue & Loyalty • Drive operational excellence and productivity • Increase customer acquisition at your properties • Increase campaign effectiveness Cisco Products (Software/Hardware/XaaS) Cisco Partner Majority of Cisco reseller / integration partners: ISV’s: Cisco Aeronet Hyperlocation Meraki WiFi & BLE CMX & Beacon Point Internal Only Proximity Based Engagement
  4. 4. Proposed Shopper and Associate Wayfinding Solution Internet Cloud Store Switch Stack AP AP Associate / Customer Device Store Router DC ControllerPrime Infrastructure CMX Location Solution Components SDK for Mobile Apps, or Branded Phunware Mobile App Phunware MaaS (Multi-Screen as a Service) Cloud OR Interface Proximity Meraki AP w/ Bluetooth OR Aironet AP • HyperLocation Module • HyperLocation Antenna • BeaconPoint • 8450 WLCs SD- WAN