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Overview on Press Activities


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Overview on all of the press activities happening at Cisco Live 2014.

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Overview on Press Activities

  1. 1.           Cisco  Live  2014:  Press  Activity  Overview       Press  Welcome  Orientation  and  Company  Overview     Monday,  May  19:  9:00  am  –  10:30  am  PT     InterContinental  Hotel,    Level  5,  Ballroom  AB       Join  Cisco’s  David  McCulloch,  Senior  Director  of  Corporate  Communications  as  he   kicks-­‐off  Cisco  Live  2014  for  all  press  attendees.  David  will  give  an  overview  of  the   week’s  activities  and  outline  what  to  expect  at  this  year’s  conference.  Blair  Christie,   Chief  Marketing  Officer  and  John  Morgridge,  Chairman  Emeritus  will  also  be  joining   the  orientation  to  welcome  press  to  Cisco  Live  2014!  Don’t  miss  this  informative   session.         News  Conference     Monday,  May  19:  11:00  am  –  12:00  pm  PT     InterContinental  Hotel,    Level  5,  Ballroom  AB       Cisco  will  continue  to  reimagine  collaboration  from  the  browser  to  the  boardroom,   this  time  concentrating  on  the  no-­‐compromises  collaboration  experience  available   when  we’re  sitting  at  our  desks.  The  goal  is  to  make  desktop  collaboration  simple,   delightful,  and  incredibly  useful.         News  Conference  Demo     Monday,  May  19:  12:00  pm  –  12:30  pm  PT     InterContinental  Hotel,    Level  5,  Ballroom  AB       In  this  press-­‐only  demo,  reporters  will  get  to  experience  and  play  with  a  wide  range   of  Cisco’s  collaboration  products,  including  the  new  technologies  that  we  will  be   announcing  at  Cisco  Live.  This  will  be  a  firsthand  look  at  our  announcements,  and  an   opportunity  to  speak  with  collaboration  customers  and  partners,  as  well   collaboration  senior  leadership,  about  our  news.       World  of  Solution  Tour     Tuesday,  May  20:  8:00  am  –  9:30  pm  PT     Moscone  Convention  Center  South,  Halls  ABC       The  World  of  Solutions  will  open  early,  only  for  press  in  this  exclusive  tour  to  view   the  most  compelling  demos  and  innovative  technologies  on  the  show  floor.  Press  
  2. 2.       will  see  a  variety  of  interactive  demos  across  Cisco  technologies,  including  demos  of   IoE,  innovative  technologies  in  retail  and  healthcare,  and  a  Connected  Traincar   parked  right  on  the  show  floor.  The  tour  will  also  include  a  stop  in  Cisco’s   Investments  Pavilion,  and  a  chance  to  speak  with  startups  from  all  of  the  world   about  how  Cisco  chooses  innovative  companies  to  partner  and  invest  in.  Senior   executives  will  be  on-­‐hand  for  demos  and  additional  questions.       Disruption:  Cisco’s  Internal  Start-­‐Ups     Tuesday,  May  20:  1:00  pm  –  2:30  pm  PT     InterContinental  Hotel,    Level  5,  Ballroom  AB       Learn  how  Cisco  looks  at  disruptive  technologies  and  the  programs  Cisco  has  in   place  that  validate  how  we  drive  innovation  internally.  Hear  from  our  executives  on   how  Cisco  is  committed  to  continuing  its  legacy  as  competitive  and  innovative  (in   both  talent  and  resources).         The  Internet  of  Everything  (IoE)  in  Action:  Strategies,  Industries,  Ecosystem   and  Customers     Wednesday,  May  21:  9:30  am  –  12:00  pm  PT     InterContinental  Hotel,    Level  3,  Grand  Ballroom         IoE  in  Action:  Maciej  Kranz,  vice  president  of  Corporate  Technology  Group  team   will  provide  an  overview  of  the  latest  technologies  that  are  driving  the  Internet  of   Everything  trend  and  transforming  industries.         Business  Roundtable:         Hosted  by  Jeff  Sharritts,  vice  present  of  Sales  for  Cisco   Internet  of  Everything  trend  is  transforming  operations  across  many  different   industries.    This  roundtable  will  be  a  discussion  of  how  several  industry  leading   businesses  are  transforming  their  operations  by  connecting  the  previously   unconnected  to  drive  new  business  value.   • Tyler  Johnson,  senior  vice  president  of  Bank  of  America  will  discuss  how  they   are  implementing  Cisco  high  definition  video  conferencing  and  collaboration   systems  in  500  bank  branches  so  that  their  financial  specialist  are  more   available  for  face-­‐to-­‐face  meetings  with  customers  as  they  walk  in  the  door.   • Channel  partner,  Stephen  Laurie  of  Zones  will  talk  with  two  of  his  customers   about  how  Internet  of  things  is  driving  business  value.   • Larry  Del  Papa,  president  of  Del  Papa  Distributors  of  Anhueser-­‐Busch  and   renovated  their  distribution  center  to  be  more  connected  to  drive  efficiency   across  their  operations.     • Roger  Vasquez,  vice  president  of  engineering  for  Transwestern  renovated  a  
  3. 3.       building  with  10,000  sensors  to  respond  faster  to  customers  needs,  save   energy  and  keep  tenants  save.     Public  Sector  Roundtable:       Public  sector  jurisdictions  and  partners  are  finding  innovative  ways  to  put  the   Internet  of  Everything  (IoE)  in  action.  Through  a  media  roundtable,  Cisco  customers   and  executives  will  highlight  leading  examples  of  how  jurisdictions  are  using  IoE   best  practices  for  deploying  initiatives  like  smart  parking,  city  networks,  connected   justice  and  immersive  telemedicine.     Cisco  CTO  of  Public  Sector  Dan  Kent  will  provide  the  broader  overview  of  these  IoE   initiatives  happening  across  government  organizations.       New  Cisco  research  will  be  unveiled  and  discussed  during  this  event  that  showcases   the  true  value  of  IoE  to  the  public  sector,  and  will  drill  down  into  real-­‐life  examples   of  how  public  sector  jurisdictions  are  embracing  IoE  today.  Joseph  Bradley,   managing  director,  IoE  Practice,  Cisco  Consulting  Services;  will  highlight  some  of   these  key  findings  during  the  presentation.     To  kick  off  the  customer  presentations,  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  Mayor  Sly  James  will  talk   about  a  new  revitalization  project  in  the  city  that  will  involve  a  series  of  new   technology  deployments  like  smart  lighting  and  a  citizen  engagement  service   solution.       News  Q&A     Wednesday,  May  21:  3:00  pm  –  4:00  pm  PT     InterContinental  Hotel,    Level  5,  Ballroom  AB       Immediately  following  the  security  technology  keynote,  Cisco  Senior  Vice  President   Christopher  Young  and  Chief  Architect  Marty  Roesch  invite  you  to  join  them  for  a   security  news  update  and  Q&A.