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Network Security


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Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the rapidly expanding attack surface found in today’s “any-to-any” world, where individuals are using any device to access business applications in a network environment that utilises decentralised services.

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Network Security

  1. 1. Endpoint ProliferationBILLION THINGS50BY2020THEINTERNETIS EXPECTED TOHAVEANESTIMATEDQUADRILLION13+BY2020NUMBEROF CONNECTIONSWILLEQUALCybercriminals are taking advantage of the rapidly expanding attack surface foundin today’s “any-to-any” world, where individuals are using any device to accessbusiness applications in a network environment that utilises decentralised services.X2 X3 X4Millenials and the WorkspaceState of the Exploitof workers surveyedsay they don’t mindif employers tracktheir online behaviour.WORK ONLYrespondents say theyare supposed to usecompany-issueddevices for workactivity only.say they are allowedto use companydevices for nonwork activity.of IT professionalssay they have policiesthat prohibit devicesbeing used for personalonline activity.Security threats in today’s“any-to-any” data center traffic is expectedto quadruple over the next five years,and the fastest-growing component iscloud data.By 2016, global cloud traffic willmake up nearly two-thirds of totaldata center traffic.Download the Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report to read the full insights and #networksecurityof organisations globallyare already collecting,storing and analysing itsay it will be a strategicpriority in the yearaheadbelieve it complicatessecurity requirementsquote lack of expertiseand personnel as aninhibitor to effectivelyuse itlarger organisations arelower riskhigher risk250employeesBig Dataof IT professionalsacknowledge thatemployees break policyand use devices forpersonal activities inaddition to doing work.The Nexus of Devices, Clouds and ApplicationsWeb malwareencountersDOWNLOADERANDROIDINFOSTEALINGEXPLICITMALSCRIPT / IFRAME EXPLOITOnline ads are times more likely to deliver malicious content than pornography sites182#networksecurity5000-10,000employees25,000+employeesmore likely to encounterweb malwarePiecemeal security solutions, such as applying firewalls to a changeable network edge,doesn’t secure data that is now constantly in motion among devices, networks, and clouds.The Internet of Everything is quickly taking shape, so the security professional needs to thinkabout how to shift their focus from simply securing endpoints and the network perimeter.There appears to be a disconnect between what employees think they can do with theircompany-issued devices and what policies IT actually dictate about personal usage.Lack of budget, time, appropriate solutions, IT staff and IT expertise are inhibitors toenterprises ability to use big data effectively.Organisations should focus on security as part of the product design and developmentprocess, with timely vulnerability disclosures, and prompt/regular patch cycles.2016