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Mobile Self-Checkout -- Scan and Go


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Remove the friction when shopping our store environment by scanning products for purchase,
paying and walking out in a breeze all from a mobile device.

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Mobile Self-Checkout -- Scan and Go

  1. 1. Mobile Self-Checkout Scan and Go
  2. 2. Power of Mobile Self-Checkout Capabilities Scan products for purchase with personal device and mobile app Pay for products on mobile device Walk out with frictionless shopping experience Connect shopping experience with Digital Signage Use Case Improve customer experience Provide self-service mobile option for customers that opt-in Provide real-time product information Reduce shrink in stores with payment required
  3. 3. Business Drivers Business Needs Business Outcomes • Brick and mortar retailers need to link mobile experience to in-store experience • Customers are looking for frictionless shopping experiences with self- service options • Driving loyalty across customer base and increasing trip frequency • Enhance shopping experience through mobile • Improve personalization and provide self-service options • Connect products with consumers • Increase basket size and profitability • Improve customer satisfaction • Reduce shrink across product categories Cisco Products (Software/Hardware/XaaS) Cisco Partner Majority of Cisco reseller / integration partners Avery Denison Aeronet Wireless Cisco Kinetic Cisco Vision Internal Only Mobile Self-Checkout CMX Apple
  4. 4. Mobile Self-Checkout - Scan and Go Internet Cloud Store Switch Stack AP AP Customer Device w/Mishipay Store Router DC ControllerPrime Infrastructure CMX Location Solution Components Mishi Pay Intel RFID Readers Operational Insights Kinetic Meraki AP w/ Bluetooth OR Aironet AP • HyperLocation Module • HyperLocation Antenna • BeaconPoint • Wireless LAN Controller SD- WAN Inventory Management Intel RFID Reader Sensor Gateway Iot Shelves