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Hawaii Tech Day - New Solution in Switching


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New Solution in Switching presented at Hawaii Tech Day February 2017

Published in: Technology
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Hawaii Tech Day - New Solution in Switching

  1. 1. New Solutions in Cisco Switching Dave Fusik Consulting Systems Engineer – Federal Defense Sales CCIE# 4768, CCDE# 20130070 February 2017
  2. 2. Agenda Evolving Networking Trends and Requirements Introduction to the Digital Network Architecture DNA Secure Campus Fabric Campus Switching Platforms and Innovations
  3. 3. Data Traffic will Grow 10x* by 2019 IT has to Support More User & Non-User (IoT) Devices IT has to Manage an Increased Threat Landscape Why are companies spending so much? $60B Spent on Network Operations Labor and Tools *
  4. 4. Enterprise Networks Today are Complex… Dealing with Disparate Networks Defining Policies for LAN, W-LAN & WAN Adding Resources to Scale Setting Up Segmentation VLAN 1 VLAN 2 VLAN 3 WAN BranchA VLAN A BranchA VLAN B Remote VLAN B HQ
  5. 5. Source: 2016 Cisco Study Traditional Networking CANNOT Keep Pace with the Demands of Digital Business OpEx spent on Network Visibility & Troubleshooting Policy Violations Due to Human Error Network Changes Performed Manually 95%* 70%* 75%* …and Have Multiple Operational Challenges
  6. 6. Source: 2016 Cisco Study Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Lower Risk Reduce Cost and Complexity Innovate FASTER New Network Requirements for the Digital Age Insights & Actions Security & Compliance Automation & Assurance
  7. 7. HOW is the Network Evolving with DNA? Automation Abstraction & Policy Control from Core to Edge Network-Enabled Applications Collaboration | IoT | Mobility | Security Infrastructure Physical & Virtual | App Hosting Analytics Network Data, Contextual Insights Open & Programmable | Standards-Based | Secure Open | Developer Friendly | Secure Software Driven | Extensible | Cloud Enabled | Secure Cisco Digital Network Architecture Overview Business Agility Cost Reduction Security& Compliance Cisco Internal Use Only – Do Not Review Externally without NDA
  8. 8. Abstraction Zero touch deployment Day 0 to Day N Lower TCO Published North bound API’s Cisco and Partner Apps Openness Benefits of DNA Software Defined Network (SDN) Automation ControlAutomation Brownfield and Greenfield Embedded best practices Massive Simplicity Programmability Centralized policy Network wide deployment Dynamic Network Agility
  9. 9. Digital Readiness Model Framework for DNA
  10. 10. Masking Network Complexity, Exposing Network Intelligence to Achieve | Lower TCO | Better ROI | Reduced Risk . Cisco Digital Network Architecture Simple and Powerful to Support Business and Mission Outcomes Abstraction and Automation for Faster Results Analytics and Assurance to Provide Insights and “Close the Loop” Simplicity to Match the Speed of Business Security Integrated into the Network Cisco DNA Digital Network Architecture
  11. 11. DNA Secure Campus Fabric
  12. 12. Foundational Technologies (What makes up DNA Secure Campus Fabric?)
  13. 13. The Fabric Foundation is the products we know well Switching | Routing | Wireless
  14. 14. Advanced, Multi-Core, Feature-Rich Routing Silicon QFP QuantumFlow Processor Fully Programmable: leveraging the many features of IOS-XE with hardware performance Scalable: Massive number of CPU cores (40/64), abilityto cascade multiple QFPs = consistent high performance Advanced on-chip QoS: 100,000+ hardware-based queues, sophisticated traffic shaping and control Secure: linkage to high-performance crypto capability for secure WAN transport Extensible Architecture: ability to scale both up and down—the foundation for a long-lived family of high-performance, flexible routing silicon Operational and Services Uniformity: Routing, Switching, and Wireless consistency New Foundational Capabilities: HA and operational leadership, state decoupling, net database… Speed of Innovation Velocity: “Code once and Re-use Many” across multiple places in the network Foundation for Virtualization: providing for network hosting and integration of virtualized functions (VNFs, containers) Platform for the Future: the “software stage” for the next wave of Cisco innovation… IOS-XE 16.x The Evolution of IOS Taking the Proven Strengths of IOS to the Next Level Building on that Strong Foundation of Hardware and Software Innovation UADP Unified Access Data Plane Flexible, Programmable, High-Performance Switching Silicon Fully Programmable: excellent flexibility, ability to handle new encaps (VXLAN, GPE, etc.) – hardware speed, with software elasticity Scalable: Massive recirculation bandwidth and low recirculation latency provide excellent tunneling and services support for traffic flows Advanced on-chip QoS: client–level granularity, sophisticated bandwidth shaping, with integrated on-chip NetFlow for visibility Secure: integrated on-chip support for MACsec encryption (AES-128, CBC) Extensible Architecture: ability to scale both up and down – the foundation for a long-lived family of high-performance, flexible switching silicon “People that are really serious about software should build their own hardware” 100% Cisco-developed programmable silicon: unlocking the power of DNA at hardware speeds
  15. 15. Orchestration Platform Provisioning | Segmentation | Policy | Services | Insights | Telemetry | Troubleshooting The FINAL Piece of the Puzzle Orchestration Software To be delivered 2017
  16. 16. © 2017 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 16BRKCRS-2700 Cisco APIC Enterprise Module Cisco and Third Party Applications Network Devices – Catalyst, ASR, ISR REST API Security QoS IWAN Network PnP Masking Network Complexity, Exposing Network Intelligence . Cisco APIC-EM – Enterprise Controller Overview
  17. 17. Key Concepts of Campus Fabric
  18. 18. • GRE / mGRE • MPLS / VPLS • GETVPN / DMVPN • CAPWAP • LISP • OTV • DFA • ACI Examples of Network Overlays What exactly is a fabric? A Fabric is an Overlay An “Overlay” is a logical topology used to virtually connect devices, built on top of an arbitrary “Underlay” physical topology. An “Overlay” network often uses alternate forwarding attributes to provide additional services, not provided by the “Underlay”.
  19. 19. What exactly is a Fabric? Overlay Terminology Overlay Control Plane Underlay Control PlaneUnderlay Network Hosts (End-Points) Edge DeviceEdge Device Overlay Network Encapsulation
  20. 20. Flexible Overlay Services • Mobility - Track Endpoints @ Edge • Distribute and partition state to network edge • Flexibility - Topology Independent • Policy based on Overlay attributes only • Programmability Simple Underlay Forwarding • Physical Devices and Paths • Intelligent Packet Handling • Maximize Network Availability • Simple and Manageable Separate the “Forwarding Plane” from the “Services Plane” What exactly is a Fabric? Why Overlays?
  21. 21. 1. LISP-based Control-Plane What is unique about Campus Fabric? Key Components – LISP Topology + Endpoint Routes Prefix Next-hop Prefix Next-hop BEFORE IP Address = Location + Identity Prefix Next-hop Prefix Next-hop Endpoint ID Routes Consolidated to LISP DB Flexible Distributed Database Reduced Routes Prefix RLOC Prefix Next-hop Prefix Next-hop Prefix Next-hop Prefix RLOC Prefix Next-hop Prefix Next-hop Prefix Next-hop AFTER Identity Decoupled from Location Topology Routes Endpoint Routes
  23. 23. 1. LISP-based Control-Plane 2. VXLAN-based Data-Plane 3. Integrated CTS What is unique about Campus Fabric? Key Components – CTS IP PAYLOADETHERNETVXLANUDPIPETHERNET PACKET IN VXLAN VN & SGT*
  24. 24. What is unique about Campus Fabric? Key Components LISP based Control-Plane VXLAN based Data-Plane Integrated Cisco TrustSec Key Differences • L2 + L3 Overlays (vs. L2 or L3 Only) • Host Mobility with Anycast Gateway • Adds VRF + SGT into the Data-Plane • Virtual Tunnel Endpoints (No Static) • No Topology Limitations (IP reach)
  25. 25.  Control-Plane Nodes – Map System that manages the Endpoint to Gateway (Edge or Border) relationship. Contains host tracking database and acts as map server and map resolver.  Edge Nodes – The L3 Gateway device (Access or Distribution), that connects Endpoints to Fabric. Responsible for endpoint registration, mapping of user to group, VXLAN encap / decap, and LISP forwarding.  User / Group Repository – External ID Store device (e.g. ISE or AD) can be leveraged to provide dynamic User / Device to Group mapping.  Border Nodes – The L3 Gateway device (Core), that connects External L3 network(s) to Fabric. Fabric domain exit point responsible for advertising EID subnets, mapping of LISP instance to VRFs and SGT policy mapping  Intermediate Nodes – Normal L3 (IP) Forwarders in the Underlay. ISE / AD Host DB Control-Plane Nodes User / Group Repository Campus Fabric Roles & Responsibilities Fabric Intermediate Nodes (Underlay) Fabric Domain (Overlay) Fabric Border Nodes Fabric Edge Nodes
  26. 26. Campus Fabric Validated Design • Reference Network Architecture • Cisco DNA evolution from existing campus LAN designs • Detailed guides highlighting overview requirements and configurations for deployment
  27. 27. Campus Fabric Validated Design Platform and capabilities comparison
  28. 28. Future Fabric Innovations What are we aiming for?
  29. 29. Provision Simplified Provisioning Deploy devices into your network using world class “prescriptive configurations” with minimum clicks…
  30. 30. SecuritySegmentation X Simple Segmentation constructs to build Secure boundaries for “users and things”
  31. 31. Monitor Troubleshoot Health Scores and other key metrics to keep track of key network resources with “click to resolve” intelligent problem resolution…
  32. 32. Intelligent Policy Network Wide Policy enforcement follows users irrespective of location, or place in network, with every policy administered from a central dashboard…
  33. 33. Contextual Analytics More deep and meaningful Insights and Telemetry into user and application behavior…
  34. 34. Elastic Services Spin up virtualized Network Functions on demand to adapt to network needs
  35. 35. The Future of Enterprise Networking Collaboration Security Endpoints APIC EM Branch Business Agility Automated Enterprise Consistent Policy Investment Protection DNA Secure Campus Fabric Summary Integrated Mobility Analytics
  36. 36. Campus Switching Platforms and Innovations
  37. 37. Catalyst Access Portfolio From essential connectivity to Unified Access for next-generation workspaces UNIFIED WORKSPACE • Secure, reliable access • Low TCO & energy-efficient Competitive Feature Set at Compelling Prices BYOD Video Mobility Converged Wired/Wireless Access • Scale and performance • Resiliency & high availability • Application Visibility • Cisco TrustSec Features Scale
  38. 38. 12/24p 1G 1RU Aggregation  Comprehensive  Borderless Feature Set  Highest Performance and Scalability  Lower TCO Industry-Leading Campus Backbone Platform FIXED Features Scale Catalyst Backbone Portfolio Up to 80 10G Ports 5 RU Core MODULAR Features Scale Up to 40 10G Ports 2RU, NG Backbone 16p/32p 1 RU 10GE Aggregation 12p/24p/48p 10G 1RU Aggregation (*)4500-E can be used opportunistically
  39. 39. Access, Agg, and Fixed Core Catalyst 3K
  40. 40. Catalyst 3850 – Platform Overview Wireless CAPWAP Termination Up to 50 APs/2000 clients per stack, and 40G per switch Modular Uplinks 4 x 1G 2 x10G 4 x 10G* Stackpower Line Rate on All Ports Multi-Core CPU 480 Gbps Stacking Bandwidth Full POE+ SKUs with UPOE FRU Fans, Power Supplies - HA Granular QoS Flexible Netflow SGT/SGACL 24 or 48 ports 10/100/100 Data only or PoE+/UPOE *4 X 10G uplinks are available only on 48-port switches Built on Cisco’s Innovative “UADP” ASIC
  41. 41. Optional StackWise-160 9 member Stack Dual FRU Power Supplies FRU Fans Full Netflow/QoS for wired / wireless / QoS in Stack SGT/SGACL Full POE+ 40G Wireless Capacity Per Switch Fixed Uplinks 4 x 1G 2 x10G 4 x 10G (*1) EEE MACsec HW Ready Multi-Core CPU Line Rate on All Ports 802.11n 802.11ac 25 AP’s and 1000 Clients Per Stack (*1) 4 X 10G uplinks are available only on 48-port switches Catalyst 3650 – Platform Overview Built on Cisco’s Innovative “UADP” ASIC
  42. 42. Jan 2013 Oct 2013 May 2014 Jan 2015 Built on Cisco’s Innovative “UADP” ASIC Catalyst 3850 Stackwise-480, Stackpower Data/PoE/PoE+/UPoE FRU Uplinks Catalyst 3650 Stackwise-160, - Data/PoE/PoE+/ Fixed Uplinks Catalyst 3850 SFP Stackwise-480, Stackpower 12 and 24 Port Versions FRU Uplinks Catalyst 3850 mGig Stackwise-480, Stackpower 24 and 48 Port Versions Stacks with any Catalyst 3850 Growing Catalyst 3K Family Jun 2015 Catalyst 3850 SFP+ Stackwise-480, Stackpower 12 and 24 Port Versions Enabling 10G Aggregation in 1RU Form Factor
  43. 43. And Another one… Catalyst 3650 Mini - 12 Inch Deep 11.625 inches 3650 mini 17.625 inches 3650 Migration Option for 3750v2 Customers…
  44. 44. Catalyst 3650 Mini: 24 Port and 48 Port Switches WS-C3650-24PDM Fixed Power Supply & Fans Front to Back Airflow WS-C3650-48FQM 11.62” deep Flexible Netflow Converged AccessUADP ASIC StackWise- 160 RPS 2300 support
  45. 45. What the Mini Offers  Expands Cisco® Unified Access to small spaces and tight wiring closet designs  Easily stacks with Cisco Catalyst 3650 access switches  Supports converged wired and wireless networks in a stack configuration  Provides network architects with increased flexibility and speed with PoE+ and 10G uplinks  Reduced noise and small form factor make it ideal to deploy where real estate is a premium  Has the same features, Cisco IOS® XE Software, and management as Cisco Catalyst® 3650 access switches; everything is compatible
  46. 46. • Multigigabit in Smallest form Factor • Ideal for Retail, Branch • PoE / PoE+ • Industry Leading Fixed Access • 24 & 48 Port Stackable Switches • 24 & 12 Multigigabit Ports • Best In Class Modular Access • 12 Ports of Multigigabit per slot • Up to 96 Multigigabit ports per system Catalyst 4500E Catalyst 3850 Catalyst 3650 Aironet 3800 Series • Dual radio, 802.11ac Wave 2, 160 MHz • Combined Data Rate 5.2Gbps w/ Flexible Radio Assignment • Gigabit Ethernet & Multigigabit Ethernet (1G, 2.5G, 5G) • Just Launched !!! • 24 & 48 Port Stackable Switches • 8 & 12 Multigigabit Ports • UPOE & 40G Ready Catalyst 3560CX More to come! Catalyst Multigigabit Technology Portfolio New
  47. 47. Catalyst 3850 Multigigabit Switches Stackable with other 3850 Switches 24-port Catalyst 3850 Mulitgigabit Switch48-port Catalyst 3850 Multigigabit Switch Downlinks: 36 x 1G LineRate 10/100/1000BASE-T, PoE/PoE+/UPoE, EEE, MACSec 12 x GE/mGig/10GT –100M/1GE/mGiG/10GBASE-T, PoE/PoE+/UPoE, EEE, MACSec, LineRate Uplinks: 4x10GE SFP+, 2 x 40G, 8x10G Downlinks: • 24 x GE/mGig/10GT • EEE, MACSec • PoE/PoE+/UPOE Uplinks: 4x10GE SFP+, 2 x 40G, 8x10G
  48. 48. Catalyst 4500 MultiGigabit Line Card 12 mGig Ports, 36 10/100/1000 Ports Innovation with Investment Protection Supported with Supervisor Engine 7 and 8 on all 4500-E chassis Q2CY15 Mode 1 mGig Lite Mode 48p 1GE UPOE - First 12p mGig (12Gbps) Mode 2 Mode 3 mGig Enhanced Mode 12p mGig UPOE (24Gbps) + 24p 1GE UPOE mGig Performance Mode 12p mGig UPOE (48Gbps) UPOE, EEE, MACSec 48
  49. 49. Catalyst 3650 Multigigabit Switches Hard to compete against the value of 3650 mGig! Competitive 48-port mGig Entry Level 24 port mGig 12 mGig ports 8 mGig ports New Uplinks 2x10G, 4x10G New 2x40G and 8x10G New Uplinks 2x10G New 4x10G Higher Speeds Adaptive Rate Technology 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G Future Proofed for Higher speeds Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a Investment Protection Cable Infrastructure is costly and time consuming to upgrade. Stackable with all 3650 & 3650 Mini Switches Industry Leading Power Option UPoE 60W PoE+ 30W PoE 15.4W
  50. 50. Healthcare Education Finance Manufacturing Retail Hospitality MultiGigabit is Driving High Speed in Campus Machin Vision Cameras, Professional Surveillance Digital Imaging Server in a Branch 11ac Wave2 APs Uplinks for Access Extension 3800 APs C3560-CX Shipping
  51. 51. Typical Use Case – Next Gen Mobility with 802.11ac Wave 2 Existing Gigabit infrastructure is insufficient to handle .11ac growth beyond 1Gbps Gigabit Ethernet has been around since 1999 and has now become the bottleneck Market needs an innovative technology to support >1Gbps over existing cables Limited to 1GE! Cat 5e Cables WiFi @ 1G>1G
  52. 52. The Solution – Cisco Multigigabit Technology Powered by NBASE-T Delivers up to 5X Speeds in Enterprise without replacing Cabling Infrastructure 2.5-5G! Cat 5e Cables WiFi > 1G Multigigabit Switch Multigigabit Capable AP Is a game-changing technology allowing enterprise networks to evolve beyond 1G Enables 2.5 and 5 Gbps up to 100m on legacy cables Supports all PoE standards up to 60W Cisco Multigigabit with
  53. 53. MultiGigabit Cabling Investment Protection Cable Type 1G 2.5G 5G 10G Cat5e 100m 100m 100m * NA Cat6 100m 100m 100m 55 m Cat6a 100m 100m 100m 100m Auto-negotiation of All Speeds Supported across All cable Types Brownfield Deployments Can Leverage Existing Cat5e/Cat6 extending ROI and Support Speeds at 2.5G and 5G up to a distance of 100m* Greenfield Deployments with Cat6a will Support 10G But Can Also Now Support Speeds at 2.5G and 5G at a Distance of 100m * 5Gig on CAT5E may be limited to < 100 meter in certain cable configurations UPoE is supported on 3850 and 4500E
  54. 54. 802.3bz Ethernet Alliance content/uploads/2016/09/EA_IEEE802bz_FINAL_26Sep16.pdf Multigigabit Speeds are now Standard! Network World: new-ethernet-standard-that-brings-5x-the-speed-without-disruptive- cable-changes.html EEE Post: Cisco Blog: industry-standard
  55. 55. What is different b/w IEEE 802.3bz and NBASE-T ? All Multigigabit Products will be IEEE 802.3bz standard based with a software upgrade The software upgrade is planned the next 2 – 4 months Most of IEEE 802.3bz is same as NBASE-T The auto Negotiation in IEEE 802.3bz is different A software upgrade is needed to comply with IEEE 802.3bz standard
  56. 56. Catalyst 3850 Resiliency - StackWise-480 • Improved Stack Bandwidth: • 240 Gbps bi-direction • 480 Gbps with spatial reuse • Stateful Switch Over (SSO): • Faster Convergence (vs 3750-X) • Active-Standby model • Improved Central synchronization on Active Switch for Wired+Wireless • Tunnel SSO ensures AP, MA-MC connectivity during failover • No Backward Compatibility with 3750 series A S
  57. 57. StackPower on the Catalyst 3850 Series Delivering Unprecedented Power Availability and Flexibility  Power Resiliency - Adaptable “pool of power” available to all stack members  Provides “Zero-footprint” RPS i.e. power supply redundancy without an RPS  Intelligent power shedding— turn off low priority PoE end devices in the event of a power supply failure StackPower
  58. 58. MPLS Features • Label Distribution Protocol LDP • MPLS QOS • BFD • MPLS TraceRoute/LSP Ping • MPLS L3VPN-IPv4 PE-CE Protocols : Static, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF PE-P Protocols: OSPF & ISIS MP-IBGP CE PPE PE P P CE P PE PE CE CE MPLS Domain Label switched path LDP L3VPN UADPIOS 16.x L3 VPN and Campus Segmentation MPLS in the Access Shipping
  59. 59. Why Cat3K in Fixed Core & Aggregation? Programmable ASIC IOS XE 16.x Simplified Positioning High Performance Stackwise Technologies Investment Protection Modern OS Run Any Feature Anywhere Campus Fabric, MPLS, Programmab ility Simplified Positioning with Programmable ASIC & Modern OS Single Product Consistent Features Solid Foundation
  60. 60. And there is one more !!! Line Rate – 640G Switching Capacity Introducing 48 Port 10G SFP+ Version of Catalyst 3850
  61. 61. Catalyst 3850 10G – Fixed Core & Aggregation Shipping C3850-NM- 8x10G C3850-NM- 2x40G C3850-NM- 4x10G C3850-NM- 4x10G 4 x QSFP Fixed Leveraging the Power of IOS XE 16.x Line Rate on all Ports 12 x 10G SFP+ & Stackwise+ 24 x 10G SFP+ & Stackwise+ 48 x 10G SFP+ Standalone
  62. 62. Catalyst 3850 Stackable Fiber Switches  Additional deployment options  Supports converged wired and wireless networks in a stack configuration  Also works in standalone configurations  Flexible port density: 12 or 24 gigabit fiber ports  The same features, Cisco IOS® XE Software, and management as Cisco Catalyst® 3850 access switches; everything is compatible  Easily stacks with Cisco Catalyst 3850 access switches WS-C3850-12S WS-C3850-24S
  63. 63. Catalyst 3850 48-Port 10G SFP+ Switch  Supports converged wired and wireless networks in a stack configuration  4-Port 40G QSFP Uplinks  IP Base or IP Services Feature set  Optional AirFlow: Front-to-Back or Back-to-Front  The same features, Cisco IOS® XE Software, and management as Cisco Catalyst® 3850 access switches; everything is compatible
  64. 64. UADP ASIC in Catalyst 3850/3650 Enables Convergence Built on UADP • Unified Access Data Plane • Unique and powerful Cisco innovation • Hardware performance with software flexibility • Optimized Performance • CAPWAP encapsulation/de-capsulation, Flexible Netflow, QoS happens in ASIC for line rate performance • Future Proofed and Programmable • Flexparser enables new software features (like SDN) over the product lifetime • UADP is used across multiple platforms • Catalyst 3850/3650, Sup 8E, WLC5760
  65. 65. SW-1 SW-2 WS-C3850-48XS WS-C3850-48XS40G/10G Core Stackwise Virtual 3850-48XS in 16.3.3 EFT Starting 16.3.2 40G/10G VSL Link Dual Active Detection Fast Hello ePAgP* Target H1CY17 3850-12XS and 3850-24XS in 16.6.1 planned
  66. 66. One Platform, Various Solutions • Stacked Together - Other than 48 Port 10G Version • Collapsed Core Access • 9 Members OR 32 ASICs • Converged Access Across the Family • Stack Power, Modular Uplinks • New Uplink Options Based on a Common ASIC and Architecture
  67. 67. Modular Access Catalyst 4K
  68. 68. Catalyst 4500E Campus Portfolio 4503-E 4510R+E 4507R+E 4506-E Four Chassis Options 7 and 10 Slot with Sup Redundancy POE: WS-X4748-UPOE+E Data: WS-X4748-RJ45-E Port Scale: Access and Collapse Agg 384 10/100/1000 POE/PoE+/UPOE 96 SFP+ , 192 SFP Power Supply Maximize UPOE/POE+/POE delivery Fully Loaded 10-Slot with POE PWR-C45-9000ACV PWR-C45-6000ACV PWR-C45-4200ACV Supervisors Traditional and Wireless Convergence 928G Wired, 20G Wireless WS-X45-SUP8-E/L-E WS-X45-SUP7-E/L-E 1GE: WS-X4712-SFP-E; WS-X4724-SFP-E; WS-X4748-SFP-E 10GE: WS-X4712-SFP+E
  69. 69. Works in all existing 4500-E chassis Up to 50APs 2000 Clients 8 SFP+ 10G/1G Uplinks Non-blocking 928Gbps total capacity UADP Daughtercard for wireless integration (*) Faster CPU Modular Value Proposition • Investment Protection to UA Arch • 3,6,7 and 10 slot chassis • In Service Software Upgrade for wired/wireless Services •Complete wired/wireless integration •Application Visibility for Collaboration Protocols (Flexible NetFlow, Wireshark) Scale • 48G/slot - 928Gbps Switching Capacity • 20G Wireless Termination • 100% more Uplink Bandwidth vs 7E Supervisor 8-E on Catalyst 4500E * Available as of IOS XE 3.7.0 Performance & Scale
  70. 70. Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.T-EN-05-I Cisco Public Introducing Supervisor 8L-E Supported on 4500-E chassis 4 SFP/SFP+ 1G/10G Uplinks Enterprise Fabric Ready Faster CPU Attribute Sup8LE Sup8E Uplinks 4 x SFP+ 8 x SFP+ Port Scale 240 384 Chassis Support 3,6,7 3,6,7,10 FIB Table Size (V4/V6) 64K/32K 256K/128K Campus Fabric Converged Access Not supported Low End Supervisor Based on Sup8E Shipping
  71. 71. Modular Campus Core Catalyst 6K
  72. 72. 10GE Now 40GE Later QSFP-40G-SR4 QSFP-40G-CSR4 QSFP-40G-SR-BD QSFP-40G-LR4 … more Future Proofing with 10G to 40G Adapter C6800-8P-10G 15.3(1) SY w Sup6T C6800-16P-10G C6800-32P-10G Reverse SFP to QSFP Adapter Can Upgrade Your 10G Ports to 40G 40G Adapter QSFP SFP+ 15.4(1) SY w Sup2T Shipping
  73. 73. 2R height 19” depth CVR-TRAY-8 8 QSFP Adapter Tray – Full 19” Rack Mount Cable management integrated in chassis design • 8 x CVR-4SFP10G-QSFP • 2 RU Tray Height • Cable Routing on Both Sides • Cable Slack inside Tray (enclosed) • Venting on Sides & Back (70% open) Shipping
  74. 74. Modular Campus Core Nexus 7K
  75. 75. Why N7K in Campus ? Highly Scalable Architecture Better Design Options N7K Technologies • High Port Density • Redundant Fabric Architecture • Up to 83 Tbps of Switching Capacity • Flexible pipeline capabilities • Virtualization (VDC & VPC) • High Availability (ISSU, GIR) • Collapsed Core & Aggregation • Common Core for DC & Campus
  76. 76. Nexus 7700 Chassis Family Front Rear 26RU N77-C7718 Nexus 7718 Front Rear 14RU N77-C7710 Nexus 7710 Front Rear 9RU N77-C7706 Nexus 7706 Back Front Back Front True Front to back Air-flow for Campus Deployments Front RearN77-C7702 Front Back 3RU Nexus 7702
  77. 77. Supervisor Engine 2E • System supervisor engines providing control plane and management functions • High performance, Two quad-core 2.1GHz CPU with 32GB DRAM • Connects to fabric via 1G inband interface. The switching fabric does not reside on the CPU, hence providing true data plane and control plane separation. • Interfaces with I/O modules via 1G switched EOBC . Every I/O module has a dedicated link to the SUP. • Onboard central arbiter ASIC Controls access to fabric bandwidth via dedicated arbitration path to I/O modules N77-SUP2E
  78. 78. Crossbar Switch Fabric Modules • Provide interconnection of I/O modules • Nexus 7700 fabrics based on Fabric 2 ASIC • Each installed fabric increases available per-payload slot bandwidth • Different I/O modules leverage different amount of available fabric bandwidth • Access to fabric bandwidth controlled using QOS-aware central arbitration with VOQ Fabric Module Supported Chassis Per-fabric module bandwidth Max fabric modules Total bandwidth per slot Nexus 7700 Fabric 2 7706 / 7710 / 7718 220Gbps per slot 6 1.32Tbps per slot N77-C7718-FAB-2 N77-C7710-FAB-2 N77-C7706-FAB-2
  79. 79. 220Gbps440Gbps660Gbps880Gbps1100Gbps1320Gbps Local Fabric #1 (480G) Local Fabric #1 (960G) Local Fabric #1 (1.2T) Fabric #2 Fabric #2 Fabric #2 I/O Module Capacity – Nexus 7700 One fabric: • Any port can pass traffic to any other port in VDC Three fabrics: • 480G M3 10G module has maximum bandwidth Five fabrics: • 960G M3 40G module has maximum bandwidth Six fabrics: 1.2T M3 100G module has maximum bandwidth per slot bandwidth Fabric 2 Modules 1 Fabric ASICs 2 Fabric ASICs 3 Fabric ASICs 4 Fabric ASICs 5 Fabric ASICs 6 Fabric ASICs
  80. 80. Nexus 7700 M3 I/O Modules • 10G / 40G / 100G F3 I/O modules • Share common hardware architecture • SOC-based forwarding engine design 2 independent SOC ASICs per 10G module 4 independent SOC ASICs per 40G module 6 independent SOC ASICs per 100G module • Layer 2/Layer 3 forwarding with L3/L4 services (ACL/QOS) and advanced features (MPLS/LISP/SGT/GRE/VXLAN etc.) N77-M348PX-23L / N77-M324FQ-25L Module Port Density Optics Bandwidth M3 10G 48 x 1/10G (plus Nexus 2000 FEX support) SFP+ 480G M3 40G 24 x 40G (or up to 76 x 10G + 5 x 40G via breakout) QSFP+ 960G M3 100G 12 x 100G (Pre-order available – FCS Dec2016) QSFP28 1.2T N77-M348PX-23L N77-M324FQ-25L
  81. 81. Nexus 7K Modular Series Nexus 7700 M3 100G Modules  12x 100GQSFP28 Ports  375MB per 100Gport Nexus7000 48p 10G, & 24p 40G M3 Line Cards  48x 1/10GSFP+ Ports  31.25MBBufferper 10Gport  24x 40G QSFP Ports  125MB Bufferper 40G/port  48x 1/10GSFP+ Ports  31.25MBBufferper 10Gport  24x 40G QSFP Ports  125MB Bufferper40G/port Nexus7700 M3 10G & 40G Modules  Large Table Size & Packet Buffers -  2M FIB (1M @ FCS), 128K ACL/QoS  384K MAC (128K @ FCS)  MACSEC 256-bit AES  Superset of all Features on previous M & F Cards +
  82. 82. Wrap up Q&A
  83. 83. Traditional and Compact AccessCatalyst 2960-X Catalyst 2960-XR Catalyst 2960-L
  84. 84. Persistent PoE (FCS+1) EEE downlinks Bluetooth Console Access 800MHz CPU 1.5 MB per ASIC 2 x 1G or 4 x 1G Cisco IOS® Software Image Fanless Operation Up to 370W PoE+ ELLW Shallow depth Up to 11.5” EnergyWise™ Management Type-A USB for storage and Bluetooth dongle Versatile Form Factor Fanless & Quiet Operation Award Winning Cisco® TAC Support Energy Efficiency Simplified Management Introducing Catalyst 2960-L Series Entry-Level Fixed Access in Most Compact Form Factor 8x/16x/24x/4 8x 1Gbps ports at the price of 100mbps Cisco Internal & Partner Only Shipping
  85. 85. FlexStack+ 80Gbps stacking NetFlow Lite on all ports 4 or 8 queues per port (2960-XR) EEE downlinks Redundant FRU PSU option (2960-XR) Dual-Core CPU MACsec Ready 4 MB of Buffers Power Saving Deep Sleep Modes 2 x10G or 4 x 1G Uplinks (fixed uplinks) Signed IOS images L3 Features (2960-XR) 24 or 48 GE ports (line-rate) Intelligent Wired Access Catalyst 2960-X/XR – Platform Overview
  86. 86. FlexStack+ Doubles FlexStack Scale/Performance Mix & match models 1G/10G, 24/48-port, PoE/data Stack up to 8 Up to 384 GigE ports with 2960-X and 2960-XR 80 Gbps throughput 2x 2960-S FlexStack performance Mix & match series 2960-X, 2960-S, 2960-SF (up to 4 at 40Gbps)
  87. 87. 8 AM – Day Starts Everything Active 3-10% Power Saving: High Efficiency Power Supply 12 Noon – Lunch Hours Low Ethernet Traffic Power Savings EEE or Energy Efficient Ethernet 5 PM – Office Closes EnergyWise Energy Saver 30%+ Power Savings 6 PM – Back Office Tasks Downlink Hibernation Mode, ½ W Savings/Port 24W Saving/48 Port 9 PM & Weekends – Everything closes Switch Hibernation Mode 6 Watt vs 50 Watt The Greenest Catalyst Access Switch Ever
  88. 88. The Quiet and Fanless 2960X Cool SKU WS-C2960X-24PSQ-L MULTIPLE USE CASES 110W PoE on 8 ports 24x1G downlinks 2x1G SFP & 2x1G Cu Retail Ideal in retail outlets to connect a POS machine, phone, ringer, video display with network and PoE powering. Suited for mounting in confined spaces in the floor NetFlow Lite on all ports 11 inch depth, 1RUHigher MTBF rates Education Extend access to labs, classrooms and other training rooms from central/floor distribution rooms. Reduce cable costs and ideally suited for classrooms or confined areas Defense Provide network and PoE connectivity in mobile units to devices in inconvenient locations reducing cables and possible power failures. Ideal due to quiet operation and longer MTBF rates
  89. 89. Catalyst Compact Switch Portfolio 8 AND 12 PORT MODELS QUIET (FANLESS) EXTEND THE CISCO NETWORK FULL-SIZE CAPABILITIES LOWER TCO FAST ETHERNET 2960-C Portfolio LAN Base 8 and 12 port FE Data or PoE 2 x 1G Uplinks E- LLW Advanced Layer 2 GIGABIT ETHERNET 2960-CX 3560-CX LAN Base 8 port GE Data or PoE+ 1G Uplinks E- LLW IP Base / IP Services 8 and 12 port GE Data or PoE+ 1G or 10G Uplinks E- LLW Advanced Layer 3 and Layer 2
  90. 90. AN EXPANDING ECOSYSTEM OF PoE DEVICES Cisco PoE Innovation on the New Compact Switches Industry’s first fanless portfolio with 240W PoE+ FULL PoE+ • Cisco Innovation: 240W of PoE+ (8 x 30W) • Fanless, silent reliable operation PERPETUAL PoE* • Provides non-stop PoE power • Switch can continue to provide PoE+ during configuration and reboot DC POWERED* • Option to power over 18V-60V external DC power supply, supports PoE+ PoE PASS- THROUGH* Compact Switch in the Ceiling Ethernet Cable … WiFi Access Point IP Video Surveillance Camera Dense Sensor Network (Light, Motion, CO2/CO, etc.) Commercial LED PoE Fixtures Building Mgmt (Connected HVAC)Wall Switch Digital Ceiling Applications • Upto 146W PoE+ when switch is powered over UPoE & Auxiliary AC/DC power adapter
  91. 91. Reduced Powering Constraints with PoE Pass-Through WS-C3560CX-8PT-S POWERED with Cisco UPOE/PoE+ ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR HUNDREDS OF METERS OF ETHERNET CABLING • Support Up to 8 IP devices with a single Ethernet cable drop • Save $100–$1000/ cable drop depending on deployment scenario DEPLOY APPLICATIONS IN LOCATIONS WITHOUT ACCESS TO POWER OUTLETS • Compact Switch and PoE end devices powered by upstream UPOE/PoE-capable switch/router (Upto 70W of PoE+) • Auxillary (External) AC and DC Power Option (Upto 146W of PoE+) 4500-E 3850 No Power Supply No Fan Upto 8 PoE+ Devices