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Get Social: Connecting in a Digital World


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In today’s world, building a social network extends way beyond exchanging business cards, phone calls and face-to-face meetings. Discover ways to optimize your organization’s social strategies, which platforms give the most bang for the buck, and how to improve your company’s online presence.

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Get Social: Connecting in a Digital World

  1. 1. Get Social: Connecting in a Digital World Today’s host: Scott Schell Senior Manager CX Americas Partner Enablement Cisco @Schell_Shocked
  2. 2. Customer success methodology People Process Platforms Content Analytics
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  4. 4. Get Social: Connecting in a Digital World Today’s presenter: Kelsey Wheeler Partner Omnichannel Manager America’s Partner Digital Experience Team Cisco @WheelofKelsey Kelsey (Jensen) Wheeler
  5. 5. Social media marketing vs. social selling Social Media Marketing Objective Voice Social Selling Source Marketing and management Account manager Widespread influence Brand centric and generalized Situational and personalized Individualized relationship building
  6. 6. Social media in the customer journey The Customer Paid Media Search Display Ads Landing Pages Email Nurture Click-to-chat Social Success Story Tradeshow Strategic Account Marketing Call Campaigns Webinars Events PRSocial Selling Customer Engagement s Personalized Email Content Weekly Insights
  7. 7. The science of social selling
  8. 8. Using social media to interact directly with your prospects, customers, and other influencers with the goal of providing value and building relationships. What is social selling? Customers online Validation of knowledge Build your brand Online networking
  9. 9. Making an impact with social selling Understand customer needs in real-time 82% of prospects can be reached via social media. • Source: LinkedIn Get warm introductions to decision-makers 90% of decision makers say they never respond to cold outreach. • Source: Harvard Business Review Establish your credibility 75% of B2B buyers consult social media when making purchasing decisions. • Source: IDC Outsell your competiton 78% of salespeople involved in social selling are outselling their peers. • Source: Forbes 78% 75%82% 90%
  10. 10. Use this layout for full-screen photos. Caption text goes here. “Do what comes natural and show a desire to serve”
  11. 11. Use this layout for full-screen photos. Caption text goes here. “Pre-event social outreach to solidify face-to-face meetings”
  12. 12. Use this layout for full-screen photos. Caption text goes here. “The CIO of my one account is an avid LinkedIn user…enough said”
  13. 13. “Mutual interests found outside of work can lead to solid relationships”
  14. 14. Who would you rather buy from or partner with?
  15. 15. Top 8 steps to becoming a social seller Update your profiles Engage Monitor and listen Clean up your networks Share your voice Establish your rhythm Act on important signals Build your network
  16. 16. Tips for optimizing your social profiles Contact information and photo Compelling headline Summary of expertise Current and past positions
  17. 17. 4 things you can do today Measure your social selling potential Check out your LinkedIn Social Selling Index and see where you can make enhancements. Social Selling Academy Visit the Social Selling Academy on Cisco SalesConnect and learn how to become a Social Selling rockstar Cleanup and refresh your networks Make sure your profiles are up to date, you have a dynamic summary and your connections are relevant. Engage and share consistently Get to know your networks and establish a regular cadence for engaging and sharing your voice through content.
  18. 18. What your Social Selling Index says
  19. 19. Market employee advocacy
  20. 20. An employee advocate is someone who generates positive exposure and raises awareness for a brand through digital media or offline channels. What is employee advocacy? Content promotion Optimize messaging Track impact Discover trends
  21. 21. What have we discovered through testing? Audiences connect to brands through conversation Social media plays an important role across the entire sales cycle. Social media and search are connected tactics. Social media platforms prioritize video over text only content. The 80/20 rule remains vital, now more than ever. Assumptions can be wrong, testing various approaches is key.
  22. 22. Tips to starting a social advocacy program Only post corporate messaging. Assign a dedicated resource to monitor, manage and measure. Ensure content reflects company image, objectives and digital strategy. One advocate is better than none, start small and expand if successful. Good advocacy is the result of great advocates. Get buy- in from the top down. Don’t regulate advocate posting, everyone has their own voice.
  23. 23. Employee advocacy platforms LinkedIn Elevate Dynamic Signal Bitly Native platform Email automation Multichannel sharing Internal communication API integration Reporting and dashboard Mobile app Zero investment
  24. 24. Partner Marketing Central Social Media Syndication Navigate to the ‘Social Media’ tab and select ‘Settings’ Link PMC to your company’s social media Accounts. Select relevant content streams that fit your business. Manage publishing settings. 1 2 3 4
  25. 25. 4 things you can do today Get social Start building a company wide social strategy and content calendar. Digital Marketing Guide Explore the Digital Marketing Guide for tips on social media best practices. Employee advocacy program Ask if your sales team would find value in starting an employee advocacy program. Partner Marketing Central Get familiar with PMC and start building out your social media syndication strategy.
  26. 26. Resources  LinkedIn Social Selling Index  Social Selling Academy on Cisco SalesConnect  Digital Marketing Guide  Cisco Marketing Velocity  Cisco Partner Marketing Central
  27. 27. Questions?
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