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Endless Aisle-- Tulip


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Empower your store associates with simple-to-use mobile applications to lookup products, order online, manage customer information, checkout shoppers, and communicate with clients.

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Endless Aisle-- Tulip

  1. 1. Endless Aisle - Tulip
  2. 2. Power of Endless Aisle Capabilities Full access to all digital channels Powerful type-ahead search and faceting Scan UPC labels to lookup a product Print price tickets and shelf labels right in aisle Use Case Sales associate dashboard Omnichannel catalog access Advanced search and inventory information across channels Empower store associates to sell products that are available in the store, in other stores or online Leverage real-time product information, ratings, reviews, engaging product imagery and video, and social media
  3. 3. Buying Events Business Needs Business Outcomes • Brick and mortar retailers need to preserve profits at store level given increased competition from eComm • Transform the shopping experience by empowering associates with leading edge applications and information • Easy to Extend and Customize • Elegant Integration Framework • Mobile-first with responsive design • Cloud-first with scale and security • Apps built for performance • Fast-time-to-market • Improved Customer Service – NPS • Increased Basket Size • Increased employee satisfaction an retention • Lower operational costs Cisco Products (Software/Hardware/XaaS) Cisco Partner Internal Only Endless Aisle Aeronet APs CMX Meraki APs
  4. 4. Endless Aisle Internet Cloud Store Switch Stack AP AP Associate Device Store Router DC ControllerPrime Infrastructure CMX Location Solution Components Meraki AP w/ Bluetooth OR Aironet AP • HyperLocation Module • HyperLocation Antenna • BeaconPoint • 8450 WLCs Tulip in the cloud and on the associate device SD- WAN