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Cisco Solution Support for Cisco DNA


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Cisco Solution Support for Cisco DNA: How and why Cisco Solution Support is the optimal support service to accelerate your customers through every stage of their Cisco DNA deployment.

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Cisco Solution Support for Cisco DNA

  1. 1. @Schell_Shocked Scott Schell Senior Manager CX America Partner Enablement Cisco /scottlschell Today’s host: Cisco Solution Support for Cisco DNA The right support service for complex and converged environments
  2. 2. Customer success methodology People Process Platforms Content Analytics
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  4. 4. Cisco Solution Support for Cisco DNA Colby Miller Partner Enablement Manager CX Americas Partner Enablement Cisco Today’s presenter: The right support service for complex and converged environments /colbycmiller
  5. 5. 1 2 4 3 5 6 8 7 Agenda Market situation Cisco DNA solution Cisco Solution Support Customer value prop Covering Cisco DNA Support call flow Partner benefits Promotions
  6. 6. Market situation
  7. 7. Yet managing solutions can be a challenge, especially when working with multiple vendors and products in a single environment. New technologies can drive innovation and growth
  8. 8. Complexity has a cost of IT leaders say project are increasingly complex1 61% $300K lost, on average, for every hour of network downtime3 43% of IT spent troubleshooting problems2 1. Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2017 2. Cisco® DNA Customer Survey, June 2016 3. Information Technology Intelligence Consulting Research, Rand Group
  9. 9. Customer purchasing considerations “If something breaks, which support team do I call?” “We don’t have the resources to manage multiple product support teams.” “Even minor maintenance changes can cause serious issues.” “Our support experience with some vendors has been inconsistent.”
  10. 10. Cisco responds and evolves support Solution-level support for solution environments Product-level support for solution environments Product Support Teams Customer Customer Product Support Teams Centralized Support
  11. 11. Cisco DNA solution overview
  12. 12. Built-in security Automated Software driven Business insights Traditional network The new network Hardware centric Manual Fragmented security Network data Cisco is rewriting the network playbook Powered by Cisco DNA™ Cisco DNA Center
  13. 13. The journey to intent-based networking Products Systems Platforms Increased IT agility Cisco DNA Center
  14. 14. Cisco® ISE (Identity Services Engine) Cisco DNA Center appliance* (Cisco Solution Support Mandatory) Automation software module Assurance software module Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) Core Components of the Cisco DNA Foundation Cisco DNA Center™ Policy Design Provision Assurance Cisco DNA™ ready hardware and non Cisco DNA ready hardware Switch Router Wireless LAN controller Access Point * Cisco Solution Support is a Mandatory Attach
  15. 15. Cisco Solution Support
  16. 16. The right kind of technical service for solution environments • Centralized support from a primary point of contact • Priority access and response from a solution expert • Addresses Cisco® and Solution Support partner products • Coordination between Cisco and Solution Support Partner product support teams • Accountability for issue management and resolution
  17. 17. Cisco Solution Support for Cisco DNA features and benefits Deep solution expertise Solution partner and Cisco product support team coordination Fast response and resolution Open door policy Proactive approach Primary point of contact Router Wireless LAN controller Switch Access Point Cisco DNA Center Cisco DNA Center Appliance
  18. 18. Poll Question Cisco Solution Support brings value to customers with environments consisting of only Cisco hardware, software and applications. a) True b) False
  19. 19. Cisco Solution Support features and benefits Open door policy >> No need to diagnose a problem before contacting our solution experts One service, deep coverage >> Get solution- level and product support in one service that’s easy to order and renew Fast response and resolution >> Priority service levels connect you to experts who resolve complex issues faster than product support Proactive approach >> We look beyond your case for potential issues to help you avoid IT or business disruption Broad availability >> Available across our solution portfolio, enabling you to define your solution and get the right kind of support Solution partner and Cisco product support team coordination >> Eliminates your need to manage vendors and your case Deep solution expertise >> Often results in immediate issue resolution so you get back to business sooner Primary point of contact >> Accountability and continuity of service from first call until you close your case
  20. 20. One service, deep coverage Service Features Cisco Product Support Cisco Solution Support Global 24x7 product-level technical support 24-hour access to Cisco® online resources Hardware replacement (2- and 4-hour, next business day) Network management / operating system software updates and upgrades Proactive diagnostics and immediate alerts on devices through Cisco Smart Call Home Web-based user community for self-service support of smart capabilities Cisco software application support Primary point of contact with solution-level expertise Accountability for issue resolution, no matter where it resides Coordination between Cisco TAC and solution partner product support teams Case management from first call to resolution SLO30 + prioritized case handling Proactive support to identify and mitigate potential issues or resolve
  21. 21. Rapid resolution for solution-level issues Average decrease in time to resolve solution- level issues using Cisco Solution Support versus product support alone. 44% January 2019 Cisco internal study of 10,000 support cases
  22. 22. Real saving and gains with Cisco Solution Support 32% Increase in IT staff efficiency 213% 5-year service ROI 21% Fewer issues requiring responses 17% Lower 5-year hardware environment operations cost Source: 2017 IDC Business Value Study for Cisco Services Read the full report and executive summary.
  23. 23. Cisco DNA, SD-Access and SD-WAN Cisco Solution Support Attach: Cover the whole Solution Cisco Catalyst Series Switches Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches Cisco ISR 1100 & 4000 Cisco ASR 1000 Cisco DNA Center Appliance Cisco Wireless Controllers Cisco Aironet Access Points Cisco Identity Services Engine Mandatory Recommended Switching Routing Wireless Security Intent-based Network Infrastructure Cisco DNA Center AnalyticsPolicy Automation Switching Routers Wireless Powered By Intent. Informed by Context.
  24. 24. Poll Question Which component of the Cisco DNA Solution is Cisco Solution Support mandatory for? a) Catalyst 9000 Switch b) Aironet Wireless LAN Controller c) Cisco ISE d) Cisco DNA Center Appliance
  25. 25. Streamlined access to Cisco solution experts Customers retain the flexibility to contact solution partners directly for product support per their contracts with them. Cisco solution expert assesses issue: immediately resolves or engages product support teams Customer or Cisco Partner contacts Cisco® Solution Support and opens case on their solution Cisco coordinates product support teams as needed to manage issue resolution Cisco stays with the customer until the issue is resolved and they close their case
  26. 26. Cisco Solution SupportCisco product support Money left on the table Increases service deal and renewal sizes Time spent post-sale managing customers and solution-level issues Protects your time from post-sales support flare-ups to focus on the next sale Product-only expertise, delays solution-level issue resolution Solution experts resolve complex issues faster, increasing customer satisfaction and propensity to buy Partner benefits Increase revenue potential through premium rebates and larger deal sizes, and offer the right support for solution environments without the investment of building your own service.
  27. 27. Cisco Solution Support for Cisco DNA Promotion Effective Until July 27, 2019 Accelerate Cisco DNA sales and customer adoption by providing incentive to purchase the right kind of support for Cisco DNA solution deployments  Solution Support cases resolved an average of 43% more quickly than with product support alone. Accelerate adoption Questions? Unlock value Eligible products 15% OFF Solution Support 36-month +  Catalyst Switches (9000, 3650, 3850)  Wireless Controllers (3504, 8540)  Wireless APs (Aironet 3800 Series)  Select Cisco DNA Ready Routers (ISR 1000, 4000 and ASR 1000)  Industrial Ethernet (2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000)  SD-WAN Licenses (On-Premise and Cloud) Download list of eligible SKUs  Promotion details  Terms and conditions  Partner Q&A 7% Multi-Year 2% TIP or OIP 2% MIP Program Details Stacks with
  28. 28. Promotion qualification Discounting example Receive 15% off a 36-month+ Solution Support contract on qualifying products Stackable with Hunting (2%) Stackable with Teaming (2%) Stackable with Migration Incentive Program (2%) Cisco Solution Support for Cisco DNA promotion: Americas region Qualifying products Catalyst 9000 Series Switches Catalyst 3850 Series Switches Catalyst 3650 Series Switches Industrial Ethernet 5000 Series Switches Industrial Ethernet 4000 Series Switches 8540 Wireless Controller 3504 Wireless Controller 4800 Wireless Access Point 3800 Wireless Access Point 1800 Wireless Access Point ASR 1000 Series Router ISR 1000 Series Router ISR 4000 Series Router SD-WAN Cloud Licenses SD-WAN On-Premise Licenses Industrial Ethernet 3000 Series Switches Industrial Ethernet 2000 Series Switches LATAM service base discount Solution Support multi-year contract discount Hunting Migration Incentive Multi-year service contract discount 32% 15% 2% 2% 7% Total Discount 58% Not all products in a product family may qualify for the Solution Support for DNA promotion. Regional restrictions apply.
  29. 29. Questions?
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