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Cisco IoT Product Portfolio


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Cisco IoT Product Portfolio: slide focused on Cisco’s IoT Product Portfolio from the keynote at the IoT Global Innovation Forum delivered on April 21, 2015 featuring Kip Compton, VP, IoT Systems and Software, Cisco.

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Cisco IoT Product Portfolio

  1. 1. Cisco IoT Portfolio Oil and GasEnergy-Utility TransportationMiningManufacturing City SP/M2MDefense Connected Factory  Connected Train  City Safety and Security  Energy Distribution Automation  Connected Well Management IoT Security Application Enablement [Fog Computing/IOx] IE 2000 IE 3000 CGS2000 Industrial Switching IP67 IE 4000 IE 5000 Industrial Routing CGR 2000 ASR 903 Industrial Wireless Field AP - 1552 Industrial AP (Rockwell) Field AP - IW 3700 802.11ac Positive Train Control Field Network CGR 1000 819H 809H IR910 IR 509 829H Embedded Networks 5900 ESR, ESS 2020 Switches 5921 ESR Software Router Connected Safety and Security Video Surveillance Manager and IP Cameras Physical Access Manager Digital Media DMM Digital Media Manager Digital Media Processors