Cisco Enterprise Networks Customer EndorsementsJune 24, 2013David Izumo, Senior Systems Engineer, ActionPacked! NetworksQu...
Kathi Pipkins, Strategic Partner Organization, World Wide TechnologyDelivering services natively on the Cisco 4451-X platf...
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Cisco enterprise networks customer endorsements


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Cisco enterprise networks customer endorsements

  1. 1. Cisco Enterprise Networks Customer EndorsementsJune 24, 2013David Izumo, Senior Systems Engineer, ActionPacked! NetworksQuickly identifying potential network issues and confidently taking immediate action is key to our visualnetwork management software, LiveAction. The intelligent network services delivered by the new CiscoCatalyst 2960-X series switches help customers simplify the operation and management of complex ITenvironments clear across the network to the access edge. This synergy maps well with our combinedvision of enabling customers to gain end-to-end network visibility and control.Pratik Patel, Network Engineer II, Southern Illinois University CarbondaleWe have thoroughly tested the new Cisco Catalyst 2960-X switches. This new generation of the Catalystaccess switches will help us lay a strong and secure networking foundation for our campus networks.We will be able to give our students greater flexibility and new learning experiences with the richcollaboration and learning applications that we support over the network.Michael Peickert, IT Infrastructure Tire Division - Head of Networks, Telecommunication and Security,Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbHThe new Cisco Catalyst 2960-X switches are easy to configure and manage. They deliver outstandingperformance, advanced security and the state of art in energy saving features. These switches will helpus to build more secure and more scalable networks to support our business growth.Michael Patterson, Founder / CEO, Plixer InternationalThe new Cisco Catalyst 2960-X switches are smart with enhanced quality of service and applicationvisibility capabilities. They will help Plixer International develop innovative traffic managementsolutions.Dave Chandler, Practice Lead, Routing and Switching, World Wide TechnologyWorld Wide Technology provides innovative technology products, services and supply chain solutions tocustomers around the globe. We have thoroughly evaluated the new Cisco Catalyst 2960-X switches.They offer a strong and scalable networking platform with operational simplicity, intelligent networkservices, and enhanced security capabilities. With advanced energy efficiency features such ashibernation mode and Energy Efficient Ethernet technology, the Catalyst 2960-X switches earn a spot asbest-in-class green access switches. Overall, the Catalyst 2960-X switches deliver great value tocustomers as they continue to deploy rich collaboration and business services through their networks.Chris Tillett, Network Administrator, Halifax Media GroupBy providing all network services in one box — firewall, IPS, VPN, and virtual machine mobility fordisaster recovery — the Cisco ISR 4451-X will make it faster and easier for Halifax to continue ourstrategy of growth through acquisition.
  2. 2. Kathi Pipkins, Strategic Partner Organization, World Wide TechnologyDelivering services natively on the Cisco 4451-X platform with headroom to grow to 2 Gbps providesWWT the ability to support our customers growth strategy while simplifying the network environmentand management.Leigh Stone, Business CPE Architect, Virgin MediaWe were looking for a cost-effective platform to guarantee 1 Gbps performance for our IPSEC VPNservice. The Cisco ISR 4451-X exceeded our performance expectations with integrated services, enablingVirgin Media Business to offer differentiated products with greater value to our customers.Anshuman Kanwar, Director of Services Operations, Citrix Systems – Online Services DivisionThe Online Services Division of Citrix provides cloud-based collaboration solutions to help customerssave time, get more done and connect to others around the world. We have evaluated the Cisco UnifiedAccess solution including the new Catalyst 4500 Series Switches with Supervisor Engine 8-E, Catalyst3850 Series Switches, Energywise, Cisco Identity Services Engine, and Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Theseadvanced products and technologies can help us build our state-of-the-art campus and accelerate ourbusiness goals with robust and converged wired and wireless access, consistent policies and centralizedmanagement while providing investment protection for our existing Cisco infrastructure.