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Cisco Cloud Security


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Join us as we explain how the acquisition of Cisco Umbrella & Cisco Cloudlock builds on Cisco’s “Security Everywhere” vision by adding cloud-delivered network security and global threat intelligence to protect devices anywhere and anytime. Leveraging CASB technology allows for greater visibility, compliance and threat protection regardless of whether cloud applications are fully sanctioned by IT or not.

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Cisco Cloud Security

  1. 1. MAY 2017 Umbrella and Cloudlock Cisco Cloud Security
  2. 2. Branch office HQ Airport File share CRM Connected Apps Productivity The way we work has changed
  3. 3. Branch office What’s changed Apps, data, and identities move to cloud Business drives use of cloud apps and platforms No longer need VPN to get work done Branch offices have direct internet access HQ Roaming
  4. 4. Branch office How is the risk different in the new world Users not protected by traditional security stack Gaps in visibility and coverage Expose sensitive info (inadvertently or maliciously) Users can install and use risky apps on their own HQ Roaming
  5. 5. Branch office Our solution Umbrella Secure access to the internet Cloudlock Secure usage of SaaS apps HQ Roaming
  6. 6. Cisco Cloud Security Shared focus, complementary use cases Visibility and control Threat protection Forensics Data protection Malware / ransomware Cloudlock For connected OAuth cloud apps To protect cloud accounts from compromise and malicious insiders To audit cloud logs To assess cloud data risk and ensure compliance To prevent cloud-native (OAuth) attacks Umbrella For all internet activity To stop connections to malicious internet destinations To investigate attacks with internet-wide visibility To block C2 callbacks and prevent data exfiltration To prevent initial infection and C2 callbacks
  7. 7. Introducing Cisco Umbrella
  8. 8. First line of defense against internet threats Umbrella See Visibility to protect access everywhere Learn Intelligence to see attacks before they launch Block Stop threats before connections are made
  9. 9. Where does Umbrella fit? Malware C2 Callbacks Phishing HQ Sandbox NGFW Proxy Netflow AV AV BRANCH Router/UTM AV AV ROAMING AV First line It all starts with DNS Precedes file execution and IP connection Used by all devices Port agnostic
  10. 10. Built into foundation of the internet Umbrella provides: Connection for safe requests Prevention for user and malware- initiated connections Proxy inspection for risky URLs Safe request Blocked request
  11. 11. Intelligence to see attacks before launched Data § Cisco Talos feed of malicious domains, IPs, and URLs § Umbrella DNS data — 100B requests per day Security researchers § Industry renown researchers § Build models that can automatically classify and score domains and IPs Models § Dozens of models continuously analyze millions of live events per second § Automatically uncover malware, ransomware, and other threats
  12. 12. Introducing Cisco Cloudlock
  13. 13. Identities Data Apps Cisco Cloudlock Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  14. 14. User Cloudlock can provide visibility and control over global cloud activities
  15. 15. Cisco Cloudlock addresses customers’ most critical cloud security use cases Discover and Control User and Entity Behavior Analytics Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Apps Firewall Cloud Malware Shadow IT/OAuth Discovery and Control Data Exposures and Leakages Privacy and Compliance Violations Compromised Accounts Insider Threats
  16. 16. Public APIs Cisco NGFW / Umbrella Managed Users Managed Devices Managed Network Unmanaged Users Unmanaged Devices Unmanaged Network CASB – API Access (cloud to cloud)
  17. 17. Why Cisco Cloud Security?
  18. 18. Why customers love Cisco Cloud Security Cisco Cloud Security Most effective protection Simplest to deploy and manage Most open platform Most reliable
  19. 19. Real customer results “Deployed to 30,000 employees in less than 60 minutes” “Reduced infections by 98%...saved 1.7 months of user downtime per year” “Cut incident response time by 25-30%” Umbrella “Reduced public exposure by 62% in one day” “Intelligently reduced OAuth-connected apps by 34% in one week” “Deployed to 125,000 employees in less than 5 minutes” Cloudlock
  20. 20. Try Umbrella and Cloudlock today. Tackle ransomware and other threats with: Umbrella Enable the secure use of the cloud with: Cloudlock