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Associate Clienteling


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Turn your sales associates into brand experts to elevate the shopping experience, increase sales and improve customer service.

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Associate Clienteling

  1. 1. Associate Clienteling
  2. 2. Power of Associate Clienteling Capabilities Mobilizing store associates Customer Identity services Mobile store floor collaboration Assisted selling Endless aisle Store communications Worker collaboration Mobile checkout Line busting Use Case Customer Information Preferences, Order History Client Book, Birthdays, Anniversaries Personalized Communications and one-on–one messages to customers eMail, Text/SMS, Social Media, Follow-ups Store Communnications
  3. 3. Business Drivers Business Needs Business Outcomes • Efforts to re-shape the shopping experience increases productivity • Desire to Improved communication • Goals to create new points of engagement with the shopper • Re-invent the in-store shopping experience • Create a way for store associates to build strong customer relationships • Create more of a personalized, intimate relationship with your customers • Allow for video analytics (associate + shopper) • Improved Customer Service – NPS • Increased Basket Size • Increased employee satisfaction an retention • Lower operational costs Cisco Products (Software/Hardware/XaaS) Cisco Partner Internal Only Associate Clienteling Aeronet APs CMX Meraki APs
  4. 4. Associate Clientelling Internet Cloud Store Switch Stack AP AP Associate Device Store Router DC ControllerPrime Infrastructure CMX Locatio n Solution Components Meraki AP w/ Bluetooth OR Aironet AP • HyperLocation Module • HyperLocation Antenna • BeaconPoint • 8450 WLCs Tulip in the cloud and on the associate device SD- WAN