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Accelerating Multi-Cloud Transformation with Cloud Professional Services


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With changing market dynamics around cloud, mobile, social etc., organizations need to find ways to adapt and innovate in a Hybrid IT world. Whether you've already embraced the cloud or you're considering adopting it, our Cisco cloud portfolio is designed to help you achieve the most secure and optimized cloud environment specific to your unique business needs. With Cloud Professional Services, we help you accelerate cloud automation, enhance application migration and operational efficiency, and reduce risk and cost through expert advice, strategy assessment and IT consulting. We take a cloud-neutral approach to help determine the right cloud – private, public, hybrid, for the right services, workloads and security policies, across your multi-cloud transformational journey.

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Accelerating Multi-Cloud Transformation with Cloud Professional Services

  1. 1. Cisco Cloud Professional Services • Trusted Advisor for Multi-Cloud Transformation
  2. 2. Cloud Professional Services Reduce Complexity & Improve Agility Grow Solution Support, Security and Optimization Reduce Risk and Cost for Secure Cloud Implementations Adapt to Evolving Market Demands Optimize Cost and Protect from Threats Customer Challenges Accelerate Hybrid IT Transformation for Changing Market Dynamics Drive Simplicity and Automation for Faster-Time-to-Market Trusted Advisor for Multi-Cloud Transformation
  3. 3. Cloud Transformation Journey Multi-Cloud Optimization Deciding Private / Hybrid / Public Deciding Use Cases (IaaS / PaaS / SaaS) App Portfolio Rationalization Align with Business Goals , TCO Analysis, Budgeting, Costing, Pricing, and Business Case Secure, Compliant, and Scalable Architecture Implementation & Testing Vendor Negotiation and Selection Application Dependency Assessment before Migration Workload Migration from DC to Public / Public to Public Automate, Orchestrate, Provision Integrate using Cisco UCSD, CloudCenter, OpenStack etc. Multicloud Governance, Analytics, Operations Enablement for Processes, People & Tools, Cloud Management Develop Microservices & Container Strategy Integration of Open Source Software Tools (vs Commercial) Strategy Selection Migration Architecture Management & Orchestration Management
  4. 4. Multi-Cloud Optimization Strategy Selection Migration Cloud Advisory (Technology Assessment) Cisco Cloud Service Offers Cloud Advisory (Strategy & Operations Assessment) IT Transformation QuickStart Private Cloud (VMWare) OpenStack Integration Platform as a Service Cloud Security (Health Check, Risk Assessment, Architecture) Application Dependency Mapping Application Migration Cloud Migration Cloud Automation (UCSD, CloudCenter, PSC, OpenStack, ECS Packages) Operations Transformation Cloud Optimization AIM Optimization CMS Managed Data Center Services DomainTen Workshop Architecture Management & Orchestration Management