ICSC Roundtable - Revitalizing Proven Marketing Strategies


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Companies are using new technologies and social media channels to reinvent and revitalize proven marketing strategies.
• What are those new technologies?
• How can they revitalize your marketing plan?
• How do you measure results?
• Where do you start?

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ICSC Roundtable - Revitalizing Proven Marketing Strategies

  1. 1. Presented by Cheryl Cardon Circus Strategic Communications Inc. September 23, 2009
  2. 2. Companies are using new technologies and social media channels to reinvent and revitalize proven marketing strategies. Circus Strategic Communications 2
  3. 3. What are those new technologies? How can they revitalize your marketing plan? How do you measure results? Where do you start? Circus Strategic Communications 3
  4. 4. Prior to the internet, the standard tools available to a Marketing Director consisted of:  Print Media (newspapers, magazines)  Direct Mail (flyers, post cards, gift guides)  OOH (transit, billboards)  In Mall Signage  Radio / TV  PR  Events & promotions These are all still available and valid. Circus Strategic Communications 4
  5. 5. During the early years of the internet Centres added  Web sites  eNewsletters to their marketing “tool” kit. However, the internet was still in its infancy and its full potential had yet to be realized. Circus Strategic Communications 5
  6. 6. The marketing universe as we know it has shifted! The communication universe has and will continue to shift and shift at a rate that has never been seen before. Online communication options have swiftly moved from a helpful tool to an essential marketing tool. Circus Strategic Communications 6
  7. 7. The understanding of, access to and investment in online and social media programs needs to be a high priority for all companies. Marketing directors need to embrace it, understand it and make it work to their advantage in order to communicate with their customers and enhance their marketing strategies, programs and events. Circus Strategic Communications 7
  8. 8. Layering your marketing and advertising program with an interactive online component enhances and extends the reach and impact of the media you use. It can provide you with direct access to your customer...right where they live and work. Engage them in a meaningful way and they will introduce your brand & message to their social network. This is the power of the internet. Circus Strategic Communications 8
  9. 9. 1. Assess your website. Is it engaging? Is it share-worthy? If not, then implement features that will encourage repeat visits. 2. Get your social community up and running... but do it with a clear plan and use the help of a social community manager. 3. Add a simple online contest or poll to your website to add an interactive element and to keep it fresh. 4. Ensure all contests, polls and emails have a share feature. 5. Layer your traditional media with an online media strategy. 6. Don’t forget emails! Html emails with live links are a great way to stay connected with your customer. Circus Strategic Communications 9
  10. 10. The following case studies range from an interactive Enter to Win contest to a Bounce-back promotion. The Centre added an online component to generate greater impact, extend reach and tap into the social network of their customer. The results exceeded expectations in each case! Circus Strategic Communications 10
  11. 11. Tactics engaged the customer in order to generate ... ◦ an online visit(s) ◦ a viral response (share) ◦ an email address ◦ an introduction to the customer’s social network ◦ a relationship (build loyalty) ◦ a centre visit/sale Circus Strategic Communications 11
  12. 12. Direct Mail Promoted back-to-school shopping and invited recipients to enter an exciting online contest where entrants had to Make a Statement about shopping at the Centre. Engaging Contest 1. Viral - Comments were immediately posted on a live gallery for viewing and sharing. 2. Voting - Individuals with most votes won a prize and went on to round 2. 3. In Mall – Finalists won a FLIP video camera and then had 3 hrs to record a message about the Centre while in the Centre 4. YouTube – Videos were judged and the winner won the Grand Prize plus had their video posted on the Centre website and linked to YouTube. Results  Expanded reach and market penetration.  Multiple visits to website to access Back-to-School gallery – reinforce shopping message.  During voting period participants used their social networks to help generate votes. Contestants promoted voting on Facebook and Twitter. ...and asked their contacts to “share” with their networks.  The “buzz” was picked up by the local media. The contest was highlighted on the local radio station’s Facebook and local radio personalities were “tweeting” about it. Circus Strategic Communications 12
  13. 13. Scratch Card  Dispensed with each purchase. Each card featured a “secret locker combination”.  Customers were required to visit the new website to enter their locker combo to see if it was a winning combination. All entries also qualified for a Grand Prize. Interactive Fun  Lock spun before it either opened to announce the value of the Gift Card Won or a message popped up to say “Sorry, Play Again” . To play again they were required to visit the Centre to pick up another card. Results/Benefits  Results varied between the 6 participating centres. All were significantly above industry standards and one centre had a play rate of 64%!  Activity can be tracked on line (great research)  Customers were required to fill in a short form (emails were harvested and 2 -3 marketing questions were answered). Circus Strategic Communications 13
  14. 14. PHASE 1 In Mall  Customers styled a mannequin using the latest fashions & accessories from a wide variety of retailers in the Centre and then “describe their style”  A photo of the contestant, with their styled mannequin and their description was posted to a live gallery using PARADE! Circus’ new event photo system (provides instant upload)  Instant upload meant they could text their friends right after their photo was taken to check out their entry and invite them to come to the Centre to create their own stylin’ mannequin. On Line  Contestants accessed the live gallery via the Centre website.  Share function built into the program facilitated sharing with family & friends.  Auto messaging promoted the contest, the Centre and a return visit to the site for phase 2 ... The voting! PHASE 2  Voting takes the message viral and deep into social networks, revitalizing the interest in the site and extending the reach of the brand message as contestants contact family and friends and leverage social media such as Facebook and twitter to garner votes.  Each VOTER was required to register before voting which enabled the Centre to generate an email list for future communication. RESULTS  Google the Centre name and promotion name and you will come with a page of links to the site .... Contestants pleading for votes via Facebook and twitter. It even reached into the seat of the local municipal government where a government official asked people to vote for his grand daughter!  One person put it on kijiji and promised to give their Gift Card to a children’s charity!!  WEB STATS: 6.5 million hits in 2.5 week period & 54,000 unique visitors....generated by 625 entries! Circus Strategic Communications 14
  15. 15. Online  Visitors were invited to register and pick their “style” from a selection of style options.  A rollover on each style provided a product description and a store name to encourage a shopping visit.  Once registered, they received a voucher valued at $5 - $250 redeemable at the Centre for a Gift Card in that amount.  All entries were winners. One entry per email address. Limited number of vouchers were available... which generated a sense of urgency to play.  Winning a voucher prompted a return visit to the Centre.  Once all the vouchers had been dispensed entrants were advised that while they could no longer instantly win they still qualified for the Grand Prize draw.  Share function built into the program facilitated sharing with friends & family.  Auto-messaging promoted the contest, the Centre and the stores.  Results  Hundreds of vouchers were dispensed in less than a week!  Advantage of an online program? – adding winning vouchers was simple. It also allowed the Centre to monitor and ultimately extend the promotion. Circus Strategic Communications 15
  16. 16. Keepsake photos are a great way to brand your Centre. Create an event that includes a “memorable” moment for a child. Capture it in a photo or video and your brand will find a permanent place in your customers’ home and heart. It will also be shared with a wide network of friends & family. Circus developed a new program that digitally captures an event, instantly watermarks it with the brand message then emails it to the participant....within minutes of the photo/video being taken. With a quick click individuals can print, share or save their experience! The email contains information about the Centre, upcoming events, links to sponsors, link to the Centre website and more! Sidewalk Sale – enhanced with photo op! 845 pictures & 464 videos over a 10 day period. 34% opted in to be contacted in the future! Website enjoyed 68,439 additional hits in 10 days! Circus Strategic Communications 16
  17. 17. What are those new technologies? Growing daily but the key ones today are: Internet(email, web, incl. voting) social networking sites (Facebook, YouTube,Twitter) mobile (texting, contest) How can they revitalize your marketing plan? They engage your customer, start a dialogue and open a door to their social network. How do you measure results? Email addresses harvested, number of participants in a contest, number of hits on a website.... its up to you! Analytic apps starting to emerge. Where do you start? Start with your website. Your online strategies will direct them to your website so make it good! Then start looking for ways to layer on the new media options from simple Enter to Wins and Polls to major promotions. Circus Strategic Communications 17
  18. 18. Social networking sites are among the most frequently visited websites on the Internet. How are you managing your social network? Remember 1 image on 10 sites is better than 10 images on one site.... when properly linked! Women & Social Networking According to a recent study by ShesConnected, 59% of women surveyed said they visit social networking sites multiple times per day. 83% belonged to Facebook, 73% to LinkedIn, 55% were on Twitter and 41% on MySpace. 48% reported belonging to 4 or more social networks! The reason for being on these sites?  79% said researching products & services  64% said finding deals and discounts Circus Strategic Communications 18
  19. 19. Mobile social networking is predicted to rise from 50 million to 174 million users by 2011. Texting promotions are now simpler and less expensive to execute using third party services. Twitter  Twitter reaches 27 million people per month in the U.S. Quantcast.com (June 2009)  1% of the addicts contribute 35% of the visits Quantcast.com (June 2009)  com Score suggest that this micro blogging platform is right up there with Facebook when it comes to attracting moms, dads, grandparents and even great-grandparents! Their research shows that the 45-54 age range are 36% more likely to visit Twitter and that the majority of its users are aged 35 or over. Circus Strategic Communications 19
  20. 20. Award winning advertising agency known nationally for excellence in retail communication and branding Seasoned team with convergent disciplines in business strategy, interactive design, print advertising and emerging media Dedicated to a consumer-centric approach. Inhouse capabilities include creative designers, graphic artists, writers, photographer & photo studio, visual merchandiser, web specialists and social media development & management. Circus Strategic Communications 20
  21. 21. www.circuscommunications.ca Circus Strategic Communications 21