Hiring a Community Manager!


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What is a Community Manager? Why do you need one and how will he benefit your online presence and business goals? With businesses moving online and concentrating their marketing efforts on social media, it's become absolutely vital for you to focus on a digital marketing campaign that takes social media seriously. Who's going to drive it for you? You got it, a community manager.

From what they do to what they wear to how much they weigh, we've got pretty much all of it covered! We've provided great add-ons such as quotes from current and successful community managers on their take on the importance of having a community manager. We decided to convert our amazing whitepaper that got a lot of traction and acceptance in the market to a presentation for everyone on SlideShare!

Ten crisp slides give you everything you're going to need to know about community managers and take your first steps to hiring a good community manager or simply just finding out about them. Current community managers, now would be a good time to find out exactly what your future companies are going to expect out of you!

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