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Circular governance by Douwe Jan Joustra


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Slides used for online presentation on governance that supports the transition to a circular economy.
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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Circular governance by Douwe Jan Joustra

  1. 1. Circular Economy -governance- Douwe Jan Joustra One Planet Architecture Institute (OPAi)
  2. 2. One Planet Architecture institute
  3. 3. Circular Economy Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  4. 4. The eco-task that is in our hands, is realizing products, cities,lifestyles, that are designed with attention for the impact on the environment and a minimal influence on: energy food waste heating air quality CO2 methane & water quality
  5. 5. attached people, devoted life-styles
  6. 6. not my piece of cakethere must be a different ‘brand’ ....circular....
  7. 7. three steps circular =thinking in circles, loops (can we learn?) innovation governance
  8. 8. symbiosis
  9. 9. a few basic principles: symbiosis entropy interdependence
  10. 10. entropya few basic principles:
  11. 11. a few basic principles: symbiosis entropy interdependenceUK interdependence report
  12. 12. some lessons learning ‘by’ nature
  13. 13. Who’s the smart guyin resourcemanagement? 13
  14. 14. ENERGY EFFICIENCYPhotosynthesis in plants creates energy from sunlightthey absorb almost 100% of the sunlight reaching themsource:
  15. 15. So, can we learn ‘by’ nature?turbulent water resistant
  16. 16. abundancy & circular
  17. 17. circular (nutrients)
  18. 18. patterns abundancyenergy from the sun nutrients forever entropy symbiosis diversity
  19. 19. So, Cradle to Cradle? C2C is on quality CE is on economics
  20. 20. InnovationCircular is a new game with new rules some newby’s it is about change
  21. 21. Systems re-designinnovation Proces re-think Technical re-create realisation vison/policy organisation level
  22. 22. systems innovations Lineair economy (from cradle to grave) re-design Circular economy (from cradle to cradle)
  23. 23. proces innovations Competition becomes Cooperation (symbiosis)
  24. 24. proces/systems innovation forget ownership
  25. 25. proces/systems innovation product or performance? ownership or use? value: performance including service an example.......
  26. 26. A building is a materials bank.
  27. 27. I don’t buy lamps, I buy light. And you?
  29. 29. circular economy performance product service production technical performance nutrients cycle usage cyle performance userawmaterials re-use performance concept
  30. 30. GovernanceLaws, Regulations, Taxes? or steering on conditions?
  31. 31. Condition Steering take care of growingnew instruments or mindset?
  32. 32. Condition Steering set clear goals on: resources energy performance
  33. 33. Condition Steering tax reduction on innovation services design for disassembly
  34. 34. Condition Steering public purchasing focus on performance(changes innovationdrive / responsability)
  35. 35. Condition Steering facilitate the Energetic Society
  36. 36. Condition Steering create level playing field (no hidden subsidies)
  37. 37. Condition Steering forbidding natural resources for energy(= waste to waste becomes urban mining)
  38. 38. Condition Steering investments new financial optionsgarantuee funds for risks
  39. 39. Governance steering on conditions * is a creative proces * is a systemsinnovation needs:ideas, guts and perseverance
  40. 40. the ducksbe a duck
  41. 41. Governance Ellen steers Learn from her performanceno (institutional) power, no ego clear goals, daily routing
  42. 42. asking ask the right question and"You cant tell me that it cant be done." (Ray Anderson, InterfaceFlor)