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Circulab territory - The circular economy workshop for territory


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Circulab territory is a workshop dedicated to territories (cities, local authorities...) willing to multiplicate synergies between the local companies, organizations and industrials.

This workshop aims to accelerate industrial simbiosis and circular economy cross-projects with concrete solutions. It facilitates projects ideation from local resources, federates the various stakeholders and foster dialog.

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Circulab territory - The circular economy workshop for territory

  1. 1. The workshop to accelerate territorial synergies
  2. 2. 3 hours to identify the opportunities and solutions locally An animation with modular tools and steps, to adapt to the context A processus that supports cooperation between public and private stakeholders
  3. 3. First step The objective of this first step is to summarize the activities, know-how and key resources (inputs and outputs) available within the territory to better identify the one that could be shared, optimized or upcycled. This is possible thanks to the facilitation made by the animator and the dialog between players. 
 The « system understanding » is enabled by the Circulab board and Circulab map tools.
  4. 4. Second step The objective of this second step is to transform identified resources into value creation for the territory. The solutions can be related to industrial symbiosis (substitution / mutualization) or to product or service design. The results of this step are ensured through creativity tools (such as cards) and several brainstormings.
  5. 5. Third step The objective of this last step is to select the project among all the ideas and specify the flows, impacts and characteristics of the solution through the prism of optimal innovation: attractiveness (human), economic development (economic), innovation & know-how (technological), and r e g e n e r a t i o n o f e c o s y s t e m s (environment). Once the idea is detailed and mapped, it is pitched. The Circulab memo and Circulab map are used for this 3rd step.
  6. 6. And after Your Certified Consultant shares with you and all participants the results of the workshop and the possible next steps: - opportunities study - benchmark - Circulab roadmap workshop - feasibility study - management assistance for design or execution
  7. 7. They have played Circulab
  8. 8. What if you organized a Circulab territory ?