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Circulab network - The international network of consultants for a circular economy


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The Circulab network is a multidisciplinary network of independent consultants who share the desire to support organizations to seize the opportunities of the circular economy, through the same approach: Circulab.

Around the world, they lead Circulab workshops, share their experiences, enrich their projects and network together to activate the circular economy.

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Circulab network - The international network of consultants for a circular economy

  1. 1. What? The Circulab is a set of tools and team-focused workshops that help actors accelerate the transition towards a Circular economy : > reduce or up-cycle wastes > implement industrial symbiosis projects > re-think projects, services and business models These tools can be used properly after an initial training and through an annual license.
  2. 2. Set of tools and business games gamegame game game design+circulareconomy ThisworkislicensedunderthetermsoftheLicenseCretaiveCommonsAttribution Noncommercial-ShareinSameConditions4.0International. design+circulareconomy ThisworkislicensedunderthetermsoftheLicenseCretaiveCommonsAttribution Noncommercial-ShareinSameConditions4.0International. the details of your IDEA What are the positive revenue impacts
 creation, optimization, securing what resources are optimized products, components, materials what positive impacts are created clean-up, renewal how the implementation is improved organizational / fUnctional how the user experience & value are improved What are the human impacts of your project instructions : start from the idea you generated and fill in all the squares to ensure it takes into account the criteria of the smart innovation Your CAtchy title what costs are reduced shared, optimized, cut down challenge What are the main synergies to develop to create shared value and optimize resources? How can we involve these stakeholders? report the 5 main key stakeholders Potential enemies potential partners main partners POWER INTEREST 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 potential enemies potential partners Main partners What could create any interest for these actors? What could insure their cooperation? What could give them more power to push the project?
  3. 3. Why? However, more and more companies, municipalities and consultants are being interested in the Circular economy. The lack of methodology and tools is the main obstacle to accelerate the transition. The circular economy supposed a systemic approach to create positive impacts on the economy, society and environment. The cooperation between stakeholders and a long term approach, although unusual, are essential in order to implement this new paradigm.
  4. 4. A design agency dedicated to the Circular economy In order to make the teams aware of the opportunities which the Circular economy can offer, to get the stakeholders collaborating and create tomorrow products, services and business models. Wiithaa? Training Support Design
  5. 5. > Independent consultants based all over the world with complementary skills and competences « independent and interdependent » What?
  6. 6. Circular economy is a new paradigm that requires direct and local application. Create a multidisciplinary network with a territorial establishment and joining together complementary competences and experiences on a same approach must help companies to accelerate the transition. « the same game within territories » Why?
  7. 7. > Trained to the Circulab methodology and tools, the consultants are able to complete their brochure and offer new projects to their clients. « all trained to offer a common and qualitative support » How?
  8. 8. Initial training 1 2 days to discover and be trained to the Circulab and its tools in order to use and apply it with an efficient and adapted method within the organizations. How to sell it? How to prepare it? How to collaborate with the network members? How does it work?
  9. 9. Facilitate Circulab workshops 2 Organize and facilitate Circulab game and prestations for its clients and/or in collaboration with other Circulab network members.Collaborate with other Circulab network members3 How does it work?
  10. 10. Participate in the Circulab image and credibility4 The consultant represents the Circulab network and its reputation. He makes every effort to improve the network knowledge and competences and share it with other members. Also, he is rewarded for any business contribution on design or eco-conception projects. Feed and share the network knowledge 5 Promote Wiithaa for design business 6 How does it work?
  11. 11. Wiithaa keeps developing and improving the tools7 The Circulab game is a set of tools that aims to help organizations seize the economical, social and environmental opportunities of the circular economy. For that reason we keep improving, with the network, our tools and creating new ones. We also help you for your Circulab proposals and meetings. Finally, we foster the development of commercial relations between each consultants via an online network. A dedicated social network permits consultants to share and speak together9 Wiithaa help you in selling and implementing the Circulab8 How does it work?
  12. 12. 4 Initial training 1 Facilitate Circulab workshops 2 Participate in the Circulab image and credibility4Feed and share the network knowledge 5 Collaborate with other Circular network members3 Wiithaa helps you in selling and implementing the Circulab8 Wiithaa keeps developing and improving the tools7 A dedicated social network permits consultants to share and speak together9 Promote Wiithaa for design business 6
  13. 13. New methodology and tools in your brochure1° Benefits
  14. 14. Enhance your knowledge on Circular economy and your ease in workshop animation 2° Benefits
  15. 15. Network membership > credibility > business > reputation 3° Benefits
  16. 16. Initial training 1 1 000 euros/person License
 Tool kit + network 2 1st year : 1 000 euros
 From the 2nd year : variable cost depending on the consultant’s turnover, cooperation and impacts with Circulab (from 400€ to 1000€) Budget
  17. 17. The Circulab network tool kit
  18. 18. The network today +50 members +15 countries CSR, upcycling, biomimicry, marketing, engineering, supplychain business model innovation, waste management, finance, venture capital, design etc.
  19. 19. Clients include
  20. 20. Become a certified consultant