Day 6


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Day Six

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Day 6

  1. 1. The Civil Rights Memorial at theSouthern Poverty Law Centerwas designed by Maya Lin,designer of the Viet NamMemorial.The memorial is engraved withthe names of those who died inthe civil rights movement duringthe time period betweenthe Brown v. Board decision in1954 and the assassination of Dr.Martin Luther King in 1968 andMLK’s paraphrase of Amos 5:24 –We will not be satisfied… until justice rolls down likewaters and righteousness like amighty stream.
  2. 2. Heading into the museum, wehad to go through metaldetectors.This mangled clock says why itwas July 28, 1983 when abomb went off at the SCLCheadquarters, so they havestrong security at that point.
  3. 3. Wall of Tolerance
  4. 4. The only church whereMartin Luther King, Jr.,was the lead pastor.
  5. 5. DexterParsonageMuseumWhere Dr. andMrs. King livedwhile inMontgomery, AL
  6. 6. FasTrac Civil Rights Tour: Day Six National Center for the Study of Civil Rights &African American Culture, ASU, Southern PovertyLaw Center’s Civil Rights Memorial Center, Dexter Ave. Baptist Church (MLK’s Church), Dexter Parsonage Museum March 15, 2012