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Amazing Pictures


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Published in: Education, Design

Amazing Pictures

  1. 1. Telly-Tubby?
  2. 2. When you look at this one, it looks like a man’s face. You can clearly see the eyes, nose and mouth with the beard…
  3. 3. Does this one want to make you believe in pre-historic giants???
  4. 5. Ice berg looks like a horse trying to get out of the water… Pretty impressive?!?!
  5. 6. Rivers can have pretty amazing shapes as well… Could it be a gun, or a petrol pump?
  6. 7. If this is a hand made carving – it is Amazingly well done…(who would have the time to do it though?)
  7. 8. Now this is what I call ART…
  9. 10. Still don’t believe in pre-historic giants??
  10. 11. Astronomical… The face is so clearly visible, it makes a person think…
  11. 12. This must have taken YEARS! – Landscape photo taken from air… AMAZING!
  12. 13. Looks like a woman lying on her back with one leg up… who would think to look at it that way?
  13. 14. Would you have spotted part of the body?
  14. 15. CREEPY! – Could there really be Aliens out there?