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Beige Notes


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Beige Notes is a self-improvement mobile first application providing closure, clarity and feedback on the dates you still think about.

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Beige Notes

  1. 1. Team Product Managers: Cindy Tong & Zach Leitner Developers: Doug Tsui, Colbert Tse & Caleb Chen UX Designer: Linden Rock
  2. 2. If you could change dating… • “I wish people were more truthful and also more open to hearing the truth.” • “More honesty and less ghosting” • “There is a lack of communication between people regarding what they want and value.”
  3. 3. There is poor communication in dating and this causes ghosting, lack of closure and insufficient feedback Problem
  4. 4. Problem Validation • Surveys & Interviews • Social Media • Dating Apps • Landing Page • Guerilla Marketing
  5. 5. If a person you dated was no longer interested, would you want to know why? *280 Respondents Yes!
  6. 6. What would you want them to tell you? Yes!
  7. 7. Dating Apps & Social Media 80% response rate
  8. 8. Landing Page 360 visitors
  9. 9. Guerilla Marketing
  10. 10. Solution: Beige Notes When dating isn’t black or white, we’ll help provide clarity
  11. 11. Solution Validation • Eating the Dog Food • Wizard of Oz • Clickable Prototype • Usability Tests of Web App
  12. 12. Dog Fooding 25% Participation Rate
  13. 13. Wizard of Oz: Anna + Deryk
  14. 14. Anna’s Response He could always make me laugh. His hair and aviator sunglasses were so dreamy. I was crushing on him for a year before we actually started talking. She was beautiful and fun and we seemed to get along right from the beginning. She laughed at my dumb jokes and had a personality that intrigued me. Deryk’s Response What did you like the most about the person you dated?
  15. 15. Demo of App Led by Doug Tsui & Colbert Tse
  16. 16. Market Landscape • $2.4 billion dollar market • 22 million Tinder matches per day - CNN • Over 35 million Americans use online dating * • No direct competition *Pew Research 2015
  17. 17. 1st Year Projected Financials COSTS: Developers: 150k Marketing: 40k UX Designers: 25k Legal: 15k Product Managers/CEO: 0 Customer Support: 0 Rent: 0 Total: $230,000 Revenue Model: Freemium model for 1st year with goal to sell to existing dating app
  18. 18. Future Plans & Next Steps
  19. 19. Thank you