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The New Rules ofFfacebook Marketing 2015 - #BookExpo15


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The New Rules of Facebook Marketing 2015 is a presentation by Cindy Ratzlaff at BookExpo in New York City on May 29th covering the tips, tools, techniques and strategies she uses to help clients build author platforms on Facebook. It covers the important new algorithm changes in the Facebook news feed and discusses how and why every brand needs to change their posting strategy.

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The New Rules ofFfacebook Marketing 2015 - #BookExpo15

  1. 1. Maximize Your Brand Billboard (Image Placeholder)
  2. 2. Shares Are the Reach Gold Standard
  3. 3. Upload Video Instead Of Sharing Links
  4. 4. InsiderEvents Insider Access
  5. 5. Fan Only Offers
  6. 6. Enable the Call to Action
  7. 7. Leave Digital Breadcrumbs
  8. 8. Build Your Mailing List
  9. 9. Apps Share Your Ecosystem
  10. 10. Upload video with Redirect Link
  11. 11. • – free landing page • – Twitter app • – Instagram app • – Pinterest app • Heyo Cart – Sell PDF ebooks Free Stuff!
  12. 12. Facebook: A Moving Opportunity (Image Placeholder)