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You are the brand. Everything you write, speak on, create, sell or do is an extension of the brand of you. So YOU need a home base. Your blog is just that. Create a content strategy for your brand that clearly demonstrates your value, visuals, voice and variation. I gave this talk in Pittsburgh at the Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium in August. Let me know if you have questions.

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Blog Your Brand for Increased Visibility

  1. 1. The Three A’s of Brand YOUThe Three A’s of Brand YOU • Articulate Your BrandArticulate Your Brand AttributesAttributes • Attract Your Ideal TribeAttract Your Ideal Tribe with Branded Contentwith Branded Content • Amplify Your DigitalAmplify Your Digital FootprintFootprint AttractAttract ArticulateArticulate AmplifyAmplify
  2. 2. ArticulateArticulate The Four V’s of Brand YOUThe Four V’s of Brand YOU • ValueValue • VoiceVoice • VisualsVisuals • VariationVariation Hello.Hello. My Brand is . . .My Brand is . . .
  3. 3. Blog: Your Brand Home BaseBlog: Your Brand Home Base • Blog postsBlog posts • White Papers and Case StudiesWhite Papers and Case Studies • Insta Social UpdatesInsta Social Updates • Slideshare presentationsSlideshare presentations • Books, essays and opinion piecesBooks, essays and opinion pieces • Radio, television and print interviewsRadio, television and print interviews • Comments on other people’sComments on other people’s websiteswebsites AttractAttract
  4. 4. Amplify
  5. 5. Chose Your Brand AmplifiersChose Your Brand Amplifiers
  6. 6. ToolsTools • Create sharable graphicsCreate sharable graphics – PicMonkeyPicMonkey – CanvaCanva – QuozioQuozio – ReciteThis!ReciteThis! • Preschedule: Hootsuite,Preschedule: Hootsuite, Facebook pre-schedulingFacebook pre-scheduling tooltool
  7. 7. More ToolsMore Tools • Vine, Instagram for “youVine, Instagram for “you are there” video/photosare there” video/photos • Camtasia and ScreenFlowCamtasia and ScreenFlow for desktop demosfor desktop demos • Animoto for professionalAnimoto for professional 30 second spots30 second spots
  8. 8. Monetizing Your BlogMonetizing Your Blog • Sell something; yours or affiliatesSell something; yours or affiliates • Give something free to get emailsGive something free to get emails • Seek advertising from products you loveSeek advertising from products you love • Review ProductsReview Products • Brand SpokespersonBrand Spokesperson • Turn on ads for your YouTube videos embedTurn on ads for your YouTube videos embed on your blogon your blog • Verify your website with Google for SEOVerify your website with Google for SEO
  9. 9. Brand YOU Articulate ★ Attract ★ Amplified