Student Outreach Part II, Virtual Mentoring


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Student Outreach Part II, Virtual Mentoring

  1. 1. Coaching Online: STC’s Emerging VirtualProfessional-to-Student Mentoring ProgramsSally Henschel and Anna Lerew-PhillipsMidwestern State UniversityLeadership Day60th Annual STC International SummitAtlanta, GAMay 5, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda Academic SIG mission Academic SIG initiatives Student-practitioner virtual mentoring Spring pilot TCBoK Student research projects in the TCBoK STC’s new MentorBoard Mentor expectations Contact information2
  3. 3. Academic SIG missionBuilding bridges between those who practicein the field of technical communication andthose who teach and study in the field.3
  4. 4. SIG student initiatives Student-practitioner mentoring programs Academic support for student research projects inthe TCBoK Student poster competition4
  5. 5. Virtual mentoringVirtual mentorships between STC professionalsand STC student members—particularly STCstudents members who are not affiliated oractively involved with a student chapter orgeographic community.5
  6. 6. Dan Voss. Senior Content Specialist, MFC ProposalOperations, Lockheed Martin Corporation.Clio Fouque. Graduate student. University of Paris.Secretary of the STC-France chapter.Met at STC Summit in Atlanta (2009). Hit it offinstantly, and decided to start a virtual mentoringrelationship across the Atlantic.Ray Gallon. STC-France president. He and Cliorecruited mentees for the chapter’s mentoringprogram with the University of Paris.Virtual mentoring6
  7. 7. Cfpspring pilot7
  8. 8. TCBoK8
  9. 9. Cindy Pao. Technical Documentation Specialist at KeyEnergy Services.Anna Lerew-Phillips. Graduate student. MidwesternState University.Storm Stuart. Undergraduate student. AppalachianState. Mentors, Frances Gambino and Diane Gaskill.Virtual mentoring9
  10. 10. Student researchAnnaLerew-Phillips10
  11. 11. Student researchStorm B.Stuart11
  12. 12. Stacey ODonnell. STC Business DevelopmentManager.Sally Henschel. Academic SIG Student Liaison.Dan Voss. CAC Student Outreach Task Force.MentorBoard12
  13. 13. Mbhome13
  14. 14. Mbprofile14
  15. 15. Mbprofile15
  16. 16. Mbmentee search16
  17. 17. Mbmentor search17
  18. 18. Mbcontact18
  19. 19. Virtual mentoring FAQ1. What am I expected to do as a mentor for a TCBoK project? Meet with student mentee to establish schedules andexpectations. Mentor the student during his or her research process, andprovide the student any needed advice to adequately researchand cover the topic. Review the student’s topic drafts and make suggestions forimprovement.2. Are mentoring relationships limited to TCBoK projects?3. How do I create a MentorBoard account?19
  20. 20. STC MentorBoard of Knowledge (TCBoK) Mentoring20
  21. 21. Sally Henschelsally.henschel@mwsu.eduAnna Lerew-Phillipsanna.lerew-phillips@mwsu.eduAcademic SIG