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Leadership day complete


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Leadership day complete

  1. 1. Welcome to Leadership Day 2014! 18 May 2014
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. Distinguished Community Service Awards 18 May 2014
  4. 4. Distinguished Community Service Awards The Distinguished Community Service Awards recognize the hard work and commitment of STC’s community leaders. The three awards—the Distinguished Chapter Service Award, Distinguished SIG Service Award, and Distinguished Service Award for Students—recognize an individual’s exemplary effort, energy, and dedication to their community and its activities. The Distinguished Community Service Award is the highest level of recognition that a member can receive for service to their community.
  5. 5. Distinguished Service Award for Students  Candace Du Lac  Dylan Alexander Platz  Alesa Webber
  6. 6. Distinguished SIG Service Award  Craig Baehr  Meenakshi Khanna  Linda Patryas  Ann Marie Queeney  Jamye Sagan  Maralee Sautter 7
  7. 7. Distinguished Chapter Service Award  Barbara Alban  Maryann Bowen  Dr. Albert Brown  Todd DeLuca  Miachelle DePiano  Michelle Despres  Christina Eftekhar  Kathleen Gavenman  Susan Jaeger  Sharon Jendrisak  Paul Kostiuk  Jan Kruse  Cynthia Laughlin  Kim Lindsey  Jowell Lydon  Toni Mantych  Ursula McCloy  Jane Olivera  Nancy Rhoads  Howard Speck  Rolf Vellek  Donna Wampach  Marilyn Woelk  Mark Wray 8
  8. 8. Community Achievement Awards/ Pacesetter Awards 9
  9. 9. Community Achievement Awards The community achievement awards (CAA) program recognizes STC chapters and special interest groups (SIGs) for exceptional accomplishments in meeting Society goals. The awards not only acknowledge that the obligations of a properly functioning community have been met, but that the winning communities have performed well beyond expectations.
  10. 10. For improving STC visibility and professional standing in the community through a high number of quality initiatives, especially the Think-Tank and Debate contests
  11. 11. For your promotion of the field of technical communication to the academic community through an impressive number of innovative activities and your extensive involvement with the STC Summit and the STC Academic Partnership Pre- Conference
  12. 12. For your commitment to leadership development, your excellent variety of programs, your ongoing commitment to the Technical Literacy Project, and for being the ―friendly chapter‖
  13. 13. For your many programs in service to your members, your strong exemplary commitment to reach your members by way of a variety of communication media, and for your Speakers’ Bureau collaboration
  14. 14. For the remarkable quantity of formal and informal networking activities for both current and prospective members, and for nearly doubling your membership enrollment in a year’s time
  15. 15. For setting clear goals, formulating strategies, and coming up with an execution plan that works through the years—for one of the largest communities in STC!
  16. 16. For revitalizing your community by re- launching your web site, job bank, competitions, and InterChange conference, and for providing myriad effective programs and social events, thus ensuring a stable foundation on which to rebuild your community
  17. 17. For increasing the value of membership to your community through a revitalized chapter that provides low-cost programming and significant member and volunteer recognition
  18. 18. For excellence in reaching out to community members through newsletters, virtual open house, and social media
  19. 19. For your substantial program offerings, your Vision Day planning, innovative resources such as, another successful Tech the Halls event, your beautiful new web site, and for fostering an overall sense of chapter pride
  20. 20. For revamping your web site and creating an active blog, your impressive number of chapter initiatives, your continuing to provide the Mid-Atlantic Conference, and your ongoing commitment to providing excellent programs
  21. 21. For nurturing the future of technical communication, not only by involving the student community through your mentorship program and volunteer opportunities with your annual Spectrum conference, but also by your generous sharing of knowledge with other STC members so their communities can also excel
  22. 22. For the hard work of your volunteers to make your chapter one of the most vibrant and happening communities within STC. You have created a legacy for your future leaders.
  23. 23. For making change happen for the better. You have demonstrated the core of STC values by collaborating with multiple STC communities and educational entities.
  24. 24. For your impressive involvement with other technical communication communities—both within and outside of the Society—in promoting each other’s events, as well as with the general community in hosting résumé review events
  25. 25. For your dedication to your members and to the promotion of the technical communication field with an impressive number of initiatives and strong ties to the community and students in your area
  26. 26. For your overall strength in providing your members with a solid connection to the technical communication profession through your many educational programs and high commitment to volunteerism
  27. 27. For your outstanding service to students, bringing educational programs and professional development opportunities to future practitioners
  28. 28. Pacesetter Awards The Pacesetter award program recognizes the successful implementation of innovative community operations. STC offers the Pacesetter Award because the Society values the improvement of community operation, especially when beneficial innovation can be shared with other communities.
  29. 29. For launching "Year of Education" to encourage and support the education and development of future technical communicators, through partnership with academic institutions, a dedicated Education section on the chapter website, the Research Assistance program, and the Talk to a Professional (TaP) service
  30. 30. For showing Technical Communicators how to use their skills to design a media kit and attract sponsors – a simple idea with admirable application
  31. 31. For promoting STC and your SIG through the creative use of a Virtual Open House, allowing current and prospective members to ―meet‖ and chat and giving a large group of geographically divided members a sense of closeness
  32. 32. For putting in place a process to redesign and maintain your website using best practices and usability testing, making future changes easier and ensuring that future leaders can continue to manage the site with minimal training
  33. 33. For creative collaboration among STC communities, for cultivating a partnership with the Sigma Tau Delta Society, and expanding interest in technical communication among students, thus ensuring an optimistic future for STC
  34. 34. STC Mission Statement The Society for Technical Communication advances technical communication as the discipline of transforming complex information into usable content for products, processes, and services. STC serves its members by identifying and promoting best practices in the field and by demonstrating the economic value delivered by technical communicators. By providing lifelong learning opportunities, we help our members develop their skills and competencies so that they may advance in a variety of career paths.
  35. 35. Focus Areas To achieve this mission, we focus our efforts in these areas:  Offer continuing education that enhances the competencies and skills of our members and enables lifelong learning  Foster the means and opportunity for technical communication professionals to succeed in today’s workforce and to grow into related career fields  Define and publicize the economic contribution of technical communication practices to businesses and governments  Promote the concept that technical communication training develops foundational skills and fosters in practitioners habits of analysis, discernment, and problem-solving that underpins their ability to successfully perform in many fields  Manage the operations of the Society in a sound and sustainable manner, investing strategically to enhance our ability to deliver member value
  36. 36. STC Vision Statement The Society for Technical Communication is recognized as an authority in the disciplines of designing and delivering content; and a leader in articulating the value of content, and the value of those who develop it. Membership in STC is an internationally respected and desired complement to the study, teaching, and practice of technical communication.
  37. 37. Thanks for Attending Leadership Day!  See you in Columbus for Summit 2015 ― 21-24 June! 38