2013 rural economic development grant copy


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2013 rural economic development grant copy

  1. 1. 2013 RURAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GRANT PROGRAMSummary:Program: ACA 2013 Rural Economic Development Grant ProgramTotal Funding: $1.5 millionProgram Release Date: August 28, 2012Applications Due: Monday, October 1, 2012 4:00 PM. (Arizona time)Questions Due: Friday, September 14, 2012 4:00 PM. (Arizona time)Awards Announced (est.): Thursday, November 1, 2012ACA Contact: Shawnda Henderson Grants/Procurement Manager Arizona Commerce Authority 602-845-1237 shawndah@azcommerce.comSection 1: The Rural Economic Development Grant Program Overview1.1 PurposeThe Rural  Economic  Development  Grant  Program  (the  “Program”) helps rural communitieswith limited budgets initiate and sustain economic development projects within theirjurisdictions that directly result in base industry job growth and capital investment. Grants willbe issued to rural cities, towns, counties, non-profit economic development groups and tribalcommunities for use in projects that involve the attraction of new businesses from outsideArizona and/or the expansion of existing Arizona businesses. Successful applications to theProgram  (“Applications”)  will  be aligned with these Program goals and will identify projectsthat represent cost effective opportunities for achieving them. The Program will utilize acompetitive process, with each Application comprehensively analyzed by an evaluationcommittee.1.2 Available FundingThe total amount of funds available for distribution under the Program is $1,500,000. Asfurther  described  herein,  funds  will  be  allocated  based  on  the  applications’  alignment  with  program goals and satisfaction of the other criteria set forth herein. The ACA reserves the rightto award less than $1,500,000 in grants depending on the number and quality of Applicationsreceived.1.3 Eligible Projects
  2. 2. Grants will be awarded for private sector business creation, expansion or location projects(“Projects”).    Applications  may  seek  funding  for  more  than  one  Project. Projects must becompleted within 12 months of commencement. (Grant awards are anticipated to be finalizedin November 2012.)1.4 Eligible ApplicantsProgram grants (“Grants”)  will  be  awarded  only to (i) rural communities and/or (ii) non-profitorganizations officially charged with performing economic development work for a ruralcommunity or communities. Grant recipients (“Grantees”)  will pass Grant funds through to theProjects indentified in their Applications. A rural community is (i) any Arizona city or town witha population of 50,000 or less based on 2010 census data, (ii) any Arizona county with apopulation of 750,000 or less based on 2010 census data or (iii) a Native American tribe locatedin Arizona.Section 2: Application Submission Process2.1 Application SubmissionEntities  submitting  Applications  (“Applicants”) must provide five (5) paper copies and one (1)electronic copy of each Application. Electronic copies may be sent by E-mail or delivered on aDVD or CD. Both electronic and hard copies must be received by the due date and timeindicated. Electronic copies may be delivered via email to shawndah@azcommerce.com.Applications must be submitted by an authorized representative of the eligible organization.Each Applicant may submit only one Application.2.2 Deadline for SubmissionThe deadline to submit an Application is Monday, October 1, 2012 4:00 PM. (Arizona time)2.3 Deadline for QuestionsThe deadline to submit questions about the Application requirements is Friday, September 14,2012. Questions must be submitted in writing.2.4 Awardees SelectedAwardees are anticipated to be selected on or around November 1, 2012.Section 3: Application OrganizationA complete Application will include the following sections: Application Summary (on provided form - see Exhibit A) Applicant’s  Qualifications  
  3. 3. Project Narrative Project Budget Letters of Support3.1 Project SummaryThe Project Summary must be completed on the form attached as Exhibit A.3.2 Applicant’s  Qualifications  The Applicant’s  Qualifications  section  must  include (i) a one (1) page narrative summary of theApplicant’s  team  that  will be responsible for administering the Grant and overseeing the Projectand (ii) an organization chart showing the Applicant’s  team members within the  Applicant’s  overall reporting hierarchy.3.3. Project NarrativeThe Project Narrative should not exceed five (5) pages and must include the followingelements.3.3.1 Project TitleThe title of the proposed Project must briefly describe the nature of the Project.3.3.2 Project and Project TimelineDescribe the Project in detail, including all Project activities and who will perform them.Provide a Project timeline showing the anticipated timing of key Project activities.3.3.3 Project OutcomesDescribe, in detail, the intended Project outcomes and explain how the Project activities willlead to those outcomes. Examples of desirable Project outcomes include job creation, wageincreases, employee training, capital investment (other than with Grant funds), foreign directinvestment and increased exports. The Project outcomes must be identified in the Projecttimeline. Grant payments will be tied to the Project outcomes.3.3.4 Award Request and Project BudgetIndicate the amount of the Grant requested and provide a line item budget for the proposeduse of the Grant funds. The budget must align with the Project work plan, timeline andoutcomes. Expenses not delineated in the Project budget will not be eligible forreimbursement with Grant funds except by special exception. Examples of reimbursableProjects costs include expenses associated with the following activities:
  4. 4. Capital investment, including without limitation machinery, equipment and plant construction, expansion or rehabilitation Employee recruitment and/or training Professional and outside services related to a base employer expansion/relocationExamples of costs that will not be reimbursed with Grant funds include but are not limited toexpenses associated with the following activities: Paying down existing debt Application preparation Political activities Studies or speculative projects Incubators Over-the-road or passenger vehicles Wages3.3.5 Applications with Multiple ProjectsIf an Application seeks funding for multiple Projects, the sections above should be separatelycompleted for each Project.3.3.6 Additional InformationThe ACA reserves the right to seek additional information or clarification from Applicants, inwriting or verbally.Section 4: Evaluation CriteriaApplications will be evaluated on the following criteria: Economic impact: Alignment of Project outcomes with Program goals and objectives o Especially job creation, particularly in base industries; increased wages; employee training; capital investment; foreign direct investment and increased exports investment Leveraged dollars o Contribution(s) from the Applicant or other funding sources or partners
  5. 5. Quality of Project Plan o Accuracy, clarity, thoroughness and appropriateness of work plan, timeline and budget Demonstrated Local support Support letters from local business, community and elected leadership Applicant Qualifications o Track record of administering projects that align with the economic development goals of the ProgramSection 5: Application Review ProcessEach complete Application from an eligible Applicant for an eligible Project will be evaluated bya panel of qualified reviewers. Applications will be scored and ranked competitively based onthe criteria listed in Evaluation Criteria.Section 6: Award Administration Information6.1 Notice of Award / Grant AgreementUpon selection of an Application for a Grant, a notice of award letter with the amount of theGrant and a Grant agreement setting forth the terms and conditions of the Grant ("GrantAgreement") will be forwarded to the successful Applicant. The Grant Agreement willincorporate the Application, these terms and conditions of the Program and the ACA’s  standard  terms and conditions for Grants (please contact the ACA if you would like a copy of these termsand conditions). The Grant Agreement will also precisely identify the conditions precedent ofreceiving Grant payments, including Project outcomes as applicable. The Grant Agreementmust be signed and returned to ACA. If the successful Applicant and the ACA do not agree onthe terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement within a reasonable time, the Grant offer willbe rescinded and the ACA may consider whether to award the forfeited funds to anotherApplicant.6.2 Term of AgreementGrant funds may not be used to reimburse expenses incurred prior to the date a Grant isawarded. Projects must be started and completed within one year from the time a Grant isawarded. Any portion of a Grant award not properly requested within that time will beforfeited, except that the ACA in its sole and absolute discretion may approve requests toextend the Project period for up to 12 months. A Grant must be closed before a Grantee canapply for another Grant in a future Program cycle.6.3 Programmatic and Financial Reports and Outcomes Tracking
  6. 6. Grantees shall submit a monthly program activity report to ACA that provides updates onProject activity outlined in the Application. This report is due to ACA by the 15th of each monthfor the previous month. The Grantee shall use the forms provided by the Grantor (ACA) tosubmit such reports. The form will be provided to the Grantee upon receipt of the signed GrantAgreement. The report shall contain such information as is deemed necessary by the ACA. TheACA may request additional information from time to time and/or may elect to undertakeindependent research regarding Project progress, and in either case the Grantee shall beobligated to cooperate fully with such efforts to obtain or verify information. Grantees shall beresponsible for the accuracy of such reports and for ensuring Project compliance with the termsand conditions of the Grant Agreements.6.4 Financial ReimbursementGrant payments will be made by the ACA to the Grantee for distribution to the Project orProjects identified in the Grant Agreement. As identified in the Grant Agreement, paymentswill be made on a cost-reimbursement basis and/or on the basis of outcome achievement.Reimbursement amounts shall be determined on the cash basis of accounting. Paymentrequests shall be submitted no more frequently than monthly and no less frequently thanquarterly.Section 8: TransparencyAs the ACA is subject to Arizona Public Records laws (A.R.S. §39-101, et seq.), informationsubmitted to the ACA may be subject to disclosure in response to public recordsrequests. However, the Public Records law does provide exceptions for business informationthat, if released, would undermine the business’  competitive position, and for proprietary ortrademark (or copyright) protected information. The Public Records law also permits us toredact (block out) personal information such as social security numbers before documents arereleased. The ACA will attempt to preserve the confidentiality of information to the extentpermitted by law, but cannot guarantee that such information will not be disclosed, and is notresponsible for the consequences of such disclosure. Additionally, the ACA specifically herebyreserves the right to use the following information in its marketing materials, including withoutlimitation press releases: 1) project name and type, 2) Grantee and project company names, 3)projected economic impact of the project including without limitation number of jobs to becreated, 5) grant uses and 5) amount and other terms of the grant.
  7. 7. EXHIBIT A 2013 RURAL GRANT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GRANT PROJECT SUMMARY (to be included with all submitted Applications) APPLICANT INFORMATIONApplicant Entity Name: Address: Contact Name & Title: Contact Email: Contact Phone: PROJECT INFORMATIONDoes your Application include: __One Project __Multiple ProjectsPlease complete below for each project if multiple projects are included.Project Name:Brief Project Description:Grant Amount Requested:Projected Outcomes Number of new jobs: Average Wages: New Payroll: Capital Investment: Other: